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02/28/2018: Sen. Jeff Flake DACA Conditional Provisional Resident Bill, S. 2464, Failed for Debate on the Senate Floor Yesterday and Today

02/28/2018: SAVE System Modernization is Coming This Week, as Early as Tomorrow, March 1, 2018

02/28/2018: Time for Collaboration Between Consulting Service Providers and Their Clients under the Changing H-1B and L-1 Visa Environment as Part of Trump Administration's Action of Buy American, Hire American Executive Order

02/28/2018: February 2018 Comes and Gone Without Planned H-4 Repeal Rule Making Action by the USCIS

02/27/2018: OFLC PERM Supervised Recruitment Webinar on 03/07/2018, Wenesday

02/27/2018: PERM System Outage for Mainenance, Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 8:00 pm ET until 11:00 pm ET.

02/27/2018: Approaching Deadline of Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Annual Verification Requirement on March 2, 2018

02/27/2018: Effective Today, New Interim Rule Increases Number of Members of EOIR (Board of Immigration Appeals) to 21

02/26/2018: Senate Returned to the Session Showing No Rush for Any Immigration Reform Legislation

02/26/2018: The Supreme Court of United States Refused Trump's Request to Review Lower's Courts Preliminary Injunctions Against Trump's March 5, 2018 Rescission of DREAMER Program!

02/23/2018: USCIS New Policy Memorandum of 02/22/2018 on Mandatory Requirement of Contracts and Itineraries for H-1B Petitions Involving 3rd Party Worksites

02/22/2018: U.S. Court of Appeals in DC Issued an Order Sustaining Trump Administration Motion for Abeyance of H-4 EAD Rescission Process Instead of Court Ruling in Pending Lawsuit

02/21/2018: DHS Ombudsman Office Teleconference on EAD on 02/27/2018, Tuesday

02/21/2018: USCIS March 2018 485 Filing Charts Released

02/20/2018: USCIS Today Releases Two Updated Forms: I-817 and I-824

02/16/2018: Effective 03/17/2018, USCIS No Long Accept Power of Attorney (POA) Signature on Forms and Other Documents

02/16/2018: Senate in Recess Until 02/26/2018

02/16/2018: USCIS Policy Memorandum of 02/15/2018 on "Exemption to the Temporary Need Requirement for H-2B Workers on Guam" Involving NDAA

02/15/2018: Senate Failed to Pass Any Immigration Bills

02/15/2018: USCIS Updates 02/15/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 12/31/2017

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 NSC 11/01/2017 - -

02/15/2018: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 02/15/2018

02/15/2018: USCIS Announcement to Comply with Injunctions of Federal District Courts Against Trump's DACA Rescission

02/15/2018: Here We Go! Senate Scheduled to Vote on Immigration Reform Bills Beginning from 10:30 A.M. (EST)

02/14/2018: USCIS Updated Form G-1450

02/14/2018: USCIS to Accept Credit Card Payment for Fees for 41 Forms Which Are Filed with Lockboxes

02/14/2018: "Secure and Succeed Act" S. 2579 Bill of Six Hardline GOP Senators Introduced in the Senate

02/13/2018: Federal District Court Judge in New York Issued Preliminary Injunction Against President Trump & DHS Rescission of DACA

02/13/2018: Senate Voted Yesterday to Debate Immigration Reform by 97:1 Vote

02/12/2018: March 2018 Visa Bulletin

02/12/2018: Are You Ready for the Senate Floor Debates and Actions on Immigration Legislation This Week?

02/09/2018: President Signed the CR as Soon as the House Passed Bill Early This Morning, Officially Reopening the Government

02/09/2018: House also Passed CR at About 5:30 This Morning and Government to Reopen After About Six Hours of Shutdown This Morning

02/09/2018: Senate Eventually Passed CR by 71-28 Votes During the Night

02/08/2018 11:40 PM: Government Legally Shuts Down at Midnight 12:00 P.M. (EST) Today

02/07/2018: Alert! USCIS Considers Random Selection for H-2B Cap Numbers on 09/30/2018 (Last Day of the Second Half of FY 2018

02/07/2018: Here We Go! New York Times Report Confirms Our Earlier Report of Development on CR

02/07/2018: Immigration Issues Out of CR Compromise to Avoid Government Shutdown at Least Until 03/23/2018

02/06/2018: OFLC PERM PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 01/31/2018

02/06/2018: Effective 02/01/2018, State Department & USCIS Started Screening Family Members of Refugee Applicants in the U.S.

02/06/2018: Breitbart Reports There is No March 5 Deadline for DACA

02/05/2018: Do not Miss Teleconference on FY 2019 H-1B Cap Season and Filing Tips

02/05/2018: Latest Progress of CR Negotiations to Avoid Government Shut Down on 02/09/2018 (Friday)

02/05/2018: Some I-601A Applications Transferred from National Benefits Center to Nebrasca Service Center

02/02/2018: ICE Directive of 01/10/2018 on Civil Immigration Enforcement Actions Inside Courthouses

02/02/2018: Expired and Renewal of USCIS Form of Letter-Notification of Medical Service Requirements for National Interest Waiver Physicians

02/01/2018: USCIS Customer Service Tools Scheduled Down Coming Sunday from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST)

02/01/2018: Reportedly, President Trump Suggested Today to the Republican Lawmakers to Delay in Pushing for Immigration Reform Debate Now

02/01/2018: Approaching FY-2019 H-1B Cap Petition Season (04/01/2018) and USCIS to Revise I-907 Premium Processing Request Form Soon

01/31/2018: USCIS Teleconference on Upcoming H-1B Cap Filing Tips on Tuesday, 03/06/2018, 1:00-2:00 PM (EST)

01/31/2018: USCIS Asylum Interview Schedules: Give Interview Priority to the Most Recently Filed Affirmative Asylum Applications

01/31/2018: President Trump State of the Union Address Demanding Merit-Based Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

01/31/2018: USCIS Notice of Proposed Revision of I-129S Blanked L Petition Form

01/29/2018: USCIS Processing Time Update Report 01/29/2018

01/29/2018: USCIS Updates 01/29/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 11/30/2017

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 NSC 10/01/2017 - -

01/28/2018: Senators Hatch and Flake S. 2344 (I-Squared) Bill to Increase Annual H-1B Cap and Eliminate Per Country Annual Limit for Employment-Based Immigration


01/25/2018: OFLC Permanent and Temporary Foreign Labor Certification Applications Processing Fact Sheet Ending 12/31/2017

01/25/2018: Update of I-942P Form for Income Guidelines for Reduced Fees Released Today

01/25/2018: Update of I-912P Form for HHS Poverty Guidelines for Fee Waiver Request Released Today

01/24/2018: Potential Another Government Shutdown on 02/08/2018 and Advisory for Employers to Take Care of PERM & Temporary Labor Certification Applications Timely

01/22/2018: Both Senate and House Passed CR as Amended to Stop Government Shutdown

01/22/2018: USCIS Launches a Pilot Redesigned Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate

01/20/2018: OFLC PERM System Suspended During Government Shutdown

01/20/2018: OFLC iCERT System Suspended During Government Shutdown

01/20/2018: Government Shutdown and State Department Releases Notice of 01/20/2018 on its Passport and Visa Processing Operations

01/20/2018: Government Shutdown and USCIS Releases Notice of 01/20/2018 on Lapse in Federal Funding for Certain USCIS Operations

01/20/2018: Senate to Reconvene Today for Renegotiation and House Members on Standby in DC Areas for its Potential Followup Session

01/20/2018 00:10 AM (EST) SPECIAL REPORT: Congress Failed to Pass Continuing Resolution Causing Government Shutdown 10 Minutes Ago

01/19/2018: The Supreme Court of United States Granted Trump Administration's Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to Review Lower Court's Decision Partially Lifting Presidential Travel Ban

01/19/2018: House Passed Continuing Resolution, but Government Shutdown Looming Up "Real"

01/18/2018: Full Text of H.J. Res. 125 (Continuing Resolutions) to Fund the Federal Government from 01/20/2018 to 02/16/2018

01/18/2018: HHS Poverty Guidelines of 2018

01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of Re-Registration Period Now Open for Salvadorans TPS

01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of Re-Registration Period Now Open for Haitians TPS

01/18/2018: Official Federal Register Notice of Termination of TPS for Haiti Effective 07/22/2019 and Registration for Temporary TPS Extension and EAD

01/18/2018: Official Federal Register Notice of Termination of TPS for El Salvador Effective 09/09/2019 and Registration for Temporary TPS Extension and EAD

01/18/2018: USCIS Announcement of List of H-2A and H-2B Eligible Counntries

01/18/2018: List H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries in 2018

01/17/2018: Wow, Government Shutdown Decision Two (2) Days to Go!

