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01/21/2017: DHS Official Press Release of New Secretary of Department of Homeland Security - John Kelly

01/20/2017: Freeze of All Pending or New Regulations by Memorandum of White House Chief of Staff, Priebus

01/20/2017: Senate Confirmed Gen. John Kelly by 88:11 Votes and Sworn into Secretary of DHS in the White House Today

01/20/2017: Heads of DHS, USCIS, DOL, DOS, DOJ All Gone, Temporary Filled by Acting Secretaries or Heads

01/20/2017: President Trump Actions on the First Day of his Presidency

01/20/2017: Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Dick Durbin to Reintroduce the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2017

01/20/2017: Day One of Trump Administration and Immigration

01/20/2017: HHS 2017 Poverty Guidelines Effective 01/19/2017

01/19/2017: Alert for I-140 Filers with Request for Premium Processing: Filing Address Changed Effective Today, 01/19/2017

Beneficiary Worksite at: USPS 1st Class & Priority Mail Filing: Overnight/Courier Deliveries (non-USPS) USPS
Maryland, New Jersey or Pensylvania Premium Processing
USCIS Texas Service Center
P.O. Box 279030
Dallas, TX 75227-9030
Premium Processing
USCIS Texas Service Center
4141 N Saint Augustine Dr.
Dallas, TX 75227-4818
Tennessee Premium Processing
USCIS Nebraska Service Center
P.O. Box 87103
Lincoln, NE 68501-7103
Premium Processing
USCIS Nebraska Service Center
850 S. Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

01/19/2017: USCIS Workload Transfers of Some Asylum Applicants' EAD (I-765) Applications Beginning 12/19/2016

01/19/2017: USCIS Releases Revised Immigration Forms Relating to Employment-Based Immigration Proceedings to Accomodate EB Modernization Rule and Others Which Took Effect on 01/17/2017. New Version Mandatory Effective 02/21/2017. Check the USCIS Form Site

01/18/2017: USCIS Policy Memorandum on Role and Use of Interpreters in Domestic Field Office Interviews

01/18/2017: Friday January 20, 2017: Day of Dawn of Trump Administration and Events Immigration Community to Watch

01/17/2017: USCIS Releases I-485 Supplement J form to Report Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request for Job Portability Under INA Section 204(j)

01/17/2017: New International Entrepreneur Parole Final Rule Takes Effect 07/17/2017

01/17/2017: Federal Register Notice of DOJ/EOIR Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal Authority for Cuban Nationals Arriving by Air

01/17/2017: DHS Fact Sheet on Changes to Parole and Expedited Removal Policies Affecting Cuban Nationals

01/17/2017: Federal Register Notice of Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal Authority for Cuban Nationals Encountered in U. S. or Arriving by Sea

01/17/2017: Federal Register Notice of Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal Authority for Cuban Nationals Arriving by Air

01/17/2017: Somalia TPS 18-Month Extension Notice Published Today in the Federal Register

01/14/2017: So-Called H-1B Abuse Crack Down Legislations of 115th Congress Yet to Come

01/13/2017: DHS Notice of Extension of Somalia Designation of TPS

01/13/2017: DHS International Entrepreneur Parole Final Rule with Effective Date of 6-Month from 07/17/2017

01/13/2017: DHS Secretary Notice of Implementation of Final Rule Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal for Cubans Arriving at the Airport, Effective 01/17/2017

01/13/2017: DHS Final Rule of Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal Authority for Cuban Nationals, Effective 01/17/2017

01/13/2017: EOIR Final Rule of Eliminating Exception to Expedited Removal Authority for Cuban Nationals, Effective 01/17/2017

01/12/2017: OFLC Official Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 01/12/2017

 Types Days Receipt Month
PERM 109 Aug 2016
H-1B 108 Sept 2016
H-2B 26 Dec 2016

01/12/2017: OFLC Official PERM Processing Times as of 01/12/2017

 Types Days Receipt Month
Analyst Review 77 Oct 2016
Audit Cases 222 May 2016
Reconsideration Dec 2016

01/12/2017: USCIS Reaches the H-2B Cap for the First Half of Fiscal Year 2017

01/12/2017: Employment-Based Immigration System Modernization Rule (Final Rule): Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers, Taking Effect Next Tuesday, 01/17/2017 With Yet To Be Released Revised Immigration Forms to Apply for the Benefits

01/12/2017: Full Text of Proposed Rule of EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization

01/12/2017: Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah Reintroduced Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act with New Bill Number of H.R. 392

01/11/2017: USCIS Updates Processing Times Report 01/11/2017

01/11/2017: USCIS H-1B Processsing Times Report Update 01/11/2017

  Extension Change of Status Consular Proc
CSC 05/16/2016 05/16/2016 05/16/2016
VSC 12/07/2015 04/11/2016 04/11/2016
NSC 09/02/2016 - -

[Under the new polisty, 30 days after the dates above, people can file "Status Request."]

01/11/2017: OFLC Releases Today FY 2017 Q1 (10/01/2016-12/31/2016) H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List

01/11/2017: State Department Proposes to Amend Exchange Visitor Program – Summer Work Travel

01/11/2017: DHS Secretary Nominee John Kelly Reportedly Well Received in the Senate Confirmation Hearing Yesterday

01/10/2017: Somalia TPS Designation and EAD Extension Cleared

01/10/2017: February 2017 Visa Bulletin Released

01/10/2017: USCIS Advance Notice of Rule Making for Amendment to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Program

01/09/2017: Pending Appeals of Expanded STEM OPT Program and H-4 EAD Program Decisions of Federal District Courts

01/09/2017: New York Federal District Court Decision of Batalla Vidal v. Baran et al on Expanded DACA/DAPA Program Delayed with Reduced Impact on DACA Community

01/09/2017: Court Decision on H-1B Cap Selection Lottery System Litigation, Tenrec, Inc. v. USCIS, Reportly Imminent

01/08/2017: USCIS "Proposed Rule" for Improvement of the EB-5 Employment Creation Immigrant Regulations Cleared by the OMB on 01/05/2017

01/08/2017: International Entrepreneur Parole Final Rule Cleared by the OMB on 01/05/2017 for Release in the Federal Register and Implementation

01/08/2017: More Than 60 House Democrats Escalate Call to Pardon DREAMers to President Obama

01/08/2017: Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017 and Final Rule of Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers, aka I-140 EAD

01/07/2017: NVC No Longer Requires "Original or Wet Ink Signature" for Affidavits of Support

01/07/2017: Dawn of Trump Cabinet Nomination Confirmation War in the U.S. Senate

01/06/2017: NSEERS Rule is Gone, but is there a Legal Basis for Trump Administration to Initiate a Rule Similar to NSEERS?

01/06/2017: International Entrepreneur Parole Final Rule Likely Implemented Before Obama Administration Leaves DC

01/05/2017: Trump Appointed Zina Bash for White House Domestic Policy Council Staff in Charge of Regulary Reform, Legal and Immigration Policy

01/05/2017: USCIS Changes Reporting Format of Monthly Processing Times on its Website

01/05/2017: House Passed H.R. 21 "Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017" Sponsored by Rep. Issa of California to Kill Some of Obama Last Minute Rules

01/05/2017: Approaching FY-2018 H-1B Cap Season and Question of Survivality of Current Lottery Selection System

01/04/2017: On the First Day Alone of 115th Congress, 275 Legislative Bills Introduced in the Congress (Senate & House), Mostly Reintroduction of 114th Congress Bills with New Bill Numbers

01/04/2017: OFLC Average Number of Days to Comple H-2A and H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Cases as of 01/03/2017

   Complete Cases Incomplete Cases
 H-2A TLC  25 Calendar days  36 Calendar days
 H-2B TLC  33 Calendar days  43 Calendar days

01/04/2017: USCIS Official Announcement and Application Guidance for Yemeni TPS Extension Registration and EAD Extension Application

01/03/2017: Consular Processing Immigrant Visa (Both FB and EB) Inventory Data as of November 1, 2016

01/03/2017: October 2016 EB-485 Inventory Data Released

 October 2016 38,921
 October 2015 27,843
 October 2014 20,162
 October 2013 13,849
 October 2012 13,905
 October 2011 14,072
   Total Waiting as of October

01/03/2017: TPS Designation Extension and EAD Extension for Yemeni Nationals for 18 Months Through 09/03/2018

01/02/2017: FY 2016 ICE Immigration Removals Released

01/02/2017: Error in Report of Retirement of ICE Director. We stand Corrected.

01/01/2017: House Schedule for the Two Congresses Sessions on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

01/01/2017: Immigration Stakeholders and Immigrants Should Keep a Level of Patience During Next One Month or Two When Obama Executive Immigration Actions Are Involved

01/01/2017: Today's Report Indicates that President-Elect Will Repeal Lots of Obama Executive Actions as One of Two Things for His Day-One Jobs

01/01/2017: What Happens with All the Pending Bills When the 115th Congress Opens on 01/03/2017, Tuesday?

Good-Bye 2016

12/30/2016: USCIS Teleconference with Director Rodríguez, 1/11/2017

12/30/2016: International Entrepreneur Parole Final Rule Likely Completed in January

12/29/2016: NSEERS Gone - Reinstate it by President-Elect? Reportedly Nope!

12/29/2016: USCIS Processing Times Report Update of 12/29/2016

12/29/2016: USCIS H-1B Processing Times Report Update of 12/29/2016 - OUCH!!

  Extension Change of Status Consular Proc
CSC 04/19/2016 04/19/2016 04/19/2016
VSC 10/12/2015 04/11/2016 04/11/2016
NSC 07/02/2016 - -

12/29/2016: USCIS Important Announcement on Newly Released Revised Immigration Form with Effective Date of 12/23/2016

12/29/2016: USCIS Federal Register Notice of 30-Day Extension for Comments on Revised I-589 Application for Asylum and for Witholding Removal

12/28/2016: President-elect May Pick Agriculture Secretary Very Soon and All Eyes are on the Final Candidate. WHY ?

12/28/2016: USCIS to Release Revised I-589 Application for Asylum and for Witholding Removal Tomorrow, 12/29/2016

12/28/2016: OMB Clears TPS Extension for Yemen and Somalia

12/28/2016: NYSDOT No Longer Threshold Test for NIW, Replaced by Matter of DHANASAR New Precedent Decision of 12/27/2016

12/27/2016: FY 2016 (10/01/2015 - 09/30/2016) & 4th Quarter USCIS All Types of Forms Received, Approved, Denied, and Pending Statistics

12/27/2016: FY 2016 (10/01/2015 - 09/30/2016) & 4th Quarter USCIS Selected Employment-Based Cases Statistics of New Receipts and Approvals

 Forms 4th Qtr Pending Total Receipts 2016 2016 Approvals
I-129 151,103  509,636 480,161
I-140 48,801 147,581 130,765
EB-485 129,424 128,858 110,406
I-765 (EAD) 523,130 2,111,706 1,833,171

(Note: There were a large number of EB-485 applications pending at the end of 09/30/2016, which exceeded total one quarter new receipts, not to mention exceeding total one quarter approval figures)
(Note: There has been a delay of the USCIS with release of update of EB-485 inventory data for quite a while, but information indicates that this may be released sooner or later. Please stay tuned.)

12/27/2016: Certain Nepali F-1 Student EAD Extension Rule Takes Effect Today

12/26/2016: USCIS Ceases Earlier Practice of Grace Period for Filing of Petitions/Applications with No Filing Fees and Incorrect Fees

12/25/2016: N-400 Naturalization Statistics of USCIS Field Offices for th 4th Quarter of FY 2016 (07/01/2016-09/30/2016)

12/25/2016: I-130 Petitions by Category of Relatives, Case Status, and USCIS Field Office or Service Center Location July 1 - September 30, 2016

12/25/2016: U Visa Processing Statistics for 4th Quarter of 2016 and Past

12/24/2016: House "Freedom Caucus" Wish List for Trump Administration's First 100 Days," Released on 12/14/2016

12/24/2016: ALERT, ALRT! USCIS Accepts Only New Edition Forms Dated 12/23/2016 Which Are Listed Below

N-400 I-485 I-130 I-765 I-131
I-131A I-751 I-90 I-129F I-140
I-191 I-192 I-212 I-290B I-485 Sup A
I-526 I-539 I-600A I-601 I-601A
I-612 I-800 I-800A I-817 I-824
I-910 I-924 I-924A I-929 I-942
I-942P N-300 N-336 N-470 N-565
N-600 N-600K      

12/23/2016: I-485 Processing Data by Type, by Location, and by Decisions for 4th Quarter (07/01/2016-09/30/2016)

12/23/2016: EB-485 Processing Data for 4th Quarter (07/01/2016-09/30/2016)

   Receipt Approval  Denial Pending
 NSC 18,181 8,808 677 69,147
 TSC 11,890  10,461 970 53,980
CSC 673 292 12 1,822
VSC - - - 35

12/23/2016: I-130 Family Petition Processing Data for 4th Quarter (07/01/2016-09/30/2016)

12/23/2016: Implementation of EB Modernization Rule on 01/17/2017 and Revision of Related Immigration Forms to Reflect Fee Changes and EB Modernization Rule

12/23/2016: USCIS Filing Fee Changes Effective Today and the USCIS Alert

12/23/2016: Full Text of Bi-Partisan Legislative Bill of BRIDGE Act, S. 3542 to Save DACA Dreamers

12/23/2016: EAD Extension Through 06/24/2018 for Nepali F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of the April 25, 2015 Earthquake

12/23/2016: NSEERS Rescision Final Rule of DHS Published Today as Scheduled

12/23/2016: Monday, 12/26/2016, Federal Holiday

12/22/2016: H-2B Returning Worker Program Expired: Employers Should Stop Identifying “Returning Workers” in Petitions for FY 2017

12/22/2016: DHS Rescinds and Removes NSEERS Regulation!!

12/21/2016: USCIS Revises I-765 EAD Application Form to Add Compelling Circumstances EAD Applications for Certain I-140 Approved Nonimmigrant Categories of E-3, H-1B, H-1B1, O-1, or L-1 Under the Modernization Rule That Takes Effect on 01/17/2017 - "aka Approved I-140 Compelling Circustances EAD Form"

12/21/2016: USCIS New Filing Fees Take Effect 12/23/2016, Friday

12/21/2016: EB-5 Investment Immigration Programs Modernization Proposed Rule Filed with OMB

12/21/2016: January 2017 485 "Filing Dates Chart" Released by the USCIS

12/19/2016: Wonder What Causes the USCIS to Delay Release of January 485 Filing Availability Charts

12/19/2016: ACICS Loss of Accreditation Recognition and Alert for Foreign Students Taking ESL or Plans for STEM OPT Based on ACICS Accredited Schools Education

12/19/2016: Department of Justice (DOJ) Final Rule on Standards and Procedures for the Enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act

12/18/2016: Designation of Yemen TPS Country to be Extended Beyond February 2017

12/18/2016: U.S. Department of Labor "Withdraws" Proposed Rules for Modernization of PERM System and Schedule A Revision as Part of Obama Immigration Actions Programs

12/18/2016: Trump Administration Landing Team as Key "Working Group" Members for Transition From Obama Administration to Trump Administration

12/16/2016: Kris Kobach Met with the President-elect Again Yesterday

12/16/2016: Amended T-Nonimmigrant Rule Effective 30 Days from 12/19/2016

12/16/2016: Nonimmigrants Entering the U.S. Each Year by Air and Sear with I-94

12/15/2016: President-elect Meeting with Tech Leaders 12/14/2016

12/15/2016: Kris Kobach, Which One Will Fit His Political Ambition Between Deputy DHS Secretary and Governor of the State of Kansas?

12/14/2016: President Elect Announces Members of his Strategic and Policy Forum

12/14/2016: Somalia TPS Designation Extension Rule-Making in Process

12/13/2016: ICE Alert for PDSO: Complete SEVIS Annual Vertification by 03/02/2017 Not to Lose SEVIS Access

12/13/2016: USCIS Announces Extension of Parole for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens in CNMI

12/13/2016: USCIS Alert for N-400 Naturalization Applicants

12/13/2016: United States Congress Mid-Term Reelection Map in 2018

12/13/2016: Full Text of SAFE Act Bill Introduced by Sen. Jeff Flake to Save Dreamers (DACA) on the Senate Floor on 12/09/2016

12/13/2016: Senator Lindsey Graham Statement of Introduction of BRIDGE Act Bill (S. 3542) on the Senate Floor on 12/09/2016

12/12/2016: January 2017 Visa Bulletin Released with Unpredictable Future Ahead for Current Visa Bulletin and USCIS 485 Visa Bulletin Management Systems

12/12/2016: ICE Releases International Student Latest Quarterly Statistics as of November 2016

12/12/2016: Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) Introduced S. 3546 (SAFE Act) Bill on 12/09/2016 to Save DACA Dreamers

12/12/2016: Statistics of FