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01/11/2020: For Employment Immigration, the Hottest News Starts with FY-2021 H-1B Cap Season with New "Registration" Filing Requirement 03/01/2020-03/20/2020 Before Filing H-1B Petition


Welcome 2020

Adieu/Sayonara 2019

12/08/2019: USCIS Announces FY-2021 H-1B Cap Electronic Registration Process

11/29/2019: Fall 2019 Rule-Making Agenda

11/14/2019: November and December Visa Bulletin

11/14/2019: Mr. Chad Wolf Officially Performs as Acting DHS Secretary Effective Today

10/30/2019: ALERT! Immigrant Visa Applicants! State Department Seeks Emergency OMB Approval of Immigrant Visa Rule for Health Insurance Coverage Requirement Before November 1, 2019

10/30/2019: I-907 Premium Processing Fee to Go Up to $1,440 Effective 30 Days from Today

10/28/2019: Reportedly USCIS Growingly Denied H-1B Petitions Over the Years - Even Denial of 35% for Initial Petitions in 2nd Quarter of 2019!

10/17/2019: S. 386/H.R. 1044 Practically Dead Today

10/17/2019: November Visa Bulletin Released

10/10/2019: U.S. Senate Scheduled to Return to Full Legislative Sessions Beginning From 10/15/2019

10/10/2019: Alert for Visa Applicants - Effective 10/15/2019, the State Department to Implement Their Own Interim Final Rule on Public Charge Inadmissibility for Visa Processing

10/10/2019: USCIS Alert for I-129, I-539, I-485, I-864, I-864EZ, and I-944 Form Filers

10/05/2019: Presidential Declaration of No IR Immigrant Entry to US Without Health Insurance or Medical Care Expenses Effective 11/03/2019

10/05/2019: Implementation of Inadmissibility on Public Charge Rule

10/05/2019: H-4 EAD Repeal Litigation and Confusing USCIS Rule-Making Agenda of Pending H-4 EAD Repeal Proposed Rule

10/05/2019: Sen. Mike Lee Hold Unanimous Consent H.R. 1044/S.386 Legislative Bill Until After the Recess of the Congress

09/26/2019: Senate Likely to Pass Today Compromised H.R. 1044/S. 386 on Unanimous Consent

09/26/2019: Alert for Labor Condition Application Users

09/26/2019: Alert for Upcoming I-129 and I-539 Form Changes Effective 10/15/2019

09/26/2019: H-4 EAD Repeal Rule Litigation

09/21/2019: Sen. Mike Lee Reportedly Promises to Pass S.386 by 09/27/2019

09/18/2019: Senator Mike Lee Reportedly Scheduled to Push on the Senate Floor "Unanimous Consent" to Pass H.R. 1044 as Amended by S. 386


09/18/2019 October 2019 Visa Bulletin Released

09/16/2019: Effective 12:00 P.M of October 1, 2019, H-1B LCA Can Be Filed Only on DOL FLAG System!

09/09/2019: Still Pending Proposed H-4 EAD Rule Making Process and Potential Movement in the Court Litigation on H-4 EAD Removal

09/09/2019: Congress Has Returned to Active Legislative Sessions This Week

09/09/2019: Stay Tuned for October 2019 Visa Bulletin

09/05/2019: OFLC to End H-1B LCA Filing on iCERT System 11:59 am of 10/01/2019

08/29/2019: Draft of Revised I-539 and I-539A Forms Adding Questions of Public Charges Relating to Inadmissibility of Extension or Change of Non-Immigrant Status

08/29/2019: Draft of Revised I-129 Form Adding Questions on Public Charges Relating to Inadmissibility of Extension or Change of Non-Immigrant Status

08/29/2019: USCIS Releases on 08/28/2029 Policy Guidance on "Residence" Requirements for Acquiring Citizenship

08/29/2019: Inspector General of the Department of State Publishes in August 2019 a 38-Page Detailed Information on Operation of "Kentucky Consular Center" within the United States

08/29/2019: OFLC Announces H-2A Temporary Labor Certification Application Electronic Filing in the H-2A FLAG System

08/27/2019: Watch for "Potential" Action by the USCIS on H-4 EAD Removal Proposed Rule in September

08/27/2019: USCIS Proposed Rule to Remove 30-day Processing Requirement for Asylum Applicants' EAD Applications Cleared by the OMB