01/17/2018: USCIS February 485 Filing Availability Charts

01/16/2018: Justice Department Filed Notice to Appeal and Intends to Petition for Immediate Supreme Court Review in DACA Lawsuit

01/16/2018: State Department Prediction of Visa Availability in Coming Months (Final Action Date Charts)

01/16/2018: February Visa Bulletin Released

01/16/2018: Written Testimony of DHS Secretary Before Senate Judiciary Committee 01/16/2018 on "Oversight of DHS"

01/14/2018: OMB Cleared El Salvador TPS Termination and Temporary Extension Registration Notice on 01/12/2018

01/14/2018: USCIS Announces the Same for its Acceptance of DACA Renewal Applications Pursuant to the Court Order

01/14/2018: Pursuant to Federal District Court Order, DHS Resumes Accepting and Processing DACA Renewal Applications

01/13/2018: Identification of H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries Soon to be Published in the Federal Register

01/13/2018: OMB Approval of Federal Register Publication of Haiti TPS Termination and Temporary Extension Registration Notice

01/12/2018: Alert! L-1 Petition Filing Address Change for Current Vermont Service Center Juristiction Effective 02/12/2018

01/12/2018: Senate Bi-Partisan Immigration Reform Presented to the President and Rejected Yesterday, 01/11/2018

01/12/2018: State Department Updated 01/12/2018 Reciprocity for Congo, Kuwait, and Paraguay

01/12/2018: USCIS Alert for TPS El Salvadoran Not to Submit and Pay for Re-Registration Now

01/11/2018: SAC (Securing America's Future) Act, H.R. 4760, Introduced in the House by Rep. Bob Goodlatte and Other GOP Leaders 01/10/2018

01/11/2018: Advance Copy of 01/12/2018 Federal Register Notice of FY 2017 Fall (Calendar Year 2018) Rule-Making Agenda

01/10/2018: Rep. Issa's Announcement Not to Rerun for Congress, H.R. 170, and Trump Planned Reform of H-1B Cap Selection Criteria

01/10/2018: Thank You FOX News for Your Today's Report of Article: "Trump's Crackdown on Legal Immigration is Hurting America"

01/10/2018: Approaching TPS Expiration for Haitians on 01/22/2018 and DHS Announcement of Termination of Haiti TPS on 07/22/2019

01/10/2018: Federal District Court in California Issued Preliminary Injunction Against Rescission of DACA Program

01/09/2018: Relocation of USCIS London Field Office Effective 01/17/2018

01/09/2018: Withdrawal of Our Report of McClatchy News Report on Alleged USCIS Consideration of Change of AC 21 H-1B Extension Rules

01/08/2018: DHS Secretary Official Announcement of TPS Termination for El Salvador After 09/09/2019

01/08/2018: REAL ID Alert of 01/08/2018 for Flight Travelers

01/08/2018: Scheduled Announcement of Termination of El Salvador TPS Program after Current TPS Program Expires in 2019

01/07/2018: USCIS Processing Times Update 01/05/2018

01/07/2018: USCIS Updates 01/05/2018 H-1B Processing Times as of 10/31/2017

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 CSC 09/01/2017 09/01/2017 09/01/2017
 VSC 07/10/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 08/31/2017 - -

(No Changes since the last report.

01/05/2018: Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in a Meeting on Immigration with Republican Members of the Senate Yesterday

01/04/2018: "Hire American" Executive Order Keeps Restricting Non-Immigrant Employment Visas Other than H-1B

01/04/2018: USCIS Updates I-601A Form of 12/15/2017 Edition

01/04/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Supplement J for Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under 204(j)

01/03/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Supplement A Form

01/03/2018: USCIS Updates I-485 Form

01/02/2018: Official OFLC Update of PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 12/31/2017

01/02/2018: USCIS Announcement of Transfer of Some L-1 Cases from VSC and CSC to TSC

01/02/2018: Another Bad News for H-1B Community: Senator Orrin Hatch Announcement to Retire at the End of this Term

01/02/2018: Confusion and Mess on Numerous Executive Orders & Proclamation of Travel Ban and Various Federal Court Orders, and State Department Latest Memo of 01/02/2018 for the Visa Posts to give a Guide and deal with Confusion


12/30/2017: Reported Trump Administration's Plan to Suspend or Eliminate AC 21 H-1B Extensions Beyond 6-Year Limit Pending the Green Card Proceeding

12/28/2017: USCIS Application for Entrepreneur Parole Form I-941 (Edition Date 12/22/2017)

12/27/2017: USDOL Statistics of Rising PERM Applications Over the Years

12/26/2017: President Donald J. Trump’s October 2017 Letter to House and Senate Leaders & Immigration Principles and Policies

12/26/2017: USCIS Updated Processing Times Today, 12/26/2017

12/26/2017: USCIS Updates 12/26/2017 H-1B Processing Times as of 10/31/2017

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 CSC 09/01/2017 09/01/2017 09/01/2017
 VSC 07/10/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 08/31/2017 - -

(Matthew Oh Comment: Another report of the USCIS indicated that the USCIS had 80,000 H-1B cases had yet to be adjudicated as of 11/15/2017. The processing times may not improve much for a while.)

12/26/2017: USCIS to Continue, Without Change, Current Supplemental Evidence Required for National Interest Waivers to I-140 and I-485

12/26/2017: Trump Travel Ban Executive Orders/Proclamation on Roller Coaster in Courts

12/26/2017: USCIS Plans to Revise I-907 Premium Processing Form and Process

12/22/2017: Updated USCIS Procedures for Cuba, Suspending its Operation in Havana, Cuba, Effective Immediately

12/22/2017: USCIS Updates Policy on Determining Cuban Citizenship for Those Born Outside of Cuba

12/22/2017: Update to Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

12/21/2017: Senate Agreed to H.R. 1370 (The Short Term CR) by 66:32 Vote and Government Shut-Down Avoided Until January 19, 2018

12/21/2017: House Passed Another Continuing Resolution to Fund the Federal Government Until 01/19/2018

12/21/2017: USCIS Announces that it Reached H-2B Cap for 1st Half of FY 2017 on 12/15/2017

12/21/2017: DOL/ETA Proposed Revison of ETA-9142-B-CAA Temporary Special Cap H-2B Non-Agricultural Temporary Labor Certification Application Form

12/21/2017: DOL/ETA Releases Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) for "Range" Occupations in 2018 for H-2A Agricultural Temporary Labor Certification Application Proceeding

12/21/2017: DOL/ETA Releases Adverse Effect Wage Rage (AEWR) for "Non-Range" Occupations in 2018 for H-2A Agricultural Temporary Labor Certification Application Proceeding

12/21/2017: USCIS Intends to Revise I-129CW for H-2A Proceeding with Requirment of Biometric Collection

12/20/2017: USCIS New 485 Filing Available Dates Chart for January 2018

12/20/2017: The Oh Law Firm System Was Down for a Few Days

12/18/2017: State Department Year-End Reminder for Travelers: "No Glasses Allowed in New or Renewal Passport Photos" Effective 11/01/2017

12/15/2017: Upcoming H-1B Cap Selection Process Modification

12/15/2017: TPS Extension Registration Starts Today for 60 Days for Honduras and Nicaragua

12/15/2017: Fall 2017 Rule Making Agenda of DOJ/EOIR (Calendar Year 2018)

12-15/2017: Fall 2017 Rule Making Agenda of DOS (Calendar Year 2018)

12/15/2017: Fall 2017 Rule Making Agenda of DOL/ETA (Calendar Year 2018)

12/15/2017: Fall 2017 Rule Making Agenda of DHS (Calendar Year 2018)

12/14/2017: PERM Premium Processing Modernization Reform Turns s History in 2018 Rule Making Agenda of DOL

12/14/2017: USCIS International Entrepreneur Final Rule Struck Down by the Federal Court and USCIS is Forced to Implement This Rule of 01/17/2017

12/14/2017: Student OPT Program Reform One of the Priority Rule Making Agenda in 2018 for USICE

12/14/2017: USCIS Rule Making Agenda in Calendar Year 2018

12/14/2017: Alert, Consumer Bureau to Investigate 'Fake' Rulemaking Comments, a Felony Under the Criminal Law

12/14/2017: USCIS Tools Outage Alert Today from 9:00 am to Midnight (EST) for Maintenance

