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08/31/2015: USCIS Simplifies "Immigrant Fee" Payment Process Online

08/31/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 08/31/2015

08/29/2015: Reminder - Effective 08/31/2015, Monday, New L-1B Adjudication Policy Controls the L-1B Adjudication Process within the USCIS

08/28/2015: USCIS I-485 Statistics for 3rd QTR (04/01/2015-06/30/2015) of FY 2015 by Type, Field Off or Service Center or Approvals/Denials

   Receipt Approval Denial Pending
 CSC 1,156 247 11 1,332
NSC 16,370 19561 657 46,823
TSC 16,734 17,493 767 67,154
VSC 4 - - 27

08/28/2015: USCIS L-1B Statistics for Three QTRS by Each QTR in FY 2015

   Receipt Approval Denial Pending
Q1 3,278 2,635 1,020 N/A
Q2 3,225  2,071 892 1,735
Q3  3,575 2,806 768 2,470

(Note:Denial rate has been steadily dropped. GOOD NEWS!)

08/28/2015: I-821D DACA Statistics for FY 2015

08/28/2015: Naturalization Statistics of Receipt, Approval, Denial, Pending by Local Field Office for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-130 Family Petitions Statisitcs of Receipt, Approval, Denial, Pending by Local Field Office for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-918 U Visa Statisitcs of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-914 T Visa Statistics of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: H-2A Agricultural Worker Petition Statisitcs of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending and by Each State and By Each Employer for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-360 Statistics of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending by Each QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-526 Investment Immigrant Visa Petitions Statistics of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending by Each QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: I-829 Investment Immigrant Conditional Status Removal Petition Statistics of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending By Each QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: All Types Immigration Forms Processing Data of Receipts, Approvals, Denials, Pending by Each QTR of FY 2015

08/28/2015: District Court Decision of STEM OPT Rule Invalidation With Stay Until 02/12/2015 Challenged and Appealed by the Plaintiff 08/18/2015

08/27/2015: USCIS Card Production Delays

08/27/2015: USCIS Policy Memorandum of 08/25/2015 for Additional Guidance for Implementation of the Settlement Agreement in Duran Gonzalez v. DHS

08/27/2015: USCIS Settlement in Alfaro-Garcia, et al., v. Johnson, et al., Case No. 4:14-cv-01775-YGR (N.D. Cal.)

08/27/2015: OFLC Notice on H-2B Prevailing Wage Determination Appeal Request Process

08/25/2015: Extension of EAD for Haitian F-1 Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of the 01/12/2010 Earthquake

08/25/2015: DHS Ombudsman 2015 Annual Report of 06/29/2015 to the Congress on USCIS Services

08/25/2015: State Department Policy Cable for FAM Update – "New I-20 and DS-2019 Forms" - Mandatory Effective 07/02/2015

08/24/2015: USCIS Discontinues e-Filing System

08/24/2015: USCIS Transfers Family-Based Immigrant Petitions of I-130 and I-751

08/24/2015: Eligible Haitian TPS Re-Registration and EAD Application Runs for 60 Days from 08/25/2015

08/20/2015: USCIS Updates its Processing Times Report in Two Consecutive Days in a Row

08/20/2015: Federal Court in Texas Orders Report of Rectification of Erroneously Issued Three-Year Expanded DACA/DAPA EADs by 09/15/2015

08/19/2015: USCIS Teleconference on 09/01/2015 1:00 - 2:00 PM (EST) on Changes to Form I-693, Medical Examination Report

08/19/2015: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage Alert, Sunday

08/19/2015: Federal District Court (Brownsville) Hearing in Progress This Morning on Issues of Three-Year EADs Issued to DACAs Post Injunction Order

08/19/2015: OMB Approved Extension of Employment Authorization for Haitian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of the January 12, 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

08/19/2015: Haiti TPS Extension Approved by OMB

08/18/2015: Increasing Tension and Conflict Between Employers and Certain Foreign Workers as Triggered by Obama Legal Immigration System Modernization Plan

"Further increase job flexibility by enabling individuals whose employment-sponsored immigrant visa petitions have been approved for more than one year to retain eligibility for LPR status despite the petitioning employer closing its business or seeking to withdraw the approved petition"

08/18/2015: NSC Monthly Teleconference 09/10/2015 Focusing on Students and School

08/18/2015: Current State of Processing of STEM OPT Applications

08/18/2015: OMB Approved USCIS L-1B Adjudication Policy & USCIS Likely to Publish the Notice Swiftly

08/17/2015: USCIS Releases and Implements Revised I-129 Form, on 08/13/2015, Loosing Up Preparator's Attestation Languages

08/17/2015: USCIS Seeks OMB Review for L-1B Adjudication Policy for Notice Pursuant to the Rule-Making Procedure

08/15/2015: Federal District Court Order Vacating STEM OPT Rule with 6-Month Stay Within When the DHS is Required to Rectify the Procedural Defects of Rule-Making Process

08/14/2015: Interesting Development of Judicial Decisions in the District of Columbia Relating Obama Administration Immigration Actions

08/14/2015: Details of DOS Immigrant Visa Modernization Proposals Still Remain in the Dark Closet

08/14/2015: Probable EB-2 Visa Cut-Off Date for India in October 2015

08/14/2015: Only 7,500 EB-2 Visa Numbers Used for Indians in FY 2015 Due to Fewer Fall Down of EB-1 Visa Numbers and Massive Use of Other Preference Categories' Visa Numbers

08/14/2015: USCIS Alert of Unauthorized Use of the DHS Seal

08/13/2015: DOL H-2B 2015 Final Wage Rule Webinar on 08/21/2015, Friday

08/13/2015: USCIS Updated on 08/13/2015 Processing Times Report

08/13/2015: Shock-Bomb News - Federal District Court in DC Vacates STEM OPT 17-Month Extension Rule on 08/12/2015 Effective 02/12/2016, Subject to Procedural Rectification

08/13/2015: DHS Inspector General Finds USCIS Did Not Deliberately Violate Court Injunction

08/12/2015: EB-485 Inventory Data 07/20/2015 Released

08/12/2015: Worldwide and Mexico September 2015 EB-3 Visa Cut-Off Date: 08/15/2015!

08/12/2015: September Visa Bulletin Released

08/11/2015: USCIS Alert to EB-5 Regional Centers on Naming Conventions for EB-5 Regional Centers

08/11/2015: PERM Processing Time Update as of 08/10/2015

08/11/2015: Prevailing Wage Determination Request Processing Times as of 08/10/2015

08/10/2015: USCIS Draft Memorandum (for Comment Only) for Guidance on the Job Creation Requirement and Sustainment of the Investment for EB-5 Adjudication of Form I-526 and Form I-829

08/07/2015: USCIS Releases Today New Edition Affidavit of Support Forms, Mandatory Effective 09/06/2015

08/07/2015: Temporary Immigration Relief Measures Available for Individuals Affected by Typhoon Soudelor on 08/02/2015

08/05/2015: USCIS Important Update for DACA Recipients Who Received 3-Year Work Permits

08/05/2015: Office of Foreign Labor Certifications New Updated FAQs for H-1B LCA Form ETA 9035E and E-3 Visa Program

08/04/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 08/03/2015

08/03/2015: USCIS Report to the Federal District Court in Brownsville, TX, on Actions Taken to Recoup Erroneously Issued Three-Year Cards to DACAs

08/01/2015: OFLC Important Notice on Change in Signature on Approvd Labor Certification Applications

08/01/2015: DOL Certain Website Outage Alert

08/01/2015: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage Alert

07/31/2015: Congress in Recess Whole August but Immigration Reform Will Remain a Hot Botton Issue at Judicial Level

07/30/2015: DHS Intends to Extend TPS for Haitians and Extend EAD for Qualified Haitian F-1 Students in the United States

07/29/2015: Imporatnt Memorandum: USCIS Releases Policy Memorandum: "Guidance on Evaluating Claims of “Extraordinary Circumstances” for Late Filings When the Applicant Must Have Sought to Acquire Lawful Permanent Residence Within 1 Year of Visa Availability Pursuant to the Child Status Protection Act"

07/28/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 07/27/2015

07/25/2015: Options of Filing I-693 Medical Report for I-485 Filing

07/25/2015: USCIS Releases New Version of I-601A Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

07/24/2015: House Summer Recess Begins on 08/01/2015 and House Will Not Return to the Hill Until 09/08/2015

07/24/2015: USCIS Reminder of TPS Registration Period Extension from 05/20/2015 to 08/18/2015 for Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone

07/24/2015: Last Minute Important Information for Some DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year EAD After 02/16/2015

07/23/2015: PERM Processing Statistics for 3rd Quarter (Apr-June) of FY 2015

07/23/2015: H-1B LCA Processing Statistics for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

07/23/2015: H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Labor Certification Program Processing Statistics for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

07/23/2015 H-2A Temporary Agricultural Labor Certification Program Processing Statistics for 3rd QTR of FY 2015

07/23/2015: Disclosure Data for 3rd Quarter for Permanent and Temporary Labor Certification Applications FY 2015

07/22/2015: USCIS Updates Policy on Impact of Multiple Absences on Continouous Residence Requirement and Physical Presence in Naturalization Proceeding

07/22/2015: USCIS Updates Policy on Children of U.S. Government Employees Residing Abroad for the Purpose of Child Citizenship Act

07/21/2015: OFLC Releases on 07/21/2015 H-2B 2015 Interim Final Rule FAQs

07/21/2015: Important USCIS Teleconference Tomorrow for Certain DACA Applicants

07/21/2015: USCIS Clarifies Eligibility Requirements for Modifications to the Oath of Allegiance

07/21/2015: USCIS Final Guidance of -7/21/2015 on When to File an Amended or New H-1B Petition After Matter of Simeio Solutions, LLC

07/21/2015: Full Text of "Proposed Rule" of Expansion of Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers of Inadmissibility

07/18/2015: GOP Fight Against Obama Moves to Obama Administration's Rule-Making Fever

07/17/2015: STEM OPT Reform Under Consideration by USICE as Revealed in the Opposing Political Force's Letter to DHS Secretary

07/17/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Time Report 07/17/2015

07/17/2015: OFLC Update of Processing of H-2B Labor Certifications Granted under the 2008 Final Rule

07/17/2015: OFLC Publishes Today ETA-9165 and ETA-9142B Extension Requests for H-2B Program

07/17/2015: USCIS Draft L-1B RFE Template of 07/17/2015 for Comments

07/17/2015: State Department Prediction and Obama Immigration Action for Modernization of Legal Immigration System

07/17/2015: State Department Prediction of EB Cutoff Date Ahead

07/17/2015: USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Teleconference

07/17/2015: USCIS Policy Memorandum to Update O and P Visa Agents and Sponsors as Petitioners

07/15/2015: USCIS Seeks Comments on Proposed Expansion of Eligibility for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers

07/15/2015: USCIS Releases Advance Copy (Full Text) of Proposed Rule for Expanded Provisional Waiver of Unlawful Presence

07/15/2015: White House Releases on 07/15/2015 on Progress and Final Report for Modernizing and Streamlining Our Legal Immigration System for the 21st Century

07/15/2015: Proposed Rule Expanding Availability of Provisional Waiver of Unlawful Presence (I-601A) Cleared White House/OMB in One Day!

