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Teleconference on New EB-485 Interview

FY-2017 H-2B Special Cap Closed
2018 H-1B Cap PPS Resumed!

South Sudan TPS Ext 05/02/2019
Sudan Transition TPS Ext 11/02/18
USCIS Proc Times Update 9/18/17
Oct 485 Filing Chart
DACA Rescission FAQ Chart
DV-2019 Lottery Instructions
October Visa Bulletin
Local USCIS Closings 09/20/2017
USCIS Plans to Implement 'Buy American, Hire American" EO
DOL Releases Proposed Revised ETA 9035 and WH-4 Forms
Biometrics Req'd for Naturalization for All Ages
06/26/2017 Version 485 Forms!
Updated N-400 Filing Locations eff 06/24/17!
USCIS Fact Sheet 1/30/17 on Automatic EAD Extension Rule

USCIS Filing Fees 2017

STEM Designated Degree Program List Effective 05/10/2016
USCIS Updates H-4 EAD FAQs
USCIS H-4 EAD FAQ 03/10/2016
STEM OPT Final Rule
New I-765 Instructions for H-4 EAD
H-4 EAD Filing Locations

USCIS H-4 EAD Filing Guidances!

 USCIS ELIS Immigrant Fee Pay Guide

R-1 5-Yr Limit Calculation Memo 03/08/2012
New ETA 9141 PW Determination User Guide January 2012
Revised J-1 "Skills List"
H-1B Cap-Exempt Cases Centralized at CSC 01/30/2008
Religious Worker Rule 11/26/08
Official TN Final Rule

 ELIS Link//+//ELIS User Instructions

Visa Bulletin (October 2017)
USCIS 485 Filing Date Charts
(October 2017)
USCIS Processing Times Report (09/18/2017)
USCIS Local Office Closings

DOS Visa Reciprocity: What's New

 Citizenship Resource Center

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