12/14/2017: January 2018 Visa Bulletin Released

12/14/2017: Nicaraguans Temporary TPS Extension Re-Registrations for 60-Day from 12/15/2017, Friday

12/14/2017: Honduras Temporary TPS Extension Re-Registrations for 60-Day from 12/15/2017, Friday

12/13/2017: Federal Government Departments and Agencies Reorganization Plan Mandate of President Trump Yet to be Released When Time is Running Out for FY 2019 Budget Proposal

12/13/2017: Nicaragua and Honduras TPS Temporary Extension Registration and Related Notices Soon to be Published in the Federal Register

12/13/2017: State Department Proposed Rule with Various Changes to the Passport Rules

12/12/2017: N-400 Naturalization Application Online Filing Login Site

12/12/2017: State Department Proposes to Implement Electronic Medical Examination for Visa Applicant (eMedical Examination)

12/11/2017: USCIS N-400 Performance Data of FY 2017 4th Quarter as Published on 12/07/2017

12/11/2017: USCIS I-130 Performance Data of FY 2017 4th Quarter as Published on 12/07/2017

12/11/2017: USCIS I-485 Performance Data of FY 2017 4th Quarter as Published on 12/07/2017

12/11/2017: USCIS Launches Online N-400 Naturalization Application Using USCIS Online Account

12/09/2017: State Department Announcement of Reinstatement of Presidential Proclamation of Travel Ban for Certain Countries Pursuant to the SCOTUS Decision of 12/04/2017

12/09/2017: President Signed H.J. Res.123 into Public Law 115-90 Before Midnight Yesterday

12/08/2017: USCIS Updates 12/07/2017 H-1B Processing Times

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 CSC 08/01/2017 08/01/2017 08/01/2017
 VSC 06/26/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 08/01/2017 - -

12/07/2017: Senate Just Passed H.J. Res. 123 Preventing Government Shutdown at Least Until 12/22/2017

12/07/2017: House Passed Stop-Gap Appropriation Bill, H.J.Res.123, by 235:193 Votes

12/07/2017: Sen. Jeff Flake S. 2199 Bill Faced Objection on the Senate Floor Today

12/07/2017: Sen. Jeff Flake Introduced on 12/06/2017 S. 2199 Bill That Includes DACA Reliefs

12/07/2017: Official OFLC Update of PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 11/30/2017

12/06/2017: New DHS Secretary Kirstijen Nielsen Sworn-In at the White House Today

12/06/2017: Sen. Chuck Grassley Introduced S. 2192 "SECURITY Act" Bill on 12/05/2017

12/05/2017: Senate Floor Confirmed Kirstjen Nielsen to be Secretary of Homeland Security by 62 Yes Votes at 04:40 PM Today

12/05/2017: DHS Office of Inspector General Reports USCIS Has Been Unsuccessful in Automating Naturalization Benefits Delivery

12/05/2017: DACA and Growing Risk of the Nation Facing Government Shut-Down

12/05/2017: Redesign of State Department Website, Less Open to All the Browsers

12/05/2017: Senate Passed Motion to Invoke Cloture for Confirmation of New DHS Secretary Yesterday and She Will be Confirmed this Morning as the New DHS Secretary

12/05/2017: Upcoming Changes to Forms G-28 and G-28I

12/05/2017: DOL Notice of ETA 9089 (PERM Form) Extension Without Changes

12/01/2017: USCIS Processing Times Update of 12/01/2017

12/01/2017: USCIS H-1B Processing Times Updated 11/07/2017

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 CSC 08/01/2017 04/01/2017 07/01/2017
 VSC 06/26/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 08/01/2017 - -

(No change from the last report)

12/03/2017: Continuing Resolutions (H.J. Res. 123) Introduced in the House to Fund Temporarily the Federal Government Beyond 12/08/2017

12/03/2017: Senate Floor to Vote on Confirmation of Kirstjen Nielsen as New DHS Secretary at 5:30 PM (EST) Tomorrow, 12/04/2017

12/02/2017: Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona Led to Passage of Tax Reform Bill After Mid-Night This Morning Based on Republican Leaders Promise to Support DACA Legislation

12/01/2017: Ups and Downs with International Entrepreneur Rule

11/30/2017: Sen. Tom Cotton, Sponsor of RAISE Act Immigration Reform Bill, to Take CIA Director Post?

11/30/2017: Proposed Revision of G-1450 Form "USCIS Electronic Payment Processing" for 30-Day Comment

11/29/2017: Webinar for Schools DSOs and Foreign Students on 12/14/2017 2:00-3:00 PM (EST)

11/28/2017: Looming Government Shutdown 12/09/2017

11/28/2017: State Department 11/02/2017 NVC and AILA Liaison Meeting Q & A, Updating National Visa Center Immigrant Visa Processing Issues & Answers

11/28/2017: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Webinar on "How to Upload PERM Documents into the Permanent Online System"

11/27/2017: OMB to Revise SOC (Standard Occupation Classification) System Effective January 1, 2018

11/26/2017: "Is Anyone Good Enough for an H-1B Visa?"

11/24/2017: What?! State Department Proposes to Add Very Invasive Privacy Questions in Visa Applications

11/22/2017: USCIS December 2017 New I-485 Filing Availability Chart

11/21/2017: DHS Sets Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands CW-1 Annual Cap for FY 2018, FY 2019, and FY 2020

11/21/2017: Acting DHS Secretary Announcement of Termination of Haiti TPS on 07/22/2019

11/20/2017: North Korea Shortly Added to the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, Requiring Limit to Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Proceedings

11/20/2017: USDL to Release Soon Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) H-2A Program Based on USDA's Just Released Farm Labor Survey Report

11/20/2017: USCIS Updates Profile of USCIS Director, L. Francis Cissna with Photo

11/19/2017: Advisory: Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser Users May try Crome Browser, Should you Experience a Problem to Open the Links on Our Site

11/19/2017: Reminder of Approaching Deadline for DV-2019 Immigration Lottery Entry at 11:00 A.M, Wednesday, 11/22/2017

11/19/2017: DHS Currently Considering Changes to International Entrepreneur Rule in Light of Section 11 of Executive Order 13767, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, 82 FR 8793 (Jan. 30, 2017)

11/18/2017: Approaching Deadline for Trump Administrtion's Action Before the Federal Court of Appeals in H-4 EAD Lawsuit and Wild Fire Spreading Over H-4 EAD Community

11/18/2017: State Department Announcement of its Implementation of President's 09/24/2017 Proclamation on Travel Ban Pursuant to the New Order of the 9th Cir. US Court of Appeals

11/17/2017: DHS Ombudsman Office Hosts and Invites to "Full-Day" 7th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. 12/07/2017, Thursday, 09:00 am to 04:30 pm (EST)

11/17/2017: Congress is Gone for the Thanksgiving Holiday Week and Will not Return Until Next Monday (Senate) or Tuesday (House)

11/16/2017: Wow, USCIS Updating Processing Times Again Today 11/16/2017

11/16/2017: USCIS Guidance on DACA Renewal Requests Affected by Mail Service Issues - DHS Order of Rectification

11/16/2017: EB-485 Inventory Data Update as of End of October 2017

11/15/2017: Do You Have a Naturalization Interview Scheduled? Listen to the USCIS 100 Civics Questions and Answers with MP3 Audio

11/15/2017: iCERT Down Alert for Two Hours Tomorrow Evening

11/15/2017: USCIS Notice of End of Interview of the Central American Minors (CAM) Cases Effective 01/31/2018

11/15/2017: H.R. 170, as Amended, Quickly Passed by the House Judiciary Committee

11/15/2017: House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, Statement on Today's Hearing for H.R. 170 Bill

11/14/2017: Hawaii Federal District Court Judge's Temporary Restraining Order Against Trump's 09/24/2017 Travel Ban Proclamation Stayed in Part by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

11/13/2017: USCIS Form Update: I-102 Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document

11/13/2017: USCIS Updates Processing Times Report on 11/09/2017 as of 09/30/2017

11/13/2017: OFLC Updates PWD and PERM Processing Times as of 10/31/2017

11/13/2017: House Judiciary Committee Rescheduled H.R. 170 Hearing on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 10:00 AM

11/13/2017: December 2017 Visa Bulletin

11/10/2017: Federal Government Appropritations for FY 2018

11/10/2017: Today is a Federal Holiday for Federal Government Employees

11/09/2017: DOL Announces "HIRE Vets Medallion Program" Today

11/09/2017: USCIS Adopts 11/08/2017 AAO Decision on "Functional Manager" Threshold Requirement as Precedent Decision

11/09/2017: Important Reminder for I-129 Petition Filing Address Change Effective This Saturday, 11/11/2017

11/08/2017: H.R. 170 as Amended by the Bill Sponsor, Rep. Issa of California on November 6, 2017

11/08/2017: House Judiciary Committee Hearing Today of Legislative Bill H.R. 170 Modifying Definition of ‘‘Exempt H–1B Nonimmigrant’’

11/08/2017: Time Is Running Out on Acting Officials’ Authority Under Vacancies Act, Including Acting DHS Secretary?