08/26/2019: EOIR Rule Changes Chairman of the BIA As Chief Appellate Immigration Judge and Members of the BIA as Appellate Immigration Judges

08/20/2019: September 2019 Visa Bulletin and Timing of Approval of "EB-3" Pending I-485

08/20/2019: Challenges for Employers in FY 2021 H-1B Cap Season

08/17/2019: U.S. and Canada Signed on 08/16/2019 an Agreement to "Expand Preclearance" Between Two Countries

08/16/2019: DOJ/EOIR in the Process of Revising Immigration Court Rules in the Form of Proposed Rule of "Inadmissibility & Deportability on Public Charge Grounds"

08/15/2019: USCIS Returns Unselected FY 2020 H-1B Cap Petitions

08/15/2019: USCIS Intends to Propose to Revise Form I-90 for Applying for Replacement of Greencard

08/15/2019: USCIS Updated Guidance for Adjudication of Cuban Adjustment Act Cases on 08/13/2019

08/15/2019: USCIS Released New Editions of I-485 Form and its Supplement A and Supplement J Forms

08/15/2019: September Visa Bulletin Released with Disappointments

08/14/2019: Final Rule of Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds Officially Published in the Federal Register Today as Scheduled

08/12/2019: USCIS Announcement with a Rough Summary of Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds Final Rule

08/12/2019: Final Rule of "Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds" Scheduled to be Published in the Federal Register on 08/14/2019

08/10/2019: Alert for H-1B Extension or Amendment Petition Filing Employers in States Other Than West Coast

08/09/2019: USCIS Announces Today that Other Than Listed Seven (7) International Field Offices, All other International Field Offices and District Offices Will be Gradually Closed

08/09/2019: USCIS Scheduled to Close its International Field Offices in "Seoul, South Korea" and "Monterrey, Mexico" by the End of September, 2019!

08/06/2019: Stay Tuned for September 2019 Visa Bulletin

08/06/2019: USCIS FY 2019 Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program Teleconference at 1:00-2:00 PM (EST) TODAY!

08/02/2019: USCIS to End Two Categorical Parole Programs: Haitian Family Reunification Parole & Filippino World War II Veterans Parole Programs

08/01/2019: DHS Announcement Today of Syria TPS Extension for 18 Months Thru 03/21/2021

08/01/2019: Senator Tom Cotton Interview on Status & Prospect for Republican Employment-Based Immigration Reform

08/01/2019: USCIS H-1B Case Transfers for Workload Balance and Requirement for Petitioners to Submit Premium Processing Requests to the New Service Centers

07/30/2019: USCIS Announces FY-2019 Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Opportunity w/Applications Closing Date at 08/13/2019

07/30/2019: USCIS Releases Three New Edition Date Forms w/Mandatory Date of 09/23/2019

07/26/2019: Asylum and Internal Relocation Guidance for USCIS

07/26/2019: USCIS Field Office in Moscow, Russia Permanently Closed on 03/29/2019

07/26/2019: USCIS Alert for H-2B Petition Filers with FLAG Approved Temporary Labor Applications

07/23/2019: USCIS Official Announcement of EB-5 Modernization Final Rule

07/23/2019: EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program "Modernization Final Rule" w/Effective Date of 11/21/2019

07/22/2019: BEWARE: H-1B Petitions Transfers Among Service Centers on 07/11/2019 and 07/17/2019

07/22/2019: DHS Notice of Expansion of "Expedited Removal" Policy to Undocumented Aliens Entered at "Land"

07/22/2019: Alert, Natualization Applicants

07/17/2019: USCIS RFE Statistics at the End of June 30, 2019 and Trend of RFEs from FY-2015 to FY 2019 (Including 3rd Quarter Ending 06/30/2019)

07/16/2019: August 2019 485 Filing Charts of the USCIS

07/16/2019: OFLC Reminder of "Changes to OES Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Data" in the New OES/SOC Data Effective July 1, 2019

07/16/2019: More Patience is Required for the EB Per Country Limit Removal Legislation

07/16/2019: Keep Patience for Release of August 2019 I-485 Charts by the USCIS

07/16/2019: Presidential Executive Order 13880 on Collection of Citizenship Data, Not Thru Census, But Thru Federal Agencies Data and Records

07/15/2019: FY-2020 Rejected H-1B Cap Petitions in the Mail

07/15/2019: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage Today Affecting Updates of Their Services

07/15/2019: DOJ & DHS Announces a New 3rd Country Asylum Rule "Adding a New Bar for Entry Accross Southern Boarder"

07/14/2019: S.2091 BELIEVE Act Bill Introduced 07/11/2019 in the Senate to Achieve S. 386 and H.R. 1044 "AND" Increase EB Annual Cap from 140,000 to 270,000!

07/13/2019: S. 386 Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act Bill Update

07/11/2019: S. 386 Senate Version of House H.R. 1044 Bill Currently Faces Some Challenges by Senator Chuck Grassley Amendments

07/11/2019: August 2019 Visa Bulletin Released.

07/10/2019: House Passed H.R. 1044!!

07/10/2019: H.R. 1044 Voting Motion Suspended After Debate on the House Floor Early This Afternoon

07/10/2019: H.R. 1044 on Today's House Floor Agenda!!

07/05/2019: House Scheduled to Vote on the Floor H.R. 1044 Bill Next Week (Thursday or Friday)!

06/26/2019: H-1B Enforcement Issues Teleconference by DHS Ombudsman 07/02/2019 2:00-3:00 PM (EST)

06/25/2019: USCIS Should Update the Pending Employment-Based I-485 Inventory Data As Soon As Possible

06/25/2019: Frozen H.R. 1044 Bill and Rep. Zoe Lofgran Motion of 06/18/2019 to Place on Consensus Calendar

06/12/2019: Photo and Bio of New Acting USCIS Director

06/12/2019: Nationals of New Zealand Now Eligible for E-1 (Treaty-Trader) and E-2 (Treaty Investor) Nonimmigrant Visas

06/10/2019: Surprise, Surprise. We Have Another New Acting Director for USCIS, Effective 06/10/2019

06/10/2019: House Passed H.R. 6, "American Dream and Promise Act of 2019" on 06/05/2019

06/07/2019: State Department Announces on 06/04/2019 Collection of "Social Media Identifiers" from Immigrant & Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants Effective 05/31/2019

06/07/2019: USCIS FY 2019 H-2B Cap Reached Including Additional 30,000 Numbers for Returning Workers

06/07/2019: USCIS Resumes Premium Processing Services for All the FY 2020 H-1B Cap Cases

06/07/2019: New Photo of Acting USCIS Director

06/07/2019: Ongoing ETA Reform of Temporary Labor Certification Application System Replacing iCERT System by FLAG System

06/07/2019: Stay Tuned for July 2019 Visa Bulletin

06/05/2019: USCIS Updates Trends of Initial Approval/Denials, Rates of RFEs, Approval Rates After RFEs for H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, O-1, R-1, TN EB-Nonimmigrant Petitions

06/05/2019: USCIS Updates I-129 Rejection Criteria on 06/04/2019

06/05/2019: Stay Tuned for July 2019 Visa Bulletin

06/05/2019: House Passed Yesterday H.R. 6 "American Dream and Promise Act of 2019" Bill

06/05/2019: Acting USCIS Director, Mark Koumans, Effective 06/01/2019

05/27/2019: OFLC Also Releases Employer Filing Issues and Best Practices for Labor Certification Application Programs

05/27/2019: DOL Plans to Implement Modernized FLAG (Foreign Labor Application Gateway) System for Permanent and Temporary Foreign Labor Certification Applications

05/25/2019: USCIS Accelerates Transition to Digital Immigration Processing, Beginning from Certain I-539 Applicants

05/22/2019: USCIS Spring 2019 Rule-Making Plans

05/22/2019: OFLC Update of PERM and Temporary Labor Certification Programs FAQ and Presentations

05/20/2019: USCIS Completed FY-2020 H-1B Cap Selections and Starts to Return Unselected Packages in the Mail

05/16/2019: Impact of Release of Trump Immigration Reform Plan

05/16/2019: Trump Released His Immigration Reform Plan Exactly at 2:30 P.M. Today

05/16/2019: Imminent Scheduled Release of Trump Merit-Based Immigration Reform Plan and Question of its Impact on H.R. 1044

05/16/2019: USCIS 485 Charts of June 2019

05/05/2019: House DREAMER Bill Reportedly Stalled

05/05/2019: We Urge USCIS to Update Pending EB-485 Inventory Data

05/03/2019: Lapse of Updates for this Website for the Last Few Weeks

04/25/2019: USCIS Releases FY-2019 First Quarter (10/01/2018-12/31/2018) Performance Data for Various Petitions/Applications

04/25/2019: Israeli Nationals Present In the U.S. in Nonimmigrant Statuses Will be Eligible for E-2 Treaty Investor Visas Effective 05/01/2019

04/19/2019: USCIS Policy Guidance Clarifying How Federal Controlled Substance (Marijuana) Law Applies to Natualization Determination

04/17/2019: Beware, Change of I-94 Format Effective May 2019 into "Alphanumeric"

04/15/2019: USCIS 485 Filing Charts for May 2019

04/15/2019: USCIS Official Announcement of H-1B "Master Cap" Reached on 04/11/2019

04/14/2019: USCIS Releases List of Achievements of "Buy American, Hire American" Policy in Immigration During the First Two Years of Trump Administration

04/13/2019: USCIS Strengths I-130 Spousal Relative Petitions Involving Minors

04/13/2019: May 2019 Visa Bulletin

04/11/2019: USCIS Completed Selection of FY 2020 H-1B Cap Sections for Both Regular Cap and Master Cap

04/09/2019: Unconfirmed Report of Anticipated Departure of Current USCIS Director

04/04/2019: USCIS Teleconference on "Buy American, Hire American" Policy Enforcement to Protect American Workers

04/04/2019: South Sudan TPS Extension through November 2, 2020

04/02/2019: State Department Final Rule on Refusal Procedures for Visas (Immigrant and Nonimmigrant)

04/02/2019: Legislative Bills to Eliminate Per Country Limits in Employment Immigration Annual Quota Moves Ahead Slowly but Foward

04/01/2019: DHS-DOS Joint Memorandum (03/18/2019) on 12-Month DED Exension for Any Liberians Staying in the U.S. Since 10/01/2002, Execpt the Following Liberians

(1) Individuals who are ineligible for TPS for reasons
set forth in section 244(c)(2)(B) of the Immigration and
Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1254a(c)(2)(B));
(2) Individuals whose removal the Secretary of Homeland
Security determines to be in the interest of the
United States;
(3) Individuals whose presence or activities in the
United States the Secretary of State has reasonable grounds
to believe would have potentially serious adverse foreign
policy consequences for the United States;
(4) Individuals who have voluntarily returned to Liberia
or their country of last habitual residence outside the
United States;
(5) Individuals who were deported, excluded, or removed
before the date of this memorandum; or
(6) Individuals who are subject to extradition.

04/01/2019: USCIS Just Launched H-1B Employers Data Hub

03/29/2019: FY-2020 H-1B Cap Filing Reminders

03/28/2019: Presidential Memorandum Ordering DHS Secretary to Extend the DED for Liberians Until 03/31/2020

03/25/2019: CW-1 Filings for FY-2020 Must be Accompanied by an Approved Temporary Labor Certification

03/20/2019: USCIS Releases a New Version of I-129 Form Mandatory Effective 05/20/2019

03/19/2019: USCIS Announcement of FY 2020 H-1B Cap Season and Two Tier Acceptance of Premium Processing Requests During the Cap Season

03/19/2019: Reminder of 2019 USCIS Poverty Guidelines I-864P Effective 02/13/2019

03/15/2019: USCIS I-485 Charts in April 2019

03/14/2019: USCIS Reportedly Plans to Close its International Division Offices in Foreign Countries by the End of the Year

03/14/2019: April 2019 Visa Bulletin

03/13.2019: DHS Reportedly Seeks Delay of Filing Report in H-4 EAD Lawsuit Until 04/01/2019

03/13/2019: Wow, Twelve (12) More House Members Joined the List of Sponors of H.R. 1044 - Now 219!

03/13/2019: USCIS Releases its Official Transcript of its Teleconference on "H-1B Filing Tips and Understanding Requests for Evidence (RFEs)"

03/12/2019: Sponsors of H.R. 1044 Increased to 207 Now!