07/14/2015: USCIS Completed Return of FY-2016 H-1B Cap Failed Cases

07/14/2015: USCIS Memorandum of 07/05/2015 on Qualifying U.S. Work Experience for Special Immigrant Religious Workers

07/14/2015: Written Testimony of DHS Secretary for a House Judiciary Committee on “Oversight of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security”

07/13/2015: USCIS Resumed Today H-1B Extension Premium Processing Requests, Earlier than Initially Announced

07/13/2015: USCIS H-2B Nonagricultural Temporary Worker Petition Processing Statistics in FY-2014

07/13/2015: USCIS Initiation of Proposed Rule Making Process to Expand Eligible Beneficiaries of I-601(A) Provisional Waivers of Unlawful Presence as Part of Obama Immigration Action Programs

07/11/2015: Stalled Obama Immigration Actions for Undocumented Immigrants May Pose a Hurdle for Piecemeal Immigration Reform Legislations

07/11/2015: Yesterday's 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Hearing Not Too Promising for Obama Administration

07/10/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 07/10/2015 by Submission Date

07/10/2015: PERM Processing Times Update as of 07/09/2015 by Priority Date

07/10/2015: USCIS Appeals (AAO) Processing Times Update of 07/01/2015 Shows Delays for Certain Types of Appeals

07/10/2015: August Visa Bulletin

07/10/2015: USCIS Online Customer Service Tools Will be Down Tomorrow Evening

07/10/2015: iCERT System Will be Down For Three Hours This Evening

07/10/2015: DOL Plan to Reduce PERM Backlogs and Improvement in FY 2016

07/10/2015: CBP Designation of an Enhanced Driver’s License and Identity Document Issued by the State of Minnesota as a Travel Document Under the Western Hemisphere Travel
Initiative Effective 07/13/2015

07/09/2015: USCIS Requies DACA Beneficiaries to Return 3-Year Valid EAD and DACA Benefit Approval Notices to the USCIS by 07/17/2015

07/09/2015: House FY-2016 DHS Spending Bill Attempts to Block Funding for Immigration Action

07/08/2015: Rule-Making Agenda for Modernization of Employment-Based Immigration System

07/08/2015: OFLC Releases Updated H-2B Forms on 07/08/2015

07/07/2015: “The 2014 Humanitarian Crisis at our Border: A Review of the Government’s Response to Unaccompanied Minors One Year Later,” Written Testimony of ICE Before Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 07/07/2015

07/07/2015: “The 2014 Humanitarian Crisis at our Border: A Review of the Government’s Response to Unaccompanied Minors One Year Later,” Written Testimony of USCIS Before Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 07/07/2015

07/03/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 07/02/2015

07/02/2015: Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Official Notice of July 3rd Holiday for Federal Government Employees

07/02/2015: Members of Three-Judge Panel for 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Hearing on Expanded DACA and DAPA Programs on 07/10/2015

07/01/2015: EB-485 Inventory Data as of April 1, 2015 by Priority Date

07/01/2015: OFLC Requires Use of 2015-2016 SOC-OES Wage Data for Prevailing Wage Determination Effective Today, 07/01/2015

06/30/2015: USCIS New Policy Memorandum Updating Guidance to USCIS Offices on Handling Certain Family-Based Automatic Conversion and Priority Date Retention Requests Following the Supreme Court Ruling in Scialabba1 v. Cuellar de Osorio

06/30/2015: Winning Prospects for Expanded DACA/DAPA Programs on Appeal at July 10th Hearing Dubious

06/30/2015: USCIS Growingly Adds Attestation Language in Revised Immigration Forms

06/30/2015: Vermont Service Center Advisory and Alert on Changes to RFE: No Longer Yellow-Color Sheets

06/29/2015: USCIS Teleconference on 07/02/2015 to Discuss and Answer Liberia/Guinea/Sierra Leon TPS Registration Extension

06/25/2015: Liberia/Guinea/Sierra Leon TPS Registration Deadline Extended from 05/20/2015 to 08/18/2015

06/25/2015: USCIS Schedule Teleconference on 07/01/2015 2:00-3:00 PM Wed to Discuss Nepal TPS

06/25/2015: Watch for Any Legislative Move to Extend P.L. 111-230 That Requires Additional Filing Fees for Certain Large H-1B Dependant Employers and L-1 Employers

06/24/2015: USCIS Announcement of Nepal TPS and Implementation

06/24/2015: Mayors of U.S. Cities Lobby for "Permanent" EB-5 Investor Immigrant Program

06/24/2015: USCIS Cancels Today's DACA Teleconference

06/24/2015: Official Publication of Notice of Designation of Nepal as TPS Nation in Today's Federal Register

06/23/2015: Reminder of Federal Holiday on July 3rd, Friday and Federal Offices Closing

06/23/2015: 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Schedules Hearing on 07/10/2015 on Appeal of Texas Federal District Judge's Injunction Against Expanded DACA & DAPA

06/23/2015: Official Nepal TPS Designation Notice

06/20/2015: Evaporated Hope for USCIS Release of Approved I-140 EAD Implementation Outlines and Timelines at AILA Annual National Conference

06/19/2015: White House OMB Approved Nepal TPS Designation Today

06/19/2015: Reported Ongoing DOL Investigation of Major IT Consulting Firms on H-1B Workers Under Pressures of Bi-Partisan Anti-Foreign Worker U.S. Senators

06/19/2015: Continuing Problem of State Department Visa Systems

06/18/2015: USCIS Listening Session on Proposed Parole Program for Entrepreneurs on 06/25/2015, 2:30 - 4:00 PM (EST)

06/18/2015: AILA Annual National Conference from 06/17/2015 to 06/20/2015

06/17/2015: DHS Inspector General's Congressional Committee Testimony on "A Review of the President's Executive Actions on Immigration"

06/17/2015: USCIS Director's Congressional Committee Testimony on “A Review of the President’s Executive Actions on Immigration”

06/17/2015: ICE Director's Congressional Committee Testimony on “A Review of the President’s Executive Actions on Immigration”

06/15/2015: EB-2 India Visa Bulletin Prediction by Oppenheim of DOS

06/15/2015: USCIS Temporarily Discontinues Electronic Form I-539, Form I-526, and Regional Center Document Library

06/15/2015: USCIS Reminder for DACA Renewal Applicants

06/14/2015: Nepal TPS Designation Authority and Process

06/13/2015: USCIS to Designate Nepal TPS Nation

06/13/2015: South Korean President's Visit and Meeting with Obama on Tuesday 06/16/2015 Called Off and to be Rescheduled

06/11/2015: E-3 Visa Legislation for Nationals of the South Korea in Big Push in Time for the Scheduled Visit of the South Korean President to Meet With President Obama

06/10/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 06/10/2015

06/10/2015: The City of New York Joins USCIS Citizenship Outreach Partnerships

06/10/2015: USCIS Launches Quarterly Report of Processing Times of its International Offices Beginning from 06/09/2015

06/10/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 06/09/2015

06/10/2015: Philippines EB-3 Visa Predicament

06/10/2015: July 2015 Visa Bulletin Released

06/10/2015: OFLC Updates H-2B Temporary Non-agricultural Program 2015 Interim Final Rule Resources

06/09/2015: EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Investment Immigration Program 5-Year Extension Bill Introduced in the Senate

06/05/2015: USCIS to Reopen H-2B Cap for the Second Half of Fiscal Year 2015

06/05/2015: Obama Immigration Actions of Expanded DACA or DAPA Faces Challenge from Another Front: Legislative Defunding for Defending in Texas Lawsuit (correction)

06/05/2015: Immigration Forms Update Alert

06/03/2015: State Department Officially Rescind Designation of Cuba as a Terrorist Country Effective 05/29/2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 All Types of I-485 Processing Statistics by Types, Service Center/Local Field Offices for 2nd QTR (Jan-March) 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 N-400 Processing Statistics by Local Field Offices 2nd QTR (Jan-March) 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 All Types of I-130 Processing Statistics by Types, Service Center/Local Field Offices for 2nd QTR (Jan-March) 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 DACA Processing Statistics and the Past Record as of the End of March 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 L-1B Approval and Denial Records During 2nd QTR (Jan-March) 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 Investment Immigration Proceedings Data Jan-March 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 T and U Nonimmigrant Proceedings Statistics of Jan-March 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 H-2A Agricultural Worker Petition Statistics of Jan-March 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 I-360 Petition Statistics of Jan-March 2015

06/02/2015: USCIS Updates on 06/02/2015 All Immigrant/Nonimmigrant Forms Processing Statistics of Jan-March 2015

06/02/2015: OFLC Releases H-2B Final Wage Rule Webinar Recording

06/02/2015: State Department Changes Croatia C-1, C-1/D, and D Visa Validity to 120 Months