11/08/2017: USCIS H-1B Processing Times Updated 11/07/2017

   Extension  COS  Consular Proc
 CSC 08/01/2017 04/01/2017 07/01/2017
 VSC 06/26/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 08/01/2017 - -

11/08/2017: USCIS Service Centers and Field Offices Processing Times Report Update of 11/07/2017

11/07/2017: DHS Announcement on TPS Termination for Nicaragua and Honduras

11/07/2017: Civil Surgeons Must Use New Version of I-693 Medical Examination Report Form Effective 01/02/2018

11/06/2017: DOL Draft FY 2018-2022 Stragetic Plan and Proposed Cost-Based Fees for Applicants in Foreign Labor Certification Applications

11/04/2017: DACA Legislation vs. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation - On-Going Confrontation Between Democrats and Republicans

11/03/2017: OFLC H-2B Webinar Presentation of October 25, 2017 is Available Now

11/02/2017: Late New York City Terror Attack Produces Diversity Visa Immigration Lottery Program in Jeopardy

11/02/2017: DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report of 11/01/2017 Alerts Ongoing National Security Risk for Lack of Coordination Among USICE, USCBP, USCIS

11/01/2017: USCIS H-1B Processing Times Updated 10/31/2017

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 CSC 07/01/2017 07/01/2017 07/01/2017
 VSC 06/12/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
 NSC 07/01/2017 - -

(No change from earlier report of 10/13/2017)

11/01/2017: Presidential Order of Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Sudan

10/31/2017: I-821 TPS Application Form Updated

10/27/2017: OFLC Announces iCERT System Enhancement for SWAs to Upload Documents on iCERT in H-2A and H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Processing

10/27/2017: State Department Releases Annual Family-Based and Employment Based Immigrant Visa Numerical Limits for FY-2018

10/26/2017: Expiring Haiti TPS on 01/22/2018 and House Concurrent Resolution 87 Introduced in the House Yesterday For Extension

10/26/2017: Written Testimony of the USCIS Director, Hon. L. Francis Cissna, for Hearing of 10/26/2017, on “REFUGEE ADMISSIONS FY 2018”

10/25/2017: Resuming the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program "with Enhanced Vetting Capabilities"

10/25/2017: State Department Visa Office Updates Visa Processing Q&A Relating to its Liaison Meeting Scheduled on 10/19/2017

10/24/2017: USCIS Rescinds and Abandons its Long-Held "Due Deference" Policy for "Extension" of I-129 Petitions!!!

10/24/2017: DHS Reorganization Planning Underway by DHS and Trump Administration in FY 2019

10/24/2017: Anti-Immigration Group "FAIR" Demands Passage of "RAISE Act" Immigration Reform Bill Before Any Relief for DACA Program

10/23/2017: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Performance in 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2017

10/23/2017: PERM 2017 4th Quarter Performance Data Ending 09/302017

10/23/2017: H-2A, H-2B, and H-1B (LCA) Temporary Labor Applications Performance Data of OFLC Ending 09/30/2017

10/18/2017: State Department Notice of its Compliance with Hawaii Judge TRO

10/18/2017: White House Reaction to the Hawaii Judge's Temporary Restraining Order w/Vigorous Intent to Fight Against the TRO on Appeal

10/17/2017: DHS to Comply with Hawaii Judge Temporary Restraining Order, but Will Appeal the Decision Blocking Trump's Proclamation of Travel Ban of 09/24/2017

10/17/2017: 06:25PM: L. Francis Cissna, New USCIS Director Official Profile Posted 10/16/2017

10/17/2017: 03:00PM: Federal Judge in Hawaii Issued Temporary Restraining Order against Trump's Travel Ban Proclamation of 09/24/2017

10/17/2017: 08:45AM: State Department to Republish DV-2019 in the Federal Register Tomorrow with Revised Period of Registry for DV-2019

10/16/2017: 08:30 AM: State Department Official Announcement of Change of Entry for DV-2019

10/16/2017: 08:00AM: Congrats to DHS Employees as One of Federal Departments with Increase in Employees Job Satisfactions 6% in 2017 Surveys

10/15/2017: 07:40PM: Service Centers Processing Times Update of 10/13/2017

10/15/2017: 07:30PM: USCIS H-1B Processing Times 08/31/2017 as Updated 10/13/2017

   Extension  COS  Consular Proc
 CSC 07/01/2017 07/01/2017 07/01/2017
 VSC 06/12/2017 04/10/2017 04/101/2017
 NSC 07/01/2017 - -

(Note: This report is "practically" current processing times as of now in that people cannot request status check unless their H-1B filing dates are earlier than the above-date.)

(Note: Processing times among Service Centers are likely to witness changes in the future because of the USCIS initiation to use employer's main office as determinant for filing service center instead of H-1B employees job site.}

10/14/2017: 07/15PM: Happy Diwali Message to Friends of India

10/14/2017: 03:15PM: Is This Real? DV-2019 Entry to Restart from October 18, 2017 to November 22, 2017 for Maintenance of the DV Entry Site?

10/13/2017: 05:40PM: November 485 Filing Availability Charts

10/13/2017: 08:50AM: OFLC Releases Today Round 13 FAQ Newspaper Advertisements for H-2A Program

10/13/2017: 08:15AM: NEW DHS Secretary Nominee Kirstjen Nielsen

10/12/2017: 04:30PM: Effective Today, Change of I-129 Filing Address for Certain Petitioners of Form I-129

10/12/2017: 03:40PM: Number of Approved EADs by Classification and Basis for Eligibility (October 1, 2012 - June 29, 2017)

10/12/2017:10:30AM: Natural Disasters and USCIS Announcement of Availability of Help for Immigrants Suffered or Suffering from the Natural Disasters

10/12/2017: 08/30AM: Lee Francis Cissna on Board as the New USCIS Director

10/12/2017: 07:45AM: November Visa Bulletin Released

10/11/2017: OFLC Update of PERM Processing Times as of 09/30/2017

10/11/2017: Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Acosta on Immigration Priorities on 10/09/2017

10/11/2017: Sudan TPS Reregistration Period: 10/11/2017 - 12/11/2017

10/10/2017: Advance Copy of USCIS Federal Register Notice of Termination of Sudan TPS on 11/02/2018 and 60-Day Re-Registration Period Running from 10/11/2017

10/09/2017: Trump Motivation for Handing "Immigration Principles & Policies" to Congress Yesterday

10/09/2017: White House Releases on 10/08/2017 "Immigration Principles & Policies"

10/07/2017: USCIS Updates "Immigration Help Available to Those Affected by Hurricanes" on 10/06/2017

10/06/2017: iCERT Enhancement for H-2A and H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Programs Effective on or about 10/10/2017, Next Tuesday

10/06/2017: Reminder of Federal Holidy This Weekend Through Next Monday, 10/09/2017

10/06/2017: Alert for I-918 U-Visa Petition Filers

10/05/2017: Senate Confirmed Mr. Lee Francis Cissna as the New USCIS Director this Afternoon by 54:43 Vote

10/04/2017: USCIS/SSA Teleconference on Revised I-765 for Concurrent Processing of EAD Card and Social Security Card Without Separate Applications

10/04/2017: PowerPoint Presentation of California Service Center (CSC) Update on EB and FB Proceedings at Open House on 08/30/2017

10/04/2017: USCIS and Vermont Service Center (VSC) Update on O, P and Q Petitions 09/15/2017

10/03/2017: USCIS Own Teleconference Scheduled on 10/11/2017 for EB-485 In-Person Interview Requirement Effective 10/01/2017

10/03/2017: Effective Today, the USCIS Resumed Premium Processing Services for All H-1B Types, Including H-1B Extensions

10/02/2017: Filing of Revised I-765 EAD Form Will Lead to Automatically Apply for EAD Card and Social Security Card for Certain Categories or Classifications

10/02/2017: USCIS Releases FY 2017 Citizenship & Assimilation Grant 45 Recipients

09/30/2017: White House Announced FY 2018 Refugee Admission Cap to "Upto" 45,000

09/29/2017: Growing H-1B Visa Restrictions and Apparent Increase of U.S. Businesses Seeking Off-Shore Services in Foreign Countries to Meet Their Needs

09/29/2017: USCIS Alert for DACA - "Deadline to Submit DACA Renewal Requests Approaching On Oct. 5" Next Thursday

09/28/2017: USCIS H-1B Receipt and Approvals During FY 2007 - June 30, 2017

09/26/2017: Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Laws Sponsors Two Free Webinars on DACA and Trump Deportation Policy on 09/28/2017 and 09/29/2017

09/25/2017: Discouraging News for Pending Trump Muslim Ban Litigation Before the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States)

09/25/2017: OFLC Official PERM and PW Determination Processing Times Report as of 08/31/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS Nonimmigrant Petitions Processing Statistics for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: Names of Petitioners, Locations, Processsing Statistics for USCIS H-2A Agricultural Worker Peititions for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS DACA Processing Statistics for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS Investor Immigrant Petition Statistics for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS I-360 SIJ Immigrant Petition Statistics for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS I-130 Relative Immigrant Petitions Statistics for FY 2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS N-400 Naturalization Applications Statistics for FY-2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS All Types of I-485 Processing Statistics for FY-2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/20/2017

09/25/2017: USCIS All Forms Processing Statistics for FY-2017 3rd Quarter Published on 09/21/2017

09/25/2017: Alert: H-4 EAD Lawsuit Update and Watch for DOJ Action During Next 10 Days

09/25/2017: State Deparment Notice of New Presidential Proclamation on Visas September 24, 2017

09/24/2017: DHS Fact Sheet on New Seven-Country Travel Ban

09/24/2017: DHS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on New Seven-Country Travel Ban

09/24/2017: Presidential Proclamation of New Travel Ban Seven Countries and Somalia Effective 10/18/2017 12:01 a.m. (EST)

09/22/2017: State Department Changes FAM Rule of 30/60 Day Presumption of Misrepresentation to 90 Day Presumption of Misrepresentation Effective 09/01/2017

09/22/2017: Weird Behavior of Rule-Making Activities on Termination of Sudan TPS

09/21/2017: OFLC Updates Hurricane Harvey and Irma Guidance & FAQ as of 09/21/2017

09/21/2017: August 2017 EB-485 Inventory Data

09/21/2017: Delay of Federal Register Publishing of Sudan TPS Termination Notice

09/21/2017: Alert for Employers - Effective 09/18/2017 Employers Must Use Form I-9 With a Revision Date of 07/17/17 N

09/20/2017: Important USCIS Ombudsman's Teleconference on EB-485 In-Person Interview Effective 10/01/2017

  • USCIS will interview EB-485 applicants as a new procedure to adjudicate EB-485 applications beginning from 10/01/2017. There are a lot of issues with file transfers, the numbers and types of applications that will be interviewed, and the potential impact on processing times, not only for employment-based cases, which will potentially impace on processing times for for family-based adjustment of status and naturalization applications, which are currently subject to interviews and adjudicated in field offices. Ombudsman is hosting a teleconference on September 28, 2017, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern Time to discuss these issues. The teleconference is likely flooded by stakeholders and readers are advised to register ASAP. Here are the announcement and registration box.
  • 09/19/2017: USCIS No Longer Accepts After 09/15/2017 One-Time Increase in H-2B Visas for FY 2017

    09/19/2017: Federal Register Notice of "Termination" of the Designation of Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

    09/19/2017: Federal Register Notice of "Extension" of South Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

    09/18/2017: DHS Secretary Decided to Terminate TPS Designation for Sudan w/Transition Extension of TPS Until November 2, 2018

    09/18/2017: DHS Secretary Decided to Extend TPS Designation for South Sudan National Thru May 2, 2019

    09/18/2017: USCIS Announces Today it Resumed Premium Processing Services for FY-2018 H-1B Cases

    09/18/2017: USCIS Updates on 09/18/2017 I-140 Processing Times as of 07/31/2017

       NSC  TSC
     EB-11 03/01/2027 04/01/2017
     EB-12 03/01/2017 04/01/2017
     EB-13 07/02/2016 01/16/2017
     EB-2 03/01/2017 04/01/2017
     EB-2 NIW 08/02/2016 03/04/2017
     EB-3 03/01/2017 04/01/2017

    09/18/2017: USCIS Updates on 09/18/2017 I-129 H-1B Processing Times as of 07/31/2017

       Extension  COS  Consular Proc
     CSC 06/01/2017 04/10/2017 04/10/2017
     VSC 05/29/2017 06/01/2017 06/01/2017
     NSC 06/01/2017 - -

    09/18/2017: USCIS Processing Times Update on 09/18/2017

    09/18/2017: PERM Application Processing Times as of 08/31/2017

    09/18/2017: PERM Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 08/31/2017

    09/18/2017: Congressional Research Services (CRS) Take and Analysis of "The End of the DACA Program: Some Immediate Takeaways"

    09/15/2017: Wow, What a Disappointing EB-485 Filing Chart for October 2017

    09/14/2017: OFLC Releases FY 2016 Foreign Labor Certifications Annual Report

    09/12/2017: Approaching Trump Administration Action on H-4 EAD Rule

    09/12/2017: State Department Notice of DV-2019 Immigration Lottery

    09/12/2017: State Department Prediction of Visa Availability in Coming Months Through January 2018

    09/11/2017: October Visa Bulletin Released

    09/06/2017: USCIS Announcement of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 2017

    09/06/2017: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Letter to the DHS Advising to Rescind the DACA Program

    09/05/2017: Stay Tuned for 9 States' Reaction to Trump Administration's DACA Rescission

    09/05/2017: DHS Announcement of Rescission Of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

    09/05/2017: DHS Memorandum on Rescission Of DACA

    09/05/2017: DHS Frequently Asked Questions: Rescission Of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

    09/05/2017: DHS Acting Secretary Duke Statement on the Rescission Of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

    09/05/2017: DHS DACA Fact Sheet

    09/05/2017: Unanswered Questions on Trump Decision on DACA and 9-State Decision on Litigation Against 2012 DACA Program

    09/03/2017: Reportedly Trump to Announce to Rescind 2012 DACA Memorandum with Enforcement Effective Six Months from Decision

    09/01/2017: OFLC Releases Today Hurricane Harvey Guidance for Reasonable Case-accommodations Involving Hurricane Harvey

    09/01/2017: Update of Operation of USCIS Offices in Houston, Texas

    09/01/2017: Trump Reportedly to Announce End of DACA Program on 09/05/2017, the Date of Deadline Given to him by 10 States

    09/01/2017: USCIS Approved Congressionally Mandated Annual Limit of 10,000 for "U" Visas for FY 2017

    09/01/2017: State Department Seeks Comment on its Proposed "Electronic" Medical Examination for Visa or Applicant

    08/31/2017: Fox News Reports Today that Trump Will Announce Elimination of DACA Program as Early as Tomorrow, Friday, September 1, 2017

    08/30/2017: USCIS Alerts Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey to Available Immigration Services

    08/29/2017: Approaching 09/05/2017 Deadline for 10 States Request for Repeal of Obama's 2012 DACA Memorandum & Importance of Correct Understanding of the Demanded "Repeal"

    08/28/2017: It is Official: EB-485 Interview Required for Green Card Proceeding Effective 10/01/2017

    08/28/2017: USCIS Offices in Houston Will Keep Remained Closed Thourgh September 4, 2017

    08/18/2017: President Signed H.R. 339 to Increase CNMI Workers Visa for FY 2017

    08/28/2017: USCIS Policy Memorandum for Determining ACWIA Fee ($1,500 or $750) for H-1B Initial or First Extension Petition Filing for the Same Employee

    08/28/2017: I-601 Form Update - 08/21/2017 New Edition Form

    08/28/2017: N-426 Form Update - 07/25/2017 New Edition

    08/28/2017: USCIS Offices in Houston Remain Closed Today and Tomorrow

    08/26/2017: USCIS Reportedly Planning on Requirement of In-Person Interivew for EB-485 Applicants and Refugee Family & Asylee Provisions Status Applications?

    08/26/2017: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardoned by the President Trump Friday

    08/25/2017: OFLC Seeks Comment on Extension of PERM Form ETA-9089 with Unsubstantive Change

    08/25/2017: Reportedly, the World's Largest Smartphone Manufacturer, Samsung's Heir And Vice Chairman Has Just Been Sentenced Jail For Five Years

    08/24/2017: Fate of 2012 DACA Memorandum and Reported Opinions on its Survival in Federal Courts, Should Trump Fail to Act and Repeal

    08/23/2017: USCIS New Guidance on Waiver Policies and Procedures

    08/23/2017: See How Carefully "Timed" Requested Deadline by Southern States for Trump Administration to Decide on Their Demand for 2012 DACA Program

    08/23/2017: Trump Did not Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio Yesterday

    08/23/2017: PERM Webinar of 08/16/2017 on "PERM Audit Submission and Practice Tips"

    08/22/2017: Trump Reportedly Uses Obama 2012 DACA Program as Political Barganing Chip to Get Border Wall Funding Legislation From the Congress

    08/21/2017: Effective 08/23/2017, U.S. Visa Posts in Russia Suspend all the Nonimmigrant Visa Applications Indefinitely

    08/18/2017: USCIS Announces Asylum Applicants EAD Renewal Applications Transfer from NSC to TSC for Workload Balance

    08/18/2017: iCERT & PERM Sites Outage Alert for Maintenance

    08/18/2017: FY-2018 H-1B Cap Processing Delays and Expiring OPT Cap Gap Employment Authorization on 09/30/2017

    08/17/2017: iCERT & PERM Systems Down for System Maintenance from Late Evening of 08/25/2017 to Early Morning of 08/26/2017

    08/16/2017: DHS Federal Register Notice of Termination of the Central American Minors Parole Program Effective 08/16/2017

    08/16/2017: USCIS Processing Times Updates for Six Days on 08/16/2017

    08/15/2017: Approaching Trial Times for DACA Community and H-4 EAD Community

    08/14/2017: State Department Makes Two Non-Substantive Changes to Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form DS 5501

    08/11/2017: USCIS Postpones Religious Worker Teleconference of 09/06/2017 Until Further Notice

    08/11/2017: Expansion of Global Entry Eligibility to Citizens of Colombia, Singapo, and Switzerland Effective Monday 08/11/2017

    08/10/2017: USCIS Updates Processing Times 08/10/2017

    08/10/2017: 485 Filing Availability Chart in September

    08/09/2017: USCIS Field Office in Minneapolis - Website

    08/09/2017: September 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

    08/08/2017: State Department 'Nonimmigrant Visa" Issuances During the 3nd Quarter (March-June) of 2017

    08/08/2017: State Department 'Immigrant Visa" Issuances During the 3rd Quarter (March-June) of 2017

    08/08/2017: OFLC PERM Prevailing Wage Determination Times as of 07/31/2017

    08/08/2017: USCIS' Plans to Implement Trump 'Executive Order of Buy American, Hire American': Putting American Worker First

    08/08/2017: USCIS H-1B Trend for Past 10 Years (2007-2017) with Following Statistics

    08/07/2017: USCIS Releases "Characteristics of H-1B Specialty Occupation Workers" in FY 2016 (10/01/2015-09/30/2016)

    08/04/2017: Congress Goes into August Recess thru September 5, 2017

    08/04/2017: Employers and H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 Nonimmigrant Workers Should be Very Busy this Weekend to Review the DOL Proposed Changes to Labor Condition Application Forms, Instructions, and Requirements as Well As DOL Proposed Enforcement Changes!!!

    08/04/2017: Draft of Proposed Revised ETA 9035 and ETA 9035E Forms for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: Draft of Proposed Revised ETA 9035CP Instruction Form for Revised ETA 9035 and ETA 9035E Forms for Comments

    08/04/2017: Draft of Proposed New Appedix A Form to ETA 9035 and ETA 9035E Forms for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: Draft of Proposed Revised WH-4 Form of DOL Wage and Hour Division for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: Draft of Proposed Revised WH-4 Instruction Form for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: DOL Draft of Proposed Changes to Labor Condition Applications ETA 9035, Including ETA 9035E for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: DOL Draft of Proposed Changes to ETA 9035CP Form - General Instructions for Completing ETA 9035 Forms, Including ETA 9035E, for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: DOL Draft of Proposed Changes to Form WH-4, Nonimmigrant Worker Information, of Wage and Hour Division, for 60-Day Comments

    08/04/2017: DOL Supporting Statement for Proposed Changes to ETA 9035 Forms and WH-4 Form

    08/04/2017: DOL Supporting Statement Appendix for Proposed Changes to ETA 9035 and WH-4 Forms

    08/03/2017: USCIS Workload Transfer of Some Asylee Initial EAD I-765 Applications from NSC to TSC as of 08/01/2017

    08/03/2017: Important BIA Decision of 08/03/2017 Affecting Asylees Who Adjusted Status to a Permanent Resident

    08/02/2017: Full Text of Revised RAISE Act Bill, Section-by-Section Summary, and Fact Sheet

    08/02/2017: Trump Announces Plan for "Merit-Based" Immigration Reform to Reduce the Number of Immigrants and the Quality of Immigrants

    08/02/2017: State Department to Revise DS-5535 to Request Certain Additional Information for Visa Applicants for Terrorism, National Security-Related, or Other Visa

    08/02/2017: OFLC Proposes Revision of ETA 9035 Forms and WH-4 Enforcement Form

    08/01/2017: State Department Emergency Rule Request as a Companion Rule to the North Korea Travel Ban Rule

    08/01/2017: All U.S. Passports to Remain Invalid for Travel to North Korea Effective 30 Days from 08/01/2017 Unless Specially Validated for Such Travel by DOS

    08/01/2017: DHS Determination to Expand Border Security Actions Surrounding San Diego Southern Border Areas

    08/01/2017: Important Reminder from ECFMG for International Medical Graduates

    07/30/2017: Foreign Students in F and M Visa and Questions and Answers Relating to the Latest Issues, Including Post FY-2018 H-1B Lottery

    07/29/2017: DHS Announcement on DHS Secretary Change

    07/29/2017: USCIS Director Nominee, Lee Francis Cissna, Encounters Challenges of Confirmation Delay as Well as Growing Pressure on U.S. Senate to Reject it

    07/26/2017: USCIS Policy Alert on Biometrics Requirement for Naturalization Regardless of Age

    07/26/2017: Written Testimony of CBP Before a House Committee on 07/25/2017 Regarding Role of Technology in Securing Border to “Deter, Detect and Interdict"

    07/24/2017: OFLC PERM Prevailing Wage (ETA-9141) and PERM Application (ETA-9089) Processing Updates as of 06/30/2017

    07/24/2017: Reminder: USCIS Listening Session Teleconference on "Buy American and Hire American" Executive Order Implementation

    0724/2017: Effective Today, USCIS Resumes H-1B Premium Processing Services Filed by "Cap-Exempt" Entity Under the Immigration Law

    07/22/2017: List of USDOL/OFLC Pending Rule-Making Agenda, Turned into "Inactive Actions" in 2017 Rule-Making Agenda

    07/22/2017: List of USCIS, USICE, & CBP Pending Rule-Making Agenda, Turned into "Inactive Actions" in 2017 Rule-Making Agenda

    07/22/2017: DHS Revises Fact Sheet on 07/21/2017 Implementing Hawaii Judge's Decisions Expanding Family Relationships for List of Travel Ban People

    07/21/2017: DACA Dreamers - What's Their Future?

    07/20/2017: USCIS Alert: TPS Re-registration Deadline for Haiti is July 24!

    07/20/2017: USCIS 2017 Rule-Making Agenda (Fixed Date Categories and Long Term Categories)

    07/20/2017: CIS Ombudsman Teleconference Recap of its 2017 Annual Report to Congress

    07/20/2017: USCIS Teleconference on Revised Form I-485 and Supplement A on 08/03/2017

    07/20/2017: OMB Record of Trump Administration Actions During Six Months Against Rule-Making

    07/20/2017: CBP Statement on Online vs. Paper Form I-94 Rules

    07/19/2017: OFLC Publishes FY-2017 3rd Quarter (April, May, June) PERM and Temporary Labor Certifications Statistics

    07/19/2017: OFLC Published Attestation Form ETA 9142-B-CAA & Instructions for Implementation of FY-2017 Special H-2B Cap Program

    07/19/2017: DHS Temporary Rule of Special H-2B Cap (1,500) Allocation for FY 2017 Officially Published in the Federal Register Today

    07/19/2017: Full Text of the SCOTUS Order of July 19, 2017 on Travel Ban Lawsuit

    07/19/2017: SCOTUS Rejected Trump Motion for Family Relationship Issue for Travel Ban

    07/19/2017: USCIS Revises on 07/18/2017 its Processing Times Report of 07/12/2017 Using the Same Cut-Off Date of 05/31/2017

    07/19/2017: USCIS Completed FY-2017 H-1B Cap Receipt Notices or Return of Unselected Cases

    07/18/2017: State Department Releases Today Announcement to Comply with the Expanded Definition of Family Relationships per the Hawaii District Court Decision

    07/18/2017: State of Hawaii Files SCOTUS its Response to Trump Motion to Stay Hawaii Court Decision Expanding Protected Family Relationship from Travel Ban

    07/18/2017: State Department Proposes to Revise DS-156 Nonimmigrant Application Form to Limit its Use to Certain Conditions for Nonimmigrant Visa Applications

    07/17/2017: OFLC Releases 07/18/2017 H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List, 2nd Quarter, FY 2017

    07/17/2017: DHS and Its Component Agencies Social Media Directory

    07/17/2017: FY 2017 Special Cap Rule Scheduled to be Published in Federal Register on 07/19/2017 Wednesday

    07/17/2017: USCIS Revises I-9 Employment Verification Form

    07/15/2017: DHS Proposed Final Rule for Special H-2B Cap Numbers for FY 2017 Holding Senate Floor Confirmation of Mr. Cissna as the New USCIS Director

    07/15/2017: Trump Filed a Motion Before SCOTUS 07/14/2017 Seeking Stay or Vacating Hawaii Federal District Judge's Decision to Restrict Travel Bans

    07/14/2017: USCIS New I-485 Filing Availability Charts for August 2017

    07/14/2017: USCIS Alert for Commercial Immigration Form Producers: 2D Barcode Requirements for Immigration Forms

    07/14/2017: Federal District Court in Hawaii Ordered Yesterday (07/13/2017) Trump Administration to Lift Travel Bans for Expanded "Close Family Members"

    07/13/2017: Wonderful NSC Business/Employment Proceedings Teleconference Today!

    07/13/2017: DHS IG John Roth's Congressional Testimony -"Examining the Problem of Visa Overstays: A Need for Better Tracking and Accountability."

    07/13/2017: DHS Stakeholder Chiefs Written Testimonies on “Examining the Problem of Visa Overstays: Need for Better Tracking and Accountability”

    07/13/2017: USCIS Processing Times Update of 07/12/2017 (as of 05/31/2017): Our Home Page

    07/13/2017: Citizenship & Integration Grant Applications Due by 07/30/2017

    07/11/2017: USCIS Published Today International Entrepreneur Rule: Delay of Effective Date Final Rule Federal Register

    07/11/2017: USCIS Record of Opening Some New 485 Application Filing Opportunity in October Each Year

    07/11/2017: August 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

    07/11/2017: Introducing "Private Immigration Bill" in Congress No Longer Provides an Automatic Mean to Stay and Work Indefinitely Pending the Bill

    07/11/2017: OFLC Update of H-2A and H-2B Temporary Workers Labor Certification Applications Processing as of 06/30/2017

    07/11/2017: Trump Complaint with Snail Pace of Senate Confirmations of his Nominations

    07/10/2017: DHS Decision to Delay Effective Date of International Entrepreneur Rule From 01/17/2017 to 03/14/2018 to Seek Additional Comments to Rule

    07/09/2017: Soon, Extra H-2B Cap Numbers to be Allocated for the Rest of FY 2017 Under the Pending DHS Rule Based on Special Legislation Passed by the Congress Lately

    07/07/2017: State of Hawaii Failed in Emergency Motion Challenging Trump Administration's Interpretation of Partial Reinstatement of Travel Ban

    07/05/2017: Ten Southern States Presses Trump Administration to Repeal 2012 DACA Program

    07/05/2017: State Deparment Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statisitcs March thru May 2017

    07/03/2017: CBP Expands "Global Entry" to Indian Citizens Effective 07/03/2017

    07/03/2017: Alert for Foreign Labor Certification Filers: OFLC Released New Prevailing Wage Data Effective 07/01/2017

    06/30/2017: Alert on Some Discrepancies Between State Department Cable of 06/28/2017 and State Department FAQ and DHS Implementation of Travel Ban Which were Released on 06/29/2017

    06/30/2017: OFLC Seeks Extension of ETA 750 Which is Scheduled to Expire today, 06/30/2017

    06/30/2017: DHS Announces on 06/29/2017 Implementation of Travel Restriction Provisions of the SCOTUS Decision

    06/29/2017: House Passed Two Anti-Immigration Laws Today: Kate's Law H.R. 3004 and No Sanctuary for Criminals Act H.R. 3003

    06/29/2017: State Department Releases on 06/29/2017 "Frequently Asked Questions" on Travel Ban Executive Order and Visa After SCOTUS Decision

    06/29/2017: DHS Ombudsman's 2017 Annual Report Relects Mounting Problems with the Immigration Case Load Management

    06/29/2017: Hello, CBP and DHS, Yet to Release Your Implementation of SCOTUS Travel Ban Decision?

    06/29/2017: USCIS Processing Times Update of 06/29/2017 (as of 04/30/2017): Our Home Page

    06/29/2017: USCIS Updates its Processing Times Today, 06/29/2017

    06/29/2017: Full Text of U.S. Department of State Cable of 06/28/2017 to Visa Posts: Implementing Executive Order 13780 Following Suprement Court Ruling - Guidance to Visa-Adjudicating Posts

    06/28/2017: USCIS Forms Update: I-526 and I-589

    06/28/2017: New USCIS Policy Memo on Naturalization Ceremonies & Participation by Other Govenment or Non-Government Entities Effective Today, 06/28/2017

    06/28/2017: Amazing - As of June 5, 2017, USCIS Approved 859 EB-5 Investment Immigrant Regional Centers Throughout the Country

    06/27/2017: CBP Deploys Today Biometric "Exit" Technology to George Bush Intercontinental Airport For Non-Stop Flight to Tokyo, Japan

    06/26/2017: Refugee & Immigrant Advocates Views on the Parameter of SCOTUS Partial Reinstament of Travel Bans

    06/26/2017: Attorney General (DOJ) Statement Today on SCOTUS Decision & Plan for Exercise of Legal Authority to Implement Partial Travel Bans

    06/26/2017: Here We Go! DHS Releases Statement on SCOTUS Decision & its Plan to Implement Partially Travel Bans in Consultation with DOS and DOJ

    06/26/2017: USCIS Releases Revised I-485 Forms Today Which is Mandatory 08/25/2017

    06/26/2017: DHS Releases Legal Immigration and Adjustment of Status Quarterly Report (FY 2017 2nd Quarter)

    06/26/2017: Full Text of SCOTUS Decision on Travel Ban

    06/26/2017: SCOTUS Reportedly Granted Trump's Request to Review and Temporarily Suspend in Part Travel Ban Decisions of the Lower Court for Certain Banned Travelers

    06/23/2017: H-1B Premium Processing Service Reinstated for Conrad 30 Foreign Medical Doctors H-1B Petitions Effective 06/26/2017

    06/23/2016: USCIS Updated N-400 Naturalization Application Filing Locations 06/23/2017

    06/23/2017: SEVP Bi-Annual "SEVIS by the Numbers" Report of June 2017 on International Student Trends in the United States

    06/22/2017: Presidential Executive Order of 06/21/2017 Amending President Obama's Executive Order 13597 of January 12, 2012

    06/22/2017: The Supreme Court of the United States Handed Down Today an Important Decision on Loss of Citizenship

    06/19/2017: Here is the Official Copy of DAPA Rescission Memorandum

    06/18/2017: OFLC Released Round 12 H-2A FAQ on 06/15/2017

    06/17/2017: Full Text of DHS Secretary John F. Kelly of 06/15/2017 Memorandum Entitled ("Rescission of November 20, 2014 Memorandum Providing for Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents ("DAPA")

    06/16/2017: DHS Secretary Memorandum of 06/15/2017 Preserving 2012 DACA Memoradum and Rescinding Obama's 2014 DACA/DAPA Memorandum

    06/15/2017: USCIS New I-485 Filing Available Chart in July 2017 - "Final Action Date Chart" for Both EB and FB 485 Filing in July 2017

    06/15/2017: Senate Judiciary Committe Passed Nomination for Cofirmation of Lee Francis Cissna, USCIS Director Nominee

    06/15/2017: USCIS Processing Times Update of 06/14/2017 (as of 04/30/2017): Our Home Page

    06/15/2017: 2018 H-1B Cap Rejected Cases in the Mail

    06/14/2017: Fact Sheet of STEM Foreign Workers in the United States

    06/14/2017: USCIS Updates Policy Manual for Alert on New Policy Guidance on Investment Immigration Forms I-526 and I-829

    06/14/2017: Written Testimonies of CBP and ICE for a June 13 House Committee for Budgets

    06/14/2017: Naturalization Applicants, USCIS Civics Test Study Tools Mobile App Available Now both in English and Spanish

    06/12/2017: USCIS Workload Transfers for Miliary N-400 and N-600K Cases from Nebraska Service Center to Lockbox

    06/10/2017: Senate Judiciary Committee Mark-Up of New USCIS Director Confirmation Hearing 06/15/2017

    06/09/2017: July 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

    06/09/2017: Diversity Visa Lottery 2018 (DV-2018) Results

    06/09/2017: Workload Transfers for H-1B Extension Petitions and Accompanying Spouse H-4 Extension Applications From NSC to CSC

    06/08/2017: Senate Judiciary Committee Decided to Reschedule New USCIS Confirmation Later

    06/08/2017: Senate Judiciary Committee Mark Up This Morning for Confirmation of Lee Francis Cissna as New Director of USCIS

    06/07/2017: Labor Secretary Orders its Agencies to Aggressively Confront Visa Program Fraud and Abuse

    06/07/2017: ICERT & PERM Sites Scheduled Down for Maintenance - from 06/09/2017 Evening to 06/12/2017 Morning This Weekend

    06/06/2017: DOL PERM Prevailing Wage Determination Times and PERM Applications Processing Times as of 05/31/2017

    06/06/2017: USCIS Posts Today Form G-1256 Declaration for interpreted USCIS Interview

  • Today, USCIS posted Form G-1256, Declaration for Interpreted USCIS Interview at This form will be requiired when there is an interview. Therefore, this form will not be required in the Service Center proceedings.
  • 06/06/2017: Want to Know Which USCIS Online News Attracted the Most Hits in March 2017?

    06/02/2017: Important Update and Q & A of USCIS, USICE, and USDOJ Rules & Practice of I-9 Compliance as of 05/10/2017

    06/02/2017: Final Rule of International Entrepreneur Rule to Take Effect on July 17, 2017

    06/02/2017: Readout of Secretary Kelly’s Trip To Haiti and Nationals of Haiti in the United States in TPS

    06/02/2017: Trump Administration Appealed to SCOTUS the 4th Circuit Ruling Against Trump Administration Travel Ban Executive Order

    06/01/2017: Some Asylum EAD Applications Transferred from Nebraska Service Center (NSC) to Potomac Service Center (PSC) for Workload Balance

    05/31/2017: New AAO Adoption Decision: Matter of A-T- Inc, Adopted Decision 2017-04 (AAO May 23, 2017)

    05/31/2017: USCIS Starts Publishing EB-5 Terminations for Transparency

    05/30/2017: Bipartisan Group of U.S. Senators Elicit USCIS Commitment to Address H-1B Abuse

    05/30/2017 OFLC Announces on 05/30/2017 Improvements to the PERM (ETA 9089) Sponsorship Verification Process

    05/30/2017: Immigration Court Practice Manual Update

    05/30/2017: U.S. Government Accoutability Office (GAO) Reports (05/30/2017) Problems of H-2A & H-2B Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

    05/27/2017: International Entrepreneur Rule of Obam Immigration Reform 2014 Survives and its Final Rule Was just Submitted to OMB on 05/25/2017 for Finalization

    05/26/2017: USCIS Reaches CW-1 Cap for Fiscal Year 2018

    05/26/2017: "Double" Blow to Washington Alliance of Technology Workers for Having Sued Against the Expanded STEM OPT Rule

    05/26/2017: "Funny & Cute" TSA Summer Travel Tips

    05/26/2017: Bi-Partisan H.R. 2717 Bill "Stopping Trained in America Ph.D.s from Leaving the Economy (STAPLE) Act" Introduced in the House Yesterday

    05/25/2017: Written Testimony of DHS Secretary John F. Kelly for a Senate Committee on Appropriations on “Review of the FY2018 Budget Request for the DHS"

    05/25/2017: DOL Seeks Fee-Based Funding for Foreign Labor Certification Programs (PERM, H-2B, PWD) for FY 2018

    05/25/2017: President Issues Sequestration Order of 05/23/2017 for Fiscal Year 2018

    05/25/2017: "Charge" with DUI-Related Offense in the United States and Consequences on the Visa in the Passport and NIV Status in the United States

    05/24/2017: Interesting Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing for Nomination of New USCIS Director

    05/24/2017: Written Testimony 05/24/2017 of DHS Secretary before House Appropriations Committee Homeland Security Subcommittee on FY 2018 DHS Budget

    05/24/2017: New "Precedent" BIA Decision: Matter of L-E-A- , Asylum

    05/24/2017: ICE Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Notice for Foreign Students & Schools, Including Information for Maintaining Status During the Summer Vacation Period

    05/24/2017: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing 05/24/2017 on Nomination of New USCIS Director, Mr. Lee Francis Cissna

    05/24/2017: Senate Hearing for New USCIS Director Nominee, Mr. Lee Francis Cissna

    05/24/2017: Federal Register Publishing Today of Haiti Limited TPS Extension

    05/23/2017: Alert: State Department Proposed New Form DS-5535, Supplemental Questions Visa Applicants

    05/23/2017: USCIS Forms Update

    05/23/2017: Visa Overstays (Our of Status) Under Increased Attention for DHS

    05/23/2017: H-1B Processing Times as of 03/31/2017 as Reported on 05/23/2017

    05/23/2017: Advice for Readers Considering a New or Substitute Legal Counsel, Pending the Legal Proceedings

    05/23/2017: Advance Copy of "Extension of the Designation of Haiti for Temporary Protected Status" Federal Register Notice of DHS

    05/23/2017: 2018 Mid-Term National Election Map for the Congress, Governors, and Local Governments

    05/23/2017: USCIS Notice Seeking Comment Request for Extension of USCIS Form I-854A and Form I-854B

    05/22/2017: Short-Term TPS Extension for Haitians Effective July 23, 2017 Thru January 22, 2018

    05/22/2017: DHS Releases Fiscal Year 2016 Entry/Exit Overstay Report

    05/19/2017: OFLC PERM Webinar of 05/10/2017 and Availability of the PERM Webinar Presentation Record for Those Stakeholders Who Missed the Webinar

    05/16/2017: Reminder - Effective Thursday, 05/18/2017, USCIS to Reject G-28 Form Other Than New 03/04/2015 Version

    05/16/2017: USCIS New Green Card and EAD Card Presentation

    05/16/2017: New 485 Filing Available Visa Bulletin Chart in June: Final Action Date Charts for Employment-Based and Family-Based I-485 Application

    05/12/2017: A Message From the New CIS Ombudsman Julie Kirchner

    05/12/2017: House Bills to Reauthorize and Reform USICE and USCIS to Enhance Immigration Enforcement and Prevent Fraud and Abuse in the System

    05/11/2017: Reminder of TPS Designation Termination for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone on 05/21/2017 and USCIS Teleconference on 05/16/2017 3:30-4:30 PM (ET)

    05/10/2017: EB-485 Inventory Data of April 2017

    05/09/2017: June 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

    05/09/2017: Time for OPT Students of H-1B Cap Petitions to Review Cap-Gap Rule Q & A

    05/06/2017: Odds for Winning FY-2018 H-1B Cap Lottery

    05/06/2017: State Department Visa Processing Practice Update as of April 2017

    05/04/2017: USCIS Announcement of Completion of Selected H-1B Cap Cases Data Entry, Followed by a Painful Period of Time For the Petitioning Employers

    05/04/2017: OIG Reports That Technology Woes Hamper ICE Tracking of VISA Overstays Contributing to a Backlog of More Than 1.2 Million Visa Overstay Cases

    05/04/2017: Threshold Dependent Child Age Reportedly to Change from "Under 19 Years Old" to "Under 22 Years Old" in Immigration Law in Canada Effective 10/24/2017

    05/03/2017: USCIS Announces FY-2018 H-1B Cap Data Entry Completed & Will Start Returning Unselected Cases

    05/03/2017: House Overwhelmly Passed FY 2017 Spending Bill Thru September 2017 with No Money for Deportation Force or Federal Cuts to Sanctuary Cities!

    05/03/2017: USCIS Customr Service Tools Outage This Evenining, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, from 9 p.m. to Midnight (Eastern).

    05/02/2017: DHS Secretary Officially Announces Appointment of Julie Kirchner as New DHS Ombudsman

    05/02/2017: Reportedly Trump Administration Appointed New DHS Ombudsman, Julie Kirchner

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