03/11/2019: USCIS Resumes H-1B Premium Processings for All H-1B Cases Beginning from Tomorrow, 03/12/2019

03/09/2019: We Urge USCIS to Release Updated Employment-Based I-485 Inventory Data

03/09/2019: USCIS Report of A Breakdown of Why RFEs Were Issued for H-1B Petitions in FY 2018

1. Specialty Occupation
2. Employer-Employee Relationship
3. Availability of Work (
Off-Site Work Cases)
4. Beneficiary Qualification
5. Maintenance of Status
6. Availability of Work (
In-House Work Cases)
7. LCA Corresponds to Petition
8. AC 21 and 6-Year Limit
9. Itinerary
10. Fee

03/08/2019: South Sudan TPS Extension Until November 2, 2020

03/08/2019: USCIS Form Site Released Revised I-539 and New I-539A Forms

03/08/2019: Unlike USCIS Repeated Announcements, Revised I-539 & New I-539A Forms Failed "Published in Federal Register of 03/08/2019" Today

03/07/2019: USCIS Forms Update Notices in February and March 2019

03/07/2019: SEVP (Student & Exchange Visitor Program) Fee Likely to Go Up Soon

03/07/2019: Reminder of USCIS Teleconference Today on "H-1B Filing Tips & Understanding RFEs" Between 1:00-2:00 PM (EST)

03/07/2019: USCIS Policy Manual Update for Natualization Applicants on the Definition of "Jurisdiction, Place of Residence, and Early Filing"

03/06/2019: Wow, H.R. 1044 Bill Moves Ahead Strong

03/06/2019: Bi-Partisan Senators Push for H-2B Reform to Increase Annual Cap from Current 66,000 to 135,320

03/05/2019: USCIS Releases Today Update to Revised Form I-539 and New Form I-539A on March 8

03/05/2019: Scam DHS Phone Call Alert!

03/04/2019: Consulting Companies Beware: Eye-View of USCIS Growing H-1B Restrictive Policy Without Announcement of the New Policy

03/03/2019: Senate Bill S. 386, Comanion Bill of H.R. 1044, Adds Six More Sponsors from 14 to 20 Bi-Partisan Sponsor

03/01/2019: USCIS Gives Grace Period Until 03/21/2019 for Requirement of Filing of Revised I-539 and I-539A

03/01/2019: H.R. 1044 Sponsors Increased to 183 House Members!

02/28/2019: Revised I-539 and I-539A Forms Mandatory Effective 03/11/2019

02/28/2019: Growing Number of Supporters of H.R. 1044 Bill in the House

02/28/2019: OFLC Change of Procedures for Processing H-2B Applications for Temporary Labor Certification

02/28/2019: USCIS Announcement of Continuation of Documentation for Beneficiaries of TPS Designations for Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador in Compliance with the Preliminary Injunction.

02/27/2019: S. 386, Senate Version of House Bill, H. R. 1044 in the House 02/07/2019

02/26/2019: USCIS "Field Offices" Fee Payment System Changes

02/25/2019: USCIS Rate of H-1B RFEs and Approvals from FY 2015 to First Quarter of FY 2019

02/25/2019: USCIS Trend of H-1B RFE Issuance and Approvals From 2015 to First Quarter of FY 2019

02/23/2019: USCIS Moves on With EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization "Final Rule" in OMB 02/22/2019

02/23/2019: USCIS Teleconference on Revised I-539 Form and New I-539A Form on 03/01/2019 1:00-2:00 PM (EST)

02/22/2019: USCIS Received the Enough 2nd Half FY 2019 Numbers and Random Selected H-2B Cap Numbers

02/22/2019: USCIS Teleconference on H-1B Filing Tips and Understanding RFEs, March 7, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EST)

02/21/2019: Co-Sponsors of H.R. 1044 Increased from 116 Members to 148 Members of the House of Representatives as of Tuesday, 02/19/2019

02/21/2019: H-4 EAD Removal Proposed Rule Submitted to the OMB 02/20/2019

02/20/2019: Revised I-539/I-539A Forms and Potential Impact on Processing Delays for H-4 Applications and H-4 EAD Applications

02/20/2019: USCIS Reminder of Importance of Using "Revised" I-539 Form and New I-539A Form Effective 03/11/2019

02/20/2019: Reportedly Canada's Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) Program

02/20/2019: Snow Storms and Some Immigration Stakeholder Agencies Either Closed or Delayed Today

02/19/2019: Some of Premium Processing Services H-1B I-129 Petitions Still Remain Unavailable

02/19/2019: USCIS Record of H-1B I-129 Cases Transfer from California Service Center and Other Service Centers

02/19/2019: Reminder of I-539 Case Load Transfers for F,M,J, or B Nonimmigrants to Other Service Centers for Caseload Balances

02/19/2019: iCERT Site Back and Running Again

02/17/2019: Immigration Programs Extension Until 09/30/2019 Under FY 2019 Spending Bill

02/15/2019: President Signed FY 2019 Spending Bill Along w/National Emergency Declaration

02/15/2019: USCIS Resumes Premium Processing for H-1B Petitions Filed on or before Dec. 21, 2018

02/15/2019: March I-485 Charts Released

02/15/2019: USCIS Updates on 02/15/2019 its Field Adjudicator's Field Manual Involving Immigrant Petition Involving a Spouse Who is a Minor

02/15/2019: Forbe's 02/15/2019 Analysis of Impact of Pending H.R. 1044 Bill on Decades-Long Hightech Workers Waiting Line for Immigration in the Future

02/15/2019: Compromised FY 2019 Spending Bill Which President is About to Sign to Avoid Government Shutdown Reportedly Includes H-2B Visa Number Increase

02/15/2019: March 2019 Visa Bulletin Released

   Filing Chart Final Action Chart
 EB-2  05/22/2009  04/09/2009
 EB-3  04/01/2010  05/22/2009

02/15/2019: OFLC Proposes Revised ETA 9141 Prevailing Wage Determination Form, Seeking Comments

02/14/2019: ALERT, DOL/ETA & PERM/iCERT Sites Will Not Be Available from Friday Evening of 02/15/2019 to Early Morning of Tuesday, 02/19/2019!!

02/14/2019: Uncertain Date of Resumption of H-1B Premium Processing Services Beyond 02/19/2019

02/14/2019: OMB Approved Following Immigration Forms Yesterday Without Change

02/13/2019: OFLC Releases Processing Statistics for FY-2019 First Quarter (Ending 12/31/2018)

02/12/2019: A Look at Actively Licensed International Medical Graduates (IMG) Physicians in the United States

02/11/2019: Revised I-539 and I-539A Forms to be Published Effective 03/11/2019

02/11/2019: Sponsors of H.R. 1044 Increased from 114 to 116

02/11/2019: DOL/ETA Proposes to Revise ETA 9141 Prevailing Wage Determination Form and Seeks Comments

02/09/2019: Bi-Partisan H.R. 1044 Bill Introduced in the House 02/07/2019 to Eliminate Annual Per Country Limit to EB-Immigration Quota & Modify Per Country Limit to Annual FB-Immigration Quota

02/08/2019: Effective Immediately, USCIS Accepting Copies of Negative P Visa Consultations Directly from Labor Unions

02/05/2019: OMB Cleared on 02/04/2019 the I-539 Modified Form with No Material Changes

02/05/2019: Effective 03/29/2019, USCIS Will Permanently Close its Field Office in Moscow, Russia

02/04/2019: DHS Ombudman Teleconference of 02/14/2019 on USCIS Practice Change for Customer Contact with USCIS Offices

02/03/2019: OMB Approved on 01/31/2019 Extension of G-28 Form and I-129 Form Without Material Changes

02/02/2019: Alert! Reports of Ongoing Fake STEM Schools and Potential Trap for Innocent Students

02/01/2019: OFLC Releases on 01/31/2019 Updated FY 2019 H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List

02/01/2019: USCIS RAIO (Refugee, Asylum & International Operations) Directorate Releases on 01/17/2019 Various Officer Training Modules

01/31/2019: DOL H-2B Foreign Labor Certification Program Revised Rule with 32-Day Comment Period

01/31/2019: USCIS Proposed Revision of N-336 "Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings under Section 336"

01/31/2019: USCIS Proposed Revision of I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

01/31/2019: Proposed Revision of I-941 Application for Significant Public Benefit Entrepreneur Parole and Instructions for Biographic Information for Entrepreneur Parole Dependents

01/31/2019: HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2019

01/30/2019: Brrr.........................................! Minnesota!

01/30/2019: USCIS Announces that H-1B Pre-Registration Will Not be Implemented, but Reverse Cap Selection Will be Implemented this FY 2020 H-1B Cap Season

01/30/2019: Final Rule of H-1B Cap Pre-Registration Rule!

01/30/2019: USCIS Makes Two More Applications Available for Online Filing

01/30/2019: DOL Seeks 30-Day Comment Period for Revised H-2B Foreign Labor Certification Program

01/25/2019: State Department Announcement 01/25/2019 of Suspension of Routine Visa Services in Caracas, Venezuela

01/25/2019: WOW, WOW,WOW! OMB Approved on 01/25/2019 Friday H-1B Cap Preregistration Requirement "Final Rule"

01/25/2019: OMB Memo of 01/25/2018 for Public Employees Reparing for an Orderly Reopening Following the Partial Lapse in Appropriations

01/25/2019: Government to Reopen Until 02/15/2019 With No Guaranty of No Another Shutdown After 02/15/2019

01/25/2019: USCIS Resumes Premium Processing for FY 2019 H-1B Cap Petitions

01/25/2019: H-2A and H-2B Eligible Country List for 2019 Officially Released by the USCIS

01/22/2019: DHS Attempt to Delay of H-4 EAD Lawsuit Rejected by the Court on 01/18/2019, Friday

01/22/2019: No SCOTUS Decisions Released Today on Two Important Immigration Cases: Travel Ban and DACA Appeals by Trump Administration

01/19/2019: Today's President's Proposal: Offer of "Temporary" DACA & TPS Extension for $5.7 Billion Border Wall Funding Agreement

01/18/2019: USCIS Reminder of SAVE and SAVE Program Services in Operation During Partial Government Shutdown

01/18/2019: Demand of 20 Bi-Partisan U.S. Senators to Rescind New Policy of Accrual Unlawful Presence for Foreign Students and USCIS Director Response

01/17/2019: February New I-485 Filing Available Charts of the USCIS

01/17/2019: Potential SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) Conference Tomorrow of DACA Case, DHS v. Regents of the University of California, 18-587

01/17/2019: Effective 01/19/2019, New Designation of Countries Whose Workers are Eligible for H-2A and H-2B Temporary Worker Visa Applications

01/16/2019: USCIS Revises Policies and Procedures for Secure Identity Documents and Seeks Public Comments

01/15/2019: Matthew Oh Unavailable for the Week of 01/13/2019

01/15/2019: Employers, USCIS Advises on 01/15/2019 Unavailability of E-Veryfy Program and Support Services During Temporary Suspension

01/14/2019: Draft of "Final Rule" of H-1B Cap Pre-Registration Submitted to the OMB Last Friday, 01/11/2019

01/12/2019: OFLC Updates, 01/11/2019, Processing of H-2B Non-Agricultural Temporary Workers Labor Applications

01/11/2019: February Visa Bulletin Released

01/11/2019: Indian Media's Articulated Summary of Anticipated Tough Year 2019 Against Foreign Workers

01/09/2019: Continuing Partial Government Shutdown, Stalled Rule-Making Activities, and Stalled Employment-Based Immigration Proposed Rules

01/09/2019: OFLC Issues H-2B Labor Certification Processing Announcement After Receiving Approximately 5,276 H-2B Applications Covering More Than 96,400 Worker Positions in About Two Days for 33,000 Workers Cap under the Rule

01/07/2019: OFLC Issues "Last Status Update" Today on the iCERT System Operation Status

01/07/2019: OFLC Issues Update of Operating Status of the iCERT System - At 3:00 P.M. (EST)

01/07/2019: OFLC 2019 iCERT System FAQs Round 2 & Emergency Procedures for Filing Electronic H-2B Applications in the iCERT System Hereon When iCERT System Reopens Today

01/07/2019: OFLC 2019 iCERT System FAQs Round 1 of 01/06/2019 Re: Passwords and Other Q&A When iCERT Reopens Today

01/07/2019: iCERT Users, Do Not Lock-In ICERT Site Until After 3:00 P.M. (EST) Today, Other Than H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Filers

01/07/2019: Practical Freeze of Federal Rule Making Reports, Forcing the People in the Dark of the Update of Government Policies, During the Partial Government Shutdown

01/04/2019: USCIS 01/04/2019 Civics Test Answer Updates for Naturalization Applicants!

01/04/2019: OFLC Advises Non H-2B Filers Not to File Temporary Labor Applications " Until After 3:00 PM (EST)" Monday 01/07/2019!!

01/03/2019: iCERT System "Tentatively" Scheduled to Run Again Effective Monday, 01/07/2019 2:00 P.M. (EST)

01/02/2019: OFLC Updates the Sources of Current iCERT Outage

01/02/2019: Federal Register Publishing & Operation Currently Crippled by the Ongoing Partial Government Shutdown

01/02/2019: iCERT System Down Since Yesterday and Pending Further Notice

01/01/2019: H-1B Cap Pre-Registration Proposed Rule w/558 Comments Received as of 12/31/2018

01/01/2019: Irish "E-3 Visa" Legislative Bill Failed to Pass in the 115th Congress

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