06/01/2015: 5th Circuit Appeals Court Schedules Hearing on 07/10/2015 on Merits of the Lawsuit Against Obama Expanded DACA & DAPA Programs by States

06/01/2015: Somalia Natives TPS Extemsion Federal Register Notice

05/31/2015: Mother Duck in Our Backyard For Days Without Food or Movement for Hatching a Baby from an Egg

05/29/2015: FY 2016 H-1B Cap Lottery Results

05/29/2015: ECFMG Reporter of 05/29/2015 for IMGs

05/29/2015: Reminder of New 6-Page Premium Processing Request Form Effective Monday, 06/01/2015

05/29/2015: Somalia TPS Designation Extension for 18 months from September 18, 2015, through March 17, 2017

05/28/2015: Important Amici Curiae Brief Submitted to USCIS Appeal Office (AAO) for Approved I-140 Beneficiaries by AILA and AIC

05/28/2015: Official PERM Processing Time Update as of 05/04/2015 by Office of Foreign Labor Certifications

05/28/2015: Obama Administration Not to Appeal the 5th Circuit Appeals Court's Denial to Lift Preliminary Injunction to U.S. Supreme Court

05/27/2015: USCIS Appeal (AAO) Processing Times as of May 1, 2015

05/27/2015: Unofficial PERM Processing Times

05/27/2015: Reminder of Expiring Current I-907 Premium Processing Request Form at End of May 2015

05/27/2015: Reform in H-1B1, CW-1, E-3, and EB-1B Programs Delayed Until January 2016

05/27/2015: USCIS May Implement Online H-1B Cap Pre-Registration System Beginning from FY 2017 H-1B Cap Season That Begins on 04/01/2016

05/27/2015: DOL Planning Initiation of PERM Modernization Rule-Making Process in December 2015

05/27/2015: USCIS Planning Initiation of I-140 EAD "Proposed" Rule-Making Process in October 2015

05/26/2015: Full Text of Denial Decision of 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Motion to Stay Preliminary Injunction against Expanded DACA/DAPA

05/26/2015: U.S. Court of Appeals in 5th Circuit Denied on 05/26/2015 Obama Administration's Motion to Lift Preliminary Injunction against Expanded DACA/DAPA Programs

05/26/2015: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against USCIS and DHS on 05/22/2015 for EAD Delays and Seeking Relief Including but Not Limited to Interm EAD

05/26/2015: Watch for USCIS Position on BIA Unpublished Decision on Loss of Retention of Earlier Priority Date of Approved I-140 When Employer Withdraws it

05/25/2015: Judge Denied Motion for Preliminary Injunction on 05/24/2015 in H-4 EAD Rule Lawsuit

05/24/2015: Most Common Mistake in Self-Filing of Applications, including EAD Application - Stapling of Papers and Color Highlighting

05/23/2015: No Record of Judge Decision Filed with the Court for H-4 EAD Preliminary Injunction Motion

05/23/2015: AAO Precedent Decision of Semeio and Importance of H-1B Employers to Rectify and File Amended H-1B Petitions for Worksite Changes "by 08/19/2015"

05/23/2015: OMB Cleared on 05/22/2015 Somalia TPS Designation Extension

05/22/2015: USCIS Updates I-129 H-1B Extension Petition Premium Processing Suspension

05/22/2015: New I-765 Form Released for H-4 EAD Filers

05/22/2015: New I-765 Instructions Form Released for H-4 EAD Filers

05/22/2015: H-4 EAD Filing Locations Released ALERT!

05/22/2015: Report of Yesterday's Preliminary Injunction Hearing in Federal District Court in DC on H-4 EAD Rule

05/22/2015: Employment-Based Immigration Modernization Proposed Rule Making Time Table - Around October 2015

05/22/2015: U.S. Department of Labor Planning to Initiate Rule-Making Process for Reform of Current PERM Program Around December 2015

05/22/2015: USCIS Planning to Complete Final Rule Making Process Around January 2016 for Reform of EB-1B, H-1B1, CW-1, and E-3 Foreign Workers

05/22/2015: USCIS Planning to Initiate Rule-Making Process Around August 2015 for Significant Public Benefit Parole for Entrepreneurs

05/22/2015: Expanded Training Opportunities for F-1 Nonimmigrant Students With a STEM Degree From an SEVP-Certified School

05/22/2015: USCIS Planning to Initiate Rule-Making Process Around July 2015 to Expand Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers of Inadmissibility

05/21/2015: USCIS Guidance on When to File an Amended H-1B Petition after the Simeio Solutions Decision

05/21/2015: H-4 EAD Lawsuit Motion Hearing Update

05/21/2015: Importance of Today's Motion Hearing for H-4 EAD Lawsuit

05/21/2015: USCIS Releases Additional Details for Filing H-4 EAD Applications

05/20/2015: USCIS Publishes Filing Guidance for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses

05/20/2015: Likely Legislative Activities Ahead to Reform Broken Immigration System by the Congress

05/19/2015: USCIS Will Not Release H-4 EAD Application Form and Guidance Until 05/26/2015

05/19/2015: Volunteers Who Are Willing to Attend H-4 EAD Rule Preliminary Injunctions Hearing 05/21/2015 Should Email Us

05/19/2015: H-4 EAD SPECIAL NEWS: USCIS Suspends H-1B Extension Premium Processing Applications Temporarily from 05/26/2015 to 07/27/2015 to Timely Process H-4 EAD Applications

05/19/2015: We Urge USCIS to Release Guidance or Q&As and Revised I-765 Form for H-4 EAD Application Without Any Delays

05/18/2015: Federal District Court Hearing on Injunction Motion Against H-4 EAD Rule Scheduled on Thursday, May 21, 2015

05/18/2015: Effective 06/18/2015, Revised Rules of Practice and Procedure for Administrative HearingsB/4 OALJ

05/17/2015: USCIS Intends to Extend TPS for Somalis

05/17/2015: Question on H-4 EAD Application Filing Addresses

05/15/2015: "Draft" H-4 EAD Application I-765 Form and Filing Instruction (Not Valid Until USCIS Releases)

05/15/2015 USCIS Reminder: USCIS Will Accept Only the New Version of Form G-28 Beginning May 18, Monday

05/14/2015: USCIS Delay in Release of Additional Guidance and Revised EAD Application Form I-765 Causes Anxiety to H-4 EAD Applicants

05/14/2015: DOJ Notice of Update to BIA Practice Manual

05/14/2015: State Department Updates Reciprocity for Ethiopia

05/12/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 05/12/2015

05/12/2015: BIA Handed Down a New "Precedent" Decision Today, Matter of J-H-J-, May 12, 2015

05/12/2015: U.S. Court of Appeals in the 5th Circuit Lawsuit Fire Heat Up Between Pro and Con Obama Immigration Actions Forces

05/11/2015: June 2015 Visa Bulletin Released

05/11/2015: USCIS Director on Video on Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program

05/11/2015: USDOJ Apologizes to the Court and DHS Takes Action to Correct Erroneously Issued 3-Year EAD Cards to Existing DACA Dreamers

05/10/2015: State Department and USCIS Joint Publishing of Notice in the Federal Register Soliciting Inputs for Modernization of "Legal" Immigration System

05/10/2015: DOL Schedules Webinar for H-2B 2015 Final Wage Rule Briefings on May 13 and May 15, 2015

05/09/2015: Crowded Republican Party Presidential Candidates, Facing Dilemma for Winning Strategy for November 2016 Presidential Election

05/08/2015: Effective 07/06/2015 Current Version I-539 Form Unacceptable

05/08/2015: If Non-US Citizen Votes in Federal Elections, Such Immigrants Are Ruled Removable Regardless of their Knowledge of Committing Unlawful Acts

05/08/2015: The United States Digital Services in Charge of "Technical" Part of Modernization of Immigration System

05/07/2015: USCIS Cancels Tomorrow's Teleconference on Current DACA Program

05/07/2015: USCIS Jacksonville/FL ASC Office Closings Notice

05/06/2015: All Eyes Are on June 2015 Visa Bulletin From the Perspectives of Visa Bulletin Reform

05/06/2015: May 26, 2015 is Not a Deadline but a Start Date for H-4 EAD Program

05/05/2015: Immigration Relief Measures for Nepali Nationals

05/04/2015: Watch Visa Bulletin

05/04/2015: State Department to Adjust Schedule of Fees for Passport and Documentary Services

05/04/2015: USCIS Begins Returning FY 2016 Unselected H-1B Cap Cases

05/04/2015: State Department Revises Reciprocity Schedule for Kyrgyzstan

05/03/2015: State Department Visa Office Clarifies on 04/13/2015 Impact of Visa Retrogression on Protection of Aging-Out Derivative Beneficiary Children Under Child Status Protection Act (CPSA)

05/02/2015: USCIS Teleconference on Current DACA Program Friday, 05/08/2015

05/02/2015: USCIS Releases New Edition of Premium Processing Request Form (I-907), Making Current Edition of the Form Invalid After 05/31/2015

05/01/2015: OFLC Release a Web-Page for 2015 H-2B Final Rule

05/01/2015: Seventy-Nine (79) Members of the House Asked the President to Recapture Past Unused Immigrant Visa Numbers Administratively Without Delays

04/30/2015: New Precedent Decision on H-1B Amendment for Relocation and Today's Ombudsman Teleconference

OOPS!04/30/2015: Important DHS Ombudsman's Teleconference Today on Issue of Need for H-1B Amendment on Worksite Changes

OOPS!04/30/2015: H-4 EAD Lawsuit Not Yet in the Calendar of the Federal District Court in the District of Columbia for May 2015

04/29/2015: OFLC Announces iCERT H-2B Temporary Worker Certification Online Filing Changes

04/28/2015: State Department Changes Country Recriprocity for Kyrgyzstan and Armenia

04/28/2015: USCIS Special Humanitan Relief for People from Yemen

04/28/2015: We Encourage Immigration Support Orgaization to File amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) Briefs in Opposition to H-4 EAD Lawsuit

04/28/2015: Alert - USCIS Will Accept Only 10/23/2014 Version of I-129 Form Effective 05/01/2015, Friday!

04/28/2015: State Department Proposes to Eliminate Application for Additional Visa Pages for U.S. Passport Effective 01/01/2016

04/28/2015: Effective May 29, 2015, F-2 and M-2 Allowed to Take Course of Studies in Less Than Full Course of Study

04/28/2915: DOL Final Rule of Wage Methodology for the Temporary Non-agricultural Employment H-2B Program

04/28/2015: DOL & USCIS Jointly Released Interim Final Rule for H-2B Nonimmigrant Program

04/28/2015: Importance of H-4 EAD Rule Lawsuit for Modernization of Employment-based Immigration System Administratively

04/28/2015: Civil Unrest in Baltimore and the Baltimore ASC in Downtown Baltimore Closed

04/25/2015: Judges of Federal District Court in Washington, D.C. Where Lawsuit Challenging H-4 EAD Rule is Pending

04/25/2015: Would DOS Visa Bulletin Management Reform Encompass Recapture of 250,000 Past Unused Immigrant Visas Within FY-2015 or FY-2016?

04/24/2015: Alert: Group of American High Tech Workers Filed a Lawsuit in Federal District Court in DC to Declare H-4 EAD Rule Invalid and Seek Injunctive Relief

04/24/2015: Good-Bye to Hon. Eric Holder and Welcome to New Hon. Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General

04/24/2015: USCIS Struggling with EAD Processing Backlogs

04/24/2015: Expanded Data Released in the FY 2015 2nd Quarter Data Disclosure of the Office of Foreign Labor Certifications

04/24/2015: Administrative Reform of Employment-Based Immigration System and Ongoing Struggle Between Employers and Foreign Workers

04/24/2015: Mounting Political Pressures on the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Three-Judge Panel on DOJ Request to Lift Preliminary Injunction

04/23/2015: USCIS Schedules to Initiate Credit Card Payment of Filing Fees as Early as September 2015

04/23/2015: Growing Problem of USCIS Delays in EAD Processing

04/22/2015: We Urge U.S. Department of State to Release Plan for Implementation of President's Immigration Actions in the Area of Visa Bulletin Management Modernization

04/21/2015: Approaching Time for H-4 EAD Application and Forthcoming USCIS Clarification for Various Unresolved Questions and Issues

04/20/2015: Movement of EB-2 India Cut-Off Date Predicted "Slow-Down" in August and/or September 2015

04/19/2015: Painful Delays to Learn Results of FY-2016 Non-Premium Processing Individual H-1B Cap Lottery Results

04/18/2015: Obama Immigration Action for Preadjudication of I-485 Applications for I-140 Approved Foreign Workers Needs Rule-Making Unlike Undocumented Immigrant Relief Programs

04/18/2015: Breath-Taking Week for Upcoming Ruling of 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and Fate of Expanded DACA and DAPA Programs

04/17/2015: OFLC Just Released Labor Certification Disclosure Data for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015 (01/01/2015 - 03/31/2015)

04/17/2015: Obama Administration's Immigration Action Programs for Undocumented Immigrants at Crossroad Today at Federal Appeals Court House

04/17/2015: DHS Ombudsman's Office Schedules a Hearing on the Issue of Requirement of Employers' Amended H-1B Petitions for Worksite Changes

04/17/2015: Pursuant to the DOL Decision to Continue Processing of H-2B Temporary LC, USCIS also Decide to Resume Premium Process of H-2B Petition

04/17/2015: Pending Court Decision, Struggling DOL Decides to Continue Accepting and Processing H-2B Nonagricultural Temporary Worker Beyond 04/15/2015

04/17/2015: Reported Change Taking Effect for Certain Foreign Worker Immigration Program Law in Canada

04/16/2015: Official PERM Processing Times as of 04/16/2015

04/15/2015: USCIS Schedules a Teleconference on the Task Force Report on Tuesday, 04/21/2015

04/15/2015: Immigration Actions Obama Administration Immigration Task Force and Missions as Reported on 04/14/2015

04/15/2015: OFLC H-1B LCA Processing Statistics for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015 Ending 03/31/2015

04/15/2015: OFLC Releases PERM Statistics for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015

04/15/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Statistics for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015

04/15/2015: OFLC H-2A Temporary Agricultural Labor Certification Program Statistics for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015

04/15/2015: OFLC H-2B Temporary Nonagricultural Labor Certification Program Statistics for 2nd Quarter of FY 2015

04/15/2015: CBP Proposes Revised Online I-94, I-94W, ESTA Adding Number of Requested Information for Enhanced National Security

04/15/2015: State Department Answers Questions on Determination of a Visa Cutoff Date in Individual Employment-Based Visa Application Context

04/14/2015: ICE Director Testimony Before House Judiciary Committee for Oversight Hearing on Enforcement

04/14/2015: FY-2016 H-1B Cap Premium Processing to Start 04/27/2015

04/14/2015: Frustrating EB-3 Cut Off Date for the Nationals of the Philippines

04/14/2015: Potential Set-Back for Chinese Immigrant Investors' Immigration Road from Open Road to Cut-Off Date Road

04/14/2015: Proposed Change to DOL's H-2A Rules for Foreign Workers in Herding or Production of Livestock on Open Range

04/14/2015: USCIS Completed Random Selections of FY 2016 H-1B Cap Cases - Now What?

04/13/2015: May 2015 Visa Bulletin Released

04/13/2015: USCIS Received Nearly 233,000 H-1B Cap Cases and Computer Selection Process Completed 04/13/2015

04/13/2015: USCIS Processing Times Update 04/13/2015

04/11/2015: Forthcoming Expansion of USCIS ELIS Filing System and Ongoing Change of Immigration Forms Underway

04/10/2015: USCIS Extends Grace Period Extended for Prior Versions of Form G-28 Until 05/15/2015

04/09/2015: DOL Announcement of 04/02/2015 That DOL Begins to Certify 'T' Visas and Expand 'U' Visa Certifications

04/09/2015: USCIS Customer Service Tools Unavailable on 04/11/2015 and 04/12/2015

Check My Case Status
Change of Address Online
Check Processing Times
Civil Surgeon Locator
FOIA Status Check
Office Locator
Forms by Mail

04/09/2015: AAO Ruled that Worksite Change Requiring a New LCA for the New Location or Change in Terms & Conditions of Employment Constitutes a "Material Change" Requiring Filing of H-1B Amendment

04/09/2015: AAO Decision of 04/09/2015 "Doing Business" Definition for EB-1C Petition Includes Services to Both Unaffiliated 3rd Party and Related Company within Multinational Organization

04/09/2015: Today's USCIS Teleconference on Revised L-1B Policy Memorandum Which Takes Effect After 08/31/2015

04/09/2015: All Eyes on 04/17/2015 U.S. Court of Appeals in the 5th Circuit Hearing on Obama Administration's Request to Lift the Preliminary Injunction of Federal District Court Judge in Texas

04/09/2015: OMB Approved "Revised" I-539 Form and Instructions Form on 04/06/2015 and Anticipated Publication of the Revised Forms in the Near Future

04/08/2015: USCIS AAO Seeks amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) Briefs on Beneficiary's Standing (Right) to Appeal Denial of I-140 Petition

04/08/2015: USCIS Appeals (AAO) Processing Times Update 04/01/2015

04/08/2015: Forthcoming Revised Medical Examination Report Form I-693 of 12/09/2014 Version

04/08/2015: FY 2016 H-1B Cap Reached for Both Regular Cap "and" U.S. Master Cap Yesterday

04/07/2015: Federal District Court Judge in Texas Denied Obama Administration's Motion to Lift His Preliminary Injunction Against Expanded DACA & DAPA Programs

04/07/2015: Federal Court Ruled Requirement of Two-Year Religious Work "in Lawful Immigrant Status" Ultra Vires

04/07/2015: USCIS Reminder of Importance of Renewal of DACA Sufficiently Early Before Expiration

04/07/2015: USCIS Has Announced H-1B Cap Reached

04/06/2015: USCIS Delivery Service Error Guidance for FY16 H-1B Cap Filings

04/04/2015: FY-2016 H-1B Cap Rush and Deadline

04/04/2015: State Department Alert for American Visa Posts on New I-407 Form Effective 03/26/2014

04/03/2015: FY-2016 DOL Budget Proposal for Foreign Labor Certification Programs

04/03/2015: Linkedin Connection Request Emails

04/03/2015: Conservative U.S. Senators Demand DHS to Submit ICE Employee Discipline Records for Not Complying with DHS Discretionary and Priority Immigration Law Enforcement Policy

04/02/2015: We Schedule to Resume H-4 EAD Q&A Beginning from Monday, 04/06/2015

04/02/2015: White House Study and Report of February 2015 of the Economic Effects of Administrative Action on Immigration (Obama Immigration Actions)

04/02/2015: USCIS Announces that FY 2015 H-2B Cap Reached

04/02/2015: USCIS Seeks Follow-Up Inputs from Stakeholders to Modernize Employment-based Immigration System as Follows:

04/02/2015: EB-1B Outstanding Researcher Immigrant Program, and H-1B1, E-3, and CW-2 Nonimmigrant Program in the Next Door-Step of Finalization of Rule-Making

04/02/2015: We Urge USCIS to Move Onto the Next Step to Retain Talented Foreign Workers under the Horribly Clogged Employment-Based Immigrant Visa System

04/02/2015: USCIS Teleconference on Citizenship and Integration Grant Program on 04/14/2015, Tuesday

04/02/2015: FY 2015 Citizenship and Integration Grant Program Applications Accepted Effective 04/01/2015

03/31/2015: USCIS Schedules Teleconference on "Updated Policy Memorandum on L-1B Visa Petition Adjudications" Which Was Recently Released and Implemented Effective 08/30/2015

03/30/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Requests Processing Times as of 03/30/2015

03/28/2015: Last Minute Advisory for H-1B Cap Filing Employers

03/28/2015: Wow, Another House Right Wing Group of GOP Assault Against Administrative Reform Policies Supporting "U.S. High Skilled Businesses and Workers"

03/27/2015: ICE Releases Detailed Data & Statistics of Foreign Students as of February 2015: "SEVIS by the Numbers"

03/27/2015: ECFMG 03/27/2015 Report on IMG Performance in the 2015 Match

03/27/2015: OFLC Issues Alert on H-2B Temporary Prevailing Wage Determination and Certification Processing Deadlines

03/27/2015: USCIS Releases H-1B Nonimmigrants Characteristics in FY-2014

03/27/2015: USCIS Releases FY-2014 (Ending 09/30/2014) H-1B Statistics

03/27/2015: Senate Passed FY 2016 Funding Resolution in the Night with Disappointing News for Employers and High-Tech Foreign Workers

03/26/2015: Important Reminder of Revised Forms I-600 and I-600A

03/26/2015: USCIS Notice of Workload Transfer within Service Center Operations

03/26/2015: Statement By Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Regarding The DHS Inspector General’s Report

03/26/2015: Statement by Secretary Jeh C. Johnson about the DHS Inspector General’s Report Concerning Deputy Secretary Mayorkas

03/26/2015: House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on DHS Inspector General's Investigative Report on EB-5 Program

03/26/2015: LCA ETA 9035E Form Expiring on 03/31/2015 and DOL Notice of its Schedule to Submit Extension Request to OMB on 03/31/2015

03/25/2015: Matthew Oh Unavailable for Updating H-4 EAD Q&A Until the End of First Week of April

03/25/2015: USCIS Teleconference on Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee/Parole Program on 03/31/2015

03/24/2015: The U.S. Court of Appeals in the 5th Circuit Schedules Hearing 04/17/2015 on DOJ's Motion to Remove Texas Federal District Court Judge's Preliminary Injunction

03/24/2015: DHS Inspector General Announces 03/24/2015 that the IG Concluded Investigation of Employee Complaints Regarding Management of USCIS’ EB-5 Program

03/24/2015: USCIS Releases Today New Policy Memorandum on L-1B Adjudications Policy That Will Supercede Current and Old INS/USCIS Policy Memorandums on L-1B

03/24/2015: USCIS Hartford, Connecticut Field Office Open Delay on 03/26/2015

03/23/2015: What is the Timeline for DOL PERM Modernization for Obama Immigration Actions?

03/23/2015: State Deparment Visa Bulletin Modernization for Obama Immigration Actions Means What?

03/23/2015: Resurfacing Move to Push for Legislation to Eliminate Per Country Limits to Employment-Based Immigration Visa Annual Quota

03/23/2015: Dent on DOJ's Motion Seeking Stay of Texas Federal District Judge's Preliminary Injunction on Expanded DACA and DAPA Implementation

03/21/2015: Wow, 20 Republicans to Run for President: Unless Their Primary is Scheduled Early On, Too Far Right Republican Party May Have Slim Chance to Win the Presidential Election

03/21/2015: OFLC FAQ on H-2B Program: Temporary Stay of the Court’s Vacatur of 2008 Final Rule, March 2015

03/20/2015: House Judiciary Committee Four Interior Enforcement Bills

03/20/2015: USMLE Announcements on Step 1 and Step 3 Update

03/20/2015: NSC/TSC Family Immigrant Issues Teleconference on 05/11/2015

03/20/2015: State Department Updates the Reciprocity Tables for Following Countries

03/19/2015: Two Hottest Subjects in Today's USCIS Teleconference: I-140 EAD/Portability and National Interest Waiver Program Reform

03/19/2015: Text of ICE Director Written Testimony Before House Committee on "A Review of the Department of Homeland Security’s Policies and Procedures for the Apprehension, Detention, and Release of Non-Citizens Unlawfully Present in the United States (Part II)”

03/19/2015: DOL Resumes H-2B Processing Effective 03/18/2015 Thru 04/15/2015 Under the Court Order

03/19/2015: Potential Impact of Upcoming H-4 EAD Program on H-1B Cap Program and Permanent Resident Program

03/19/2015: Non-Minister Religious Worker Special Immigration Law, Conrad 30 IMG J-1 Waiver Law & EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Investment Immigration Law Sunset on 09/30/2015

03/18/2015: ECFMG Online Services Unavailable 03/21/2015

03/18/2015: USCIS Policy Memorandum on Adjudication of H-1B Petitions for Nursing Occupations

03/18/2015: State Department Prediction of Visa Bulletin Movement Post April 2015

03/18/2015: USCIS L-1B Denial Rate for Indians During FY-2012-FY-2014 Recorded at 56%

03/17/2015: One Day After Suspension, USCIS Today Resumed H-2B Adjudications, Except Premium Processing

03/17/2015: How to Register and Participate in Day After Tomorrow's USCIS Teleconference on Modernization of Business-Focused Immigration System Administratively

03/17/2015: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on "Immigration Reforms Needed to Protect Skilled American Workers"

03/17/2015: USCIS is Reportedly Working to Fix Currnetly Delayed Processing/Adjudication of EAD

03/17/2015: United States and Canada Sign Preclearance Agreement 03/16/2015

03/16/2015: DOL & DHS Working Together to Rectify H-2B Regulatory Gap Lately Created by Suspension of Processing of H-2B

03/15/2015: Master Cap H-1B Filing Employers, Make it Sure that Master Degree School is Eligible U.S. Higher Education Institution

03/14/2015: Stalled Implementation of Expanded DACA and DAPA Program and Time for USCIS to Review Timing of Implementation of I-485 Pre-Registration Initiatives

03/14/2015: Forthcoming Sunset of P.L. 111-230 Law on 09/30/2015 and Changing Dynamics of H-1B Foreign Worker Market

03/13/2015: OMB Just Approved Revised I-612, Waiver of J-1 Foreign Residency Requirement, in a Direction Towards Availability of Online Filing Down the Road

03/13/2015: Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee Had Hearing on Implication of Visa Waiver Program for U.S. National Security

03/13/2015: USCIS Schedules a Teleconference on Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program, Thursday, 03/18/2015

03/13/2015: Justice Department and Blue States Request the Federal Court of Appeal to Remove Federal District Court Judge's Preliminary Injunction

03/13/2015: State Department Policy Cable to Visa Posts to Enforce New Poverty Guidelines in Immigrant Visa Processing Effective 03/01/2015

03/12/2015: OFLC Fixed Labor Certification Registry Glitch and Permanet/Temporary Labor Certification History Now Accessible

03/12/2015: OFLC Alert of Certified LCA Notification by Email Link instead of PDF Attachment

03/12/2015: USCIS Officially Announces H-1B Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Cap Season and Other Details

03/11/2015: April Visa Bulletin Released

03/11/2015: USCIS Releases Guidance for TPS Beneficiaries Filing Late Re-Registration Applications

03/11/2015 USCIS Updates Processing Times Report 03/06/2015

03/11/2015: USCIS Releases New G-28 Form

03/10/2015: Technical Problem Causes OFLC's Inability to Update Historical Records of Certified H-1B LCAs

03/10/2015: Official PERM Processing Times 03/10/2015

03/09/2015: Alleged Grant of Expanded DACA to 100,000 Undocumented Immigrants By Obama Administration and Texas Federal Judge's Decision to Delay his Decision on Attorney General's Request for Stay of Injunction

03/09/2015: USCIS Important Notice of Suspension of Adjudicating All the H-2B Cases Because of the Court Order Suspending DOL H-2B Labor Certifications

03/09/2015: House Passed H.R. 1147 Legal Worceforce Act to Reinforce E-Verify by 20:13

03/09/2015: USCIS Appeals (AAO) Processing Times as of 03/01/2015

03/07/2015: USCIS Online Guide to New Immigrants in 14 Different Languages

03/07/2015: Obama Administration Seeks Speed-Up of the Federal Judge Decision on Stay of Prelimination Injunction in Texas

03/06/2015: USCIS Releases Revised Form G-28

03/05/2015: Exciting News for EBs - USCIS Schedules Teleconference for Employment-based Reform Parts of Obama Immigration Actions 03/19/2015

03/05/2015: Winter Storm Sweeping Southeast and Northeast and Increased Number of Government Offices Closure Today

03/05/2015: USCIS Issued New 2015 Poverty Guidelines Effective 03/01/2015

03/05/2015: Federal Court Decision and OFLC's Immediate Suspension of H-2B Prevailing Wage Determination or Application Effective 03/04/2015

03/05/2015: A Heartbreaking Story of the Day

03/05/2015: USCIS Field Offices Closures Today

03/05/2015: Hot Spring, Arkansas Passport Agency Closed Today

03/04/2015: President Signed "Clean" DHS Funding Bill, H.R. 240 for FY 2015

03/04/2015: USCIS Customer Service Tools Unavailable March 4 and March 5

03/04/2015: Approaching President's Mandates to Stakeholder Federal Departments to Complete Proposals for Modernization/Improvement/Clarification of Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Programs to Grow Our Economy and Create Jobs

03/04/2015: USCIS Alert of Re-Registration Deadline for El Salvador TPS: Monday, March 9, 2015

03/04/2015: Spanish Language Dialogue with USCIS Director León Rodríguez, Friday, 03/06/2015, 1:00 to 2:00 PM (EST)

03/04/2015: State Department Updates Reciprocity Schedules for the Following Countries

03/03/2015: House Passed "Clean" DHS Funding Bill (H.R. 240) as Amended by the Senate by 257 to 167 and Heading for the White House for President's Signatue

03/03/2015: Written testimony of USCIS for a Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest hearing titled “Oversight of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services: Ensuring Agency Priorities Comply with the Law”

03/03/2015: DOL Issues FAQs on CATA v. Perez and Employer-Provided Surveys in the H-2B program

03/03/2015: GAO Report of 02/27/2015 on Information on Migration of Unaccompanied Children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

03/02/2015: House Judiciary Committee Two-Day Hearings on Four Proposed Legislative Bills for Border Security and Immigration Enforcement 03/03/2015 and 03/04/2015

03/02/2015: USCIS Field Offices Closing/Delay Notice for 03/02/2015

02/28/2015: House Republicans Shift Obama Immigration Action Fight Strategy to Immigration Enforcement Legislations?

02/28/2015: Texas Federal Judge Reportedly Denied Justice Department's Motion for Stay of Preliminary Injunction on 02/25/2015

02/28/2015: H-4 EAD Questions and Discussions Started

02/27/2015: No DHS Shutdown for One Week>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

02/27/2015: House Concurrent Resolution to Fund DHS Only for Three Weeks Voted and Failed on the House Floor!

02/27/2015: USCIS to Accept Certified LCA w/Some Ongoing Technical Glitches of the iCERT Portal System

02/27/2015: Senate Passed Clean DHS Funding Bill w/o Obama Immigration Action Program Defunding by 68 Yeah and 31 Nay

02/27/2015: House to Attempt 3-Week DHS Stop-Gap Funding Bill Today to Avoid Shut-down?

02/26/2015: Senate Failed to Pass Clean DHS Funding Bill, but Schedules to Vote IT Tomorrow Morning

02/26/2015: Boy, That Was One of the Best USCIS Public Engagements Today - H-4 EAD

02/26/2015: Short-Term Stop-Gap Funding for DHS to Prevent DHS Shutdown?

02/26/2015: USCIS Offices Closing Notices

02/25/2015: Senate Passed Motion to Cloture to Proceed with DHS Funding Bill by 98:2 on Agreement to Strip Off Obama Immigration Actions Defunding

02/25/2015: Less Than 10 Common Questions by Emails

02/25/2015: USCIS Reportedly Cancelled Lease 02/20/2015 for Special Operation Center in Virginia, the Obama Immigration Actions Processing Center

02/25/2015: USCIS Schedules a Teleconference on H-4 EAD Thursday, 02/26/2015

02/25/2015: H-4 EAD Q&A

02/25/2015: USCIS Field Office Closures Today

02/25/2015: Atlanta and Arkansas Passport Agencies (Hot Springs) Closed Today Due to Inclement Weather

02/24/2015: Full Text of Officially Published H-4 EAD Final Rule

02/24/2015: H-4 EAD Application Revised I-765 Form and Filing Instructions Draft Which are Not Effective Now!

02/24/2015: USCIS Announcement of Implementation of H-4 EAD Effective 05/26/2015

02/24/2015: H-4 Employment Authorization Final Rule Approved by OMB on 02/23/2015

02/24/2015: Question of the Status of New Special Operation Center of USCIS in Outlying Nation's Capital, Facing Limbo with Obama Immigration Action Programs

02/24/2015: USCIS Field Offices Closing Notices 02/24/2015

02/24/2015: Republican Senator Collins Introduced S. 534 "Immigration Rule of Law Act of 2015" on 02/23/2015 in an Apparent New Republican Strategy to Split Legislations between Fight Against Obama Immigration Actions and DHS Funding for FY 2015

02/23/2015: Senate Republicans Voted & Failed Fourth Times to Pass Motion To Cloture for Motion to Proceed H.R. 240 DHS Funding Bill

02/23/2015: U.S. Justice Department Filed Today an Emergency Motion to Stay Preliminary Injunction Ordered by Judge of Texas Federal District Court in Brownsville

02/23/2015: Release of Terrorist Threat in Nation's Major Shopping Centers Adds Pressure to GOP Legislators to Avoid DHS Shutdown

02/23/2015 USCIS Dallas Offices Closing Today

02/22/2015: Another Temporary Stop-Gap DHS Funding Bill Option Looming Up to Prevent the DHS Shut-Down

02/20/2015: 170 House Republicans Write to Senate Democrats to Stop Filibuster to Allow Debate on DHS Funding Bill on the Senate Floor

02/20/2015: USDOJ Schedules to File Appeal of Texas Judge's Injunction Order on Monday, 02/23/2015

02/20/2015: Ongoing Technical Glitches with Online Filing Labor Condition Application for H-1B

02/20/2015: Alert for Forthcoming Revised USCIS Forms of I-864P and I-693

02/20/2015: OFLC Forthcoming Release of Notice on H-2A 2015 Allowable Charges for Agricultural Workers' Meals and Travel Subsistence Reimbursement, Including Lodging

02/20/2015: Memphis, TN USCIS Field Office and Application Support Center Closed Today

02/20/2015: Indianapolis USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) Closed on Feb. 25 Weednesday due to Facility Changes

02/20/2015: Guam USCIS ASC Closed on March 6, 9 and 10, 2015

02/20/2015: CDC Revisions to Visa Medical Examination Validities from Current 1-Year to 6-Month or 3-Months Effective 03/01/2015

02/19/2015: State Department Updates Following Reciprocity Tables

02/19/2015: Remarkable Surge of EB-5 Regional Center Investment Immigration and Potential SEC Investigation of Lawyers Involved in Fee-Charged Trading Without License as a Broker

02/19/2015: GOP Needs Legislative Immigration Reform Plan for 2016 Election and to Keep Offensive Position for DHS Shutdown and Continuing Court Fights

02/19/2015: USCIS Field Offices Closing Notices

02/18/2015: USCIS Revised Form G-28 Not Yet Takes Effect but in Error, Clients Receive Original Documents and Attorneys Receive Just Courtesy Copies

02/18/2015: Questionable Chance for Seeking Emergency Stay of the Texas Judge's Order of Preliminary Injunction Against DAPA and Expanded DACA Implementation

02/17/2015: USCIS/DHS Official Notice: USCIS is Not Accepting Request for Expanded DACA or DAPA at this time, Pending a Final Court Decision"

02/17/2015: Judge's Temporary Injunction Halts Only Implementation of "DAPA" and "Expanded DACA" and No Other Reforms in Obama Immigration Action Programs

02/17/2015: Weather-Related USCIS Field Offices Closing Today

02/17/2015: Federal Court Judge in Texas Issued Temporary Injunction Against Implementation of "DAPA" & "Expanded DACA" on Monday 02/16/2015!

02/16/2015: Looming-Up Threat of Potential Shut-Down of DHS at the End of February 2015

02/15/2015: We Extend Our Gratitude to OMB and USCIS Leadership for Prompt Rule-Making Process for the Important Inititative to Retain Foreign Talents in the Country

02/14/2015: USCIS Revision of I-907 Premium Processing Request Form Adding Attorney Attestation Requirement Similar to Revised G-28 Which Takes Effect in May 2015

02/14/2015: H-4 EAD (I-765) Application Filing Instructions Under the Revised I-765 for Certain Qualified H-4 Nonimmigrant Spouses

02/14/2015: OMB Approved Yesterday the Revised I-765 EAD Application Form Adding H-4 EAD Applicants

02/14/2015: DOL Issued "ALERT" on LCA Delete Modes and Other Changes

02/13/2015: USCIS Schedules Conference on EB-5 RFE on Lawful Source of Funds for Investment

02/13/2015: Next Monday, 02/16/2015, Federal Holiday

02/13/2015: Oppenheim Reportedly Confirmed Continuing Movement of EB-2 Cut-Off Date for India Ahead, Albeit Limited

02/13/2015: House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Sent Letter to DHS Secretary on the Occation of Launch of Expanded DACA Program Coming Wednesday

02/13/2015: Revised I-821D Form Instruction Form For Preview Only and Not Effective Until 02/18/2015

02/13/2015: Proposed Revision to EAD Application Form for H-4 in OMB with Request to Clear on "Emergency" Basis

02/13/2015: USCIS Statistics of All Types of Petitions/Applications Processing in First Quarter of FY-2015

02/13/2015: GOP Fight Against Obama Immigration Actions Faces Continuing Struggle in Congress and in Courts

02/12/2015: H-4 Spouse EAD Final Rule Making Process Update

02/12/2015: Senate Republicans Are Pressured to Change the Senate Floor Rule That Would Allow Breaking Filibuster Invoking "Nuclear" Option

02/12/2015: N-400 Naturalization Statistics During 1st Quarter FY 2015 by Field Offices and by Decisions

02/12/2015: I-130 Family Petition Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 by Field Offices and by Decisions

02/12/2015: DACA I-821D Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and Earlier Years by Decisions, by States, and by Nationalities

02/12/2015: All Types of I-485 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 by Field Offices and by Decisions

02/12/2015: I-140 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and FY 2014 by Decisions

   Received  Approved  Denied  Pending at End of QTR
FY 2015 1st QTR 23,188 20,382 1,813 36,177
FY 2014 4th QTR 24,959 20,482 2,041 30,430
FY 2014 3rd QTR 24,254 20,490 1,924 27,175
FY 2014 2nd QTR 17,879 10,930 1,593 24,595
FY 2014 1st QTR 14,566 10,393 1,759 15,166

(Foregoing statistics reflect that since 3rd Quarter of FY 2014, I-140 approval numbers remained steady, while pending numbers have steadily increased. It also reflects that since the first Quarter (10/01/2013-12/31/2013) of FY 2014, the I-140 receipt numbers have steadily increased.)

02/12/2015: NSC and TSC EB-485 Statistics During 1st Quarter 2015 (10/01/2014 - 12/31/2014)

   Received  Approved  Denied  Pending on 12/31/2014
NSC 11,102 8,569 646 50,958
TSC 14,419 11,335 679 64,939

02/12/2015: Investment Immigrant Conditional Removal Petition I-829 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and Earlier Years by Decisions

02/12/2015: Investment Immigrant Petition I-526 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and Earlier Years by Decisions

02/12/2015: U Nonimmigrant Visa I-918 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and Earlier Years by Decisions

02/12/2015: T Nonimmigrant Visa I-914 Statistics During 1st Quarter FY-2015 and Earlier Years by Decisions

02/12/2015: H-2A Agricultural Temporary Worker Nonimmigrant Petition Statistics During 1st Quarter FY 2015 by Field Offices and Decisions

02/12/2015: USCIS Online Service Tools Unavailable on 02/14/2015, Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm !

02/12/2015: No Red Rose Bouque of Valentine Between Republican Majority House and Republican Majority Senate Leaders on DHS 2015 Funding Bill

02/11/2015: DACA I-821D Application "New Instruction Form" Taking Effect on 02/18/2015

02/11/2015: Two Different DACA FAQs "Before" and "After" 02/18/2015

02/11/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times 02/11/2015

02/10/2015: All Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) Program Appointments to be Rescheduled by (NVC) after February 1, 2015

02/10/2015: USCIS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Released its Appeals Processing Times as of 02/01/2015

02/10/2015: USCIS Next Step of Employment-Based Immigration Reform in the Form of Administrative Fix Rather Than Legislation

02/10/2015: USCIS Field Office Closing Today

02/10/2015: EB-485 Inventory Data by Priority Date as of 01/12/2015

02/09/2015: March 2015 Visa Bulletin Released

02/09/2015: Today's USCIS Field Office Closing Due to Inclement Weather

02/09/2015: House Judiciary Committee Scheduled for Hearing on Interior Immigration Enforcement Legislation 02/12/2015, Thursday

The House Judiciary Committee will have a hearing on the following legilative bills:

02/07/2015: FY 2015 First Quarter PERM Disclosure Data

02/07/2015: Mounting Anxiety Over Potential Preliminary Injunction Rule by Judge in Pending Lawsuit Against Obama Immigration Actions

02/07/2015: USCIS Customer Services Unavailable Tomorrow Night 02/08/2015

02/06/2015: OFLC Updates PERM Processing Times as of 02/06/2015

02/06/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 02/06/2015

02/06/2015: FY-2016 H-1B Cap Season and Time for Employers and Students to Review ICE OPT Guidance

02/05/2015: USCIS Finally Submitted Today H-4 EAD Final Rule for OMB Approval: A Final Step for Implementation of Legally Binding Rule

02/05/2015: Senate Failed Again Motion to Cloture to Proceed with H.R. 240 Today!

02/05/2015: Senate Repeatedly Failed to Break Democrats Filibuster for H.R. 240 DHS Appropriations Act of 2015

02/03/2015: Senate Republicans Failed First Attempt to Break Democrats' Filibuster Against DHS Appropriation Bill for FY 2015

02/03/2015: February 2015 - Month of Potential Political Collision Between the Republicans and President Obama

02/03/2015: Interesting Congressional Request to USCIS for H-1B Program Details

02/02/2015: DOL Annual Performance Report of FY-2013 for Foreign Labor Certifications

02/02/2015: H-2B Cap Reached for the First Half of Fiscal Year 2015

02/02/2015: Weather Related USCIS Field Offices Closure Today

02/02/2015: Weather Related Passport Agencies Closure Today

01/30/2015: USCIS to Begin Accepting Expanded DACA Applications From 02/18/2015

01/30/2015: I-751 Filing Location Changes to Certain Applicants

01/30/2015: Bi-Partisan Bill in the House to Make EB-5 Regional Pilot Investment Program "Permanent"

01/30/2015: State Deparment Updated Police Records Section of Reciprocity Schedule for Ukraine on 01/29/2015

01/29/2015: Quickly Approaching FY-2016 H-1B Cap Season and Reminders for Employers

01/29/2015: Row of Red-State Immigration Restrictive Legislative Bills Referred to the House Judiciary 01/28/2015 Before They Leave January

01/28/2015: House Judiciary Committee Hearing on 02/03/2015 on Immigration Enforcement, Followed by Another Hearing on H.R. --, Legal Workforce Act. on 02/04/2015

01/28/2015: USCIS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Introduces First Practice Manual Today

01/28/2015: Senate DHS Oversight Committees Joint Letters to USCIS Demanding Monthly Finance for DACA and DAPA Programs

01/28/2015: OFLC Releases Additional Guidance on H-2B Temporary Employment Certifications Using Employer-Provided Surveys

01/28/2015: State Department Updated Today Honduras Reciprocity Schedule

01/28/2015: Weather-Related Passport Agency Closure Update

01/28/2015: GOP Battling with Legislative Options to Tackle Obama Immigration Actions in February Without Government Shutdown

01/27/2015: USCIS Alerts That Effective Today, 01/27/2015, USCIS Notices of Decisions and Documents Evidencing Lawful Status Are Served in Following Manners

01/27/2015: State Department Passport Agencies Closed Today in the NorthEast

01/26/2015: President's Task Force on New Americans & USCIS Host Listening Sessions on Three Different Days on Federal Strategies to Strengthen Civic Integration of New American

01/26/2015: Other Field Offices Closure in the East Coast for USCIS due to the Winter Storm

01/26/2015: USCIS New York Asylum Office and New Jersey Newark Asylum Office Closing Notice

01/26/2015: January to Pass Quickly and Quietly Until February When Washington Should Embrace Two Big Thunderstorms and Challenges

01/24/2015: President Obama Visiting India Will Face Earful of Pressure to Expand H-1B Visa Numbers as an Administrative Fix

01/24/2015: Pittsburgh Field Office of USCIS Will Not Reopen at New Location Until 01/28/2015, Wednesday

01/23/2015: Early Closure Today for El Paso USCIS Offices for Inclement Weather

01/23/2015: Yesterday's Two Teleconferences in the USCIS and the DOL/ETA Seeking Inputs for Obama Administration of Direction of Administrative Fixes of Broken Immigration System

01/23/2015: Immigration Legislation Faces Challenging Years Ahead for the Next Two Years in the U.S. Senate

01/22/2015: USCIS Field Office in Pittsburgh, PA Closed Friday, 01/23/2015 Thru Monday, 01/26/2015

01/22/2015: USCIS Field Office in Albuquerque, NM Open Late at 10:00 am (MST) Due to Inclement Weather

01/21/2015: USCIS Teleconference Invitation DAPA on 01/26/2015, Monday, 2:00 - 3:30 pm (EST)

01/21/2015: Rising Number of PERM Applications in FY 2015

01/21/2015: Rising Number of Prevailing Wage Determination Requests in FY 2015

01/21/2015: OFLC FY-2015 First Quarter Disclosure Data for Various Labor Certification Applications with "How to Search, Filter and Sort Disclosure Data" Guide

01/21/2015: OFLC FY-2015 First Quarter H-1B LCA Applications Details by Occupations and Total Numbers

01/21/2015: OFLC FY-2015 First Quarter H-2A Agricultural Temporary Worker Labor Certifications

01/21/2015: OFLC FY-2015 First Quarter H-2B Non-Agricultural Temporary Worker Labor Certifications

01/21/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times Report 01/20/2015

01/21/2015: HHS 2015 Poverty Guidelines

01/20/2015: USCIS Reminder for DACA Applicants

01/20/2015: OFLC PERM Processing Times as of 01/07/2015

01/20/2015: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 01/07/2015

01/19/2015: Seldom-Used Congressional Review Act (CRA) Likely Used by GOP to Block the Aministration's Rule-Making Activities

01/17/2015: Reminder of Two Important Teleconferences on Next Thursday, 01/22/2015

01/16/2015: Federal Holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, Monday, 01/19/2015, Followed by President's State of Union Speech in Congress, Tuesday, 01/20/2015

01/16/2015: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Makes Search of FAQs in the FAQ Site Easier by New Feature of "Search FAQs"

01/16/2015: Oh Law Firm System Outage

01/15/2015: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage Alert - During the Day, Saturday, 01/17/2015

01/15/2015: USCIS Considers "Known Employer Program" in the Northern Border in Late 2015

01/15/2015: Full Text of H.R. 213, "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2015," Sponsored by Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah

01/15/2015: USCIS District 3 - New York Queens Field Office Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

01/14/2015: House Passed DHS Appropriations of 2015 with All Five (5) Amendments Defunding Obama Immigration Actions Including Current DACA Program

01/14/2015: FY-2015 DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Annual Performance Plan

01/14/2015: Full Text of S. 153

01/14/2015: Summary of S. 153, Immigration Innovation ("I-Squared") Act of 2015, Bi-Partisan Bill Sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch

01/13/2015: Visa Reciprocity Schedule Updated Today for Fiji Processing Street Address

01/13/2015: Sen. Orrin Hatch Reintroduces in the Senate Today Bi-Partisan Immigration Innovation Act Which was Introduced and Failed in the 113th Congress

01/13/2015: Five Anti-Obama Immigration Actions Defund Amendments to H.R. 240 DHS 2015 Appropriation Bill as Registered Order

01/13/2015: EB-2 India Cut-Off Date May Only Move Upto Summer 2009 by the End of FY-2015 (September 2015)?

01/13/2015: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 01/12/2015

01/13/2015: Broiling Political/Legislative Confrontation Between the Congress and the President

01/12/2015: USCIS Offices in Washington, D.C. Area Open 2-Hour Late Today Due to Inclement Weather

01/12/2015: USCIS Offices Closing - Queens, New York

01/10/2015: FY 2015 DHS Appropriation Bill, H.R. 420, Introduced in the House 01/09/2015

01/09/2015: USCIS/AAO Appeals Processing Time Update as of January 1, 2015

01/09/2015: Thanks to the AILA Efforts, the USCIS Decided to Delay Requirement of Using 10/24/2014 Version of I-129 Form

01/09/2015: State Department Prediction of Visa Cut-Off Dates in Coming Months

01/09/2015: February 2015 Visa Bulletin Released

01/09/2015: Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah Quietly Reintroduced Former H.R. 3012 in New H.R. 213 Yesterday

01/09/2015: CBP Intends to Add 7 More Airports to Existing 32 Global Entry Available Airports in About Six Months

01/09/2015: Effective 01/12/2015, Citizens of Panama Eligible for Global Entry Applications

01/09/2015: Dear Honorable Mr. Speaker of the House, Please Keep Your Promise of Immigration Reform Legislations in "Republican" Congress

01/09/2015: Employers, DOL/ETA is Scheduling Listening Session by Conference Call on PERM Program on January 22 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. EST

01/09/2015: USCIS Queens Field Office and Jackson Avenue ASC in New York Closed Until 01/20/2015 Due to a Facility Issue

01/09/2015: Australia Reciprocity Schedule Update of 01/08/2015 in Updated Police Certificates

01/08/2015: USCIS Flier of 01/08/2015 on Immigration Actions in Four Different Languages

01/08/2015: Teleconference Invitation Dialogue with USCIS Director León Rodríguez, Thursday, Jan. 22 from 2-3 p.m. (Eastern)

01/07/2015: National Visa Center (NVC) - AILA Liaison Meeting of 11/04/2014: Questions & Answers

01/07/2015: USCIS Revises Template of RFE for I-140 E13 Multinational Executives and Managers Petitions and Seeks Comments

01/07/2015: El Salvador TPS Extension Rule Released

01/05/2015: State Department Updates "Document" Section of Reciprocity Schedule for India

01/05/2015: DHS Releases the Detailed Procedures and Requirements for Syrian TPS Extension

01/05/2015: Syrian TPS Extension Published in Today's Federal Register

01/05/2015: Syrian F-1 Student EAD Rule Published in Today's Federal Register

01/03/2015: California Started Issuing Driver Licenses Effective 01/02/2015 Regardless of Legal Status of Immigrants

01/02/2015: OMB Clears Extension of the Designation of El Salvador for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

01/02/2015: OMB Clears Extension of Employment Authorization for Syrian F-1 Nonimmigrant Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria Since March 2011

01/02/2015: OMB Clears Extension and Redesignation of the Syrian Arab Republic for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

01/01/2015: Opening of New Year with a High Hope for Legislative Immigration Reforms in the Leap Year

Good Bye 2 0 1 4

12/31/2014: USCIS Intends to Extend Designation of El Salvador for Temporary Protected Status

12/30/2014: Recommendations Due Back to the President on 03/22/2015 by Stakeholder Agencies on Modernizing and Streamlining "Legal" Immigration Systems "Administratively"

12/30/2014: Hong Kong SAR Visa Recriprocity Schedule Updated on 12/30/2014

12/30/2014: Ethiopia Visa Reciprocity Schedule Updated on 12/30/2014

12/30/2014: Afghanistan Visa Reciprocity Schedule Updated for B, F, M, J Visas Validity

12/30/2014: State Department 2015 Schedule of Changed Fees for Consular & Visa Services Effective 01/01/2015

12/30/2014: OFLC Initiate Extension and Revision of ETA 9035 Form for Three More Years

12/30/2014: USCIS Schedules a Listening Session for DACA Expansion, 01/13/2015 Tuesday, 02:00-03:30 p.m. (Eastern)

12/29/2014: DHS/DOS Request for Information on Modernizing & Streamlining U.S.Immigrant & Nonimmigrant visa System

12/29/2014: DHS Published Final Rule on Minimum Standards for Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards Acceptable by Federal Agencies for Official Purposes

12/26/2014: Employment-Based Immigration Reform Already in the Rule-Making Process Which are Included in the Obama Immigration Actions

12/26/2014: Federal Departments and Agencies Closed Today per President's Special Executive Order Making 12/26/2014 Special Holiday for Year 2014 Only

12/26/2014: USCIS New Special Operation Center for Immigration Actions DACA/DAPA Processing in Arlington, VA Getting Ready for Operation

12/24/2014: State Department Updates on 12/23/2014 Reciprocity for Japan on Police Record Information

12/24/2014: Sunset of the 113th Congress (2013-2014) and Dawning of New Republican Controlled 114th Congress (2015-2016) with New Legislative and Executive Agenda

12/24/2014: One of New Year To-Do-List for Employers: Change Passwords for iCert Portal (LCA) and PERM Portal Every 90 Days

12/23/2014: OFLC Follow-Up Guidance for "No Employer-Provided Prevailing Wage Survey Acceptable" in Effect Since 12/08/2014 for H-2B Proceeding

12/23/2014: House Speaker Under Growing Political Pressure Within the GOP to Initiate Piecemeal Immigration Reform Legislations in 2015

12/23/2014: Important USCIS Reminder of Disposal of SAVE Record of 10 Years or Older Effective 01/01/2015

12/23/2014: USCIS Updates Processing Times Report 12/23/2014 (See Our Home Page)

12/22/2014: Time to Say "Thank You" to Hard Working Officials of Immigration Stakeholder Agencies

12/22/2014: DHS Published in Federal Register of 12/22/2014 Semiannual Regulatory Agenda

12/19/2014: Passport Agencies Closed 12/26/2014

12/18/2014: Revised Reciprocity Schedule for Armenia

12/18/2014: Revised Reciprocity Schedule for Brazil

12/18/2014: DOL 2015 Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) for H-2A Proceedings

12/17/2014: USCIS Teleconference on DACA Renewal Process, Tomorrow, 12/18/2014

12/17/2014: Effective 12/18/2014, New Reciprocity Schedule and Fees Apply for Albania

12/17/2014: USCIS Notice of Changes to Application Procedures for the CFRP (Cuban Family Reunification Parole) Program

12/17/2014: USCIS Notice of Implementation of HFRP (Haitian Family Reunification Parole) Program

12/17/2014: Senate Finished the Job Yesterday and the Congress Gone Until January 2015

12/17/2014: State Department to Release Immigrant Visa Movement Predictions in the February 2015 Visa Bulletin

12/17/2014: Any Impact of Immigration Executive Actions on Priority Date Movements Ahead?

12/16/2014: First Federal Court Ruling Obama Immigration Actions Unconstitutional, but Without Direct Impact on Implementation for Now

12/16/2014: Senate Confirmed Nomination of Sarah Saldana as the New Head of ICE

12/16/2014: USCIS Published List of 68 H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries Effective 01/18/2015

12/16/2014: SKILLS Visa Act Back on Spotlight By Being Placed on the House Union Calendar Yesterday

12/16/2014: New ICE Head Nominee Sarah Saldana Confirmation Scheduled Today in the Senate

12/13/2014: Another Surprise at the Senate - Passed Omnibus Spending Bill Before Midnight Today!

12/13/2014: Wow, What Do You! House Passed Another Joint Resolution on Friday Extension Continuing Resolution Thru 12/17/2014 and Senate Passed This to Prevent Government Shut Down Today!!

12/13/2014: Senate Failed to Vote on House Omnibus Appropriation Bill Yesterday and May Stay in the Hill to Finish up the Bill Next Week

12/12/2014: Interesting Federal Funding Bill Last Night

12/11/2014: Board of Immigration Appeals Ruled Certain Criminal Illegal Entry Breaks 10-Year Continuous Physical Presence for Cancellation of Removal

12/11/2014: USCIS Announces U Visa Cap Reached

12/11/2014: Yesterday, Democratic Senate Full Judiciary Committee Held a Hearing on S. 744, Yes, You Read it Right, S. 744 (CIR)

12/11/2014: Here Comes a Bride, Dah Dah Dah! Oh, Excuse Me, It Meant Here Comes 12/11/2014 When Federal Government Budget Runs Out!

12/10/2014: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte Wants to Pass Piecemeal Immigration Bills Early Next Year

12/10/2014: DOL Prevailing Wage Determination for H-2B Alert - No Employer Provided Wage Surveys Acceptable

12/10/2014: How Safe or Vulnerable the Beneficies of Deferred Actions Beyond December 2016?

12/10/2014: Thank God, No Government Shut-Down From Friday, 12/12/2014

12/10/2014: Vermont Passport Agency Closed Today, Wednesday, 12/10/2014, Due to Inclement Weather

12/10/2014: DHS/OIG Ongoing Inspection/Audit of Agencies' Use of Biometric Information to Detect and Respond to Naturalization Fraud

12/09/2014: Immigrant Visa Inventory for FB-Based and EB-Based Categories by Countries and Preferences at the National Visa Center as of November 1, 2014

12/09/2014: January 2015 Visa Buletin

12/09/2014: State Department Reciprocity Update for Israel

12/08/2014: CRS Report on Obama Administration's Announced Immigration Initiative: A Primer - Legal Sidebar

12/08/2014: CRS Questions and Answers on Obama Administration’s November 2014 Immigration Initiatives

12/08/2014: Opening of a Critical Week for Congress to Act on Federal Government Budget on Immigration

12/08/2014: USCIS Manila Field Office Closed Today for Inclement Weather

12/07/2014: Starting Point for Immigration Reforms in 2015

12/06/2014: Full Text of Executive Order for Federal Executive Employees Holiday 12/26/2014

12/06/2014: Executive Order Giving Federal Executive Employees Extra Holiday on 12/26/2014

12/05/2014: USCIS Processing Times Reports Update 12/05/2014

12/05/2014: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage for Seven Hours After Midnight This Sunday, 12/07/2014

12/05/2014: USCIS Started Recruiting About 1,000 People to Implement the Obama's Immigration Actions

12/05/2014: There We Go! Republicans Reportedly Prepare 2015 Piece-Meal Immigration Legislations for Early 2015

12/04/2014: USCIS Appeals (AAO) Processing Times as of 12/01/2014

12/04/2014: What's Cooking in the Hill? "Legislative" Immigration Reforms Creeping Out of the Shadow

12/04/2014: House Floor to Take Up and Vote Today for H.R. 5759 Executive Amnesty Prevention Act of 2014

12/03/2014: Lawsuit Filed Today Against Obama Immigration Actions by 14 Red States & 4 GOP Governors (18 Plaintiffs) in Federal District Court in Texas

12/03/2014: USCIS Alert for EB-5 Regional Centers - Form I-924A Must be Filed by December 29, 2014

12/02/2014: OFLC Official Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 12/02/2014

12/02/2014: USCIS Releases Updated I-129 Form (10/23/2014 Version)

12/02/2014: House to Introduce and Pass Two-Track Federal Funding Plans Which the Senate Would also Accept and Pass to Avoid Government Shut-Down

12/02/2014: OFLC Official PERM Processing Times as of 12/02/2014

12/02/2014: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Being Grilled at the Republican House Homeland Security Committee 12/02/2014 09:00 AM (EST)

12/02/2014: State Department Updated Reciprocity for the Following Two Countries:

12/01/2014: List and Text of Testimony of Witnesses at House Judiciary Committee Hearing Tomorrow on President Obama's Executive Overreach on Immigration

For the News Before 12/01/2014, Please Click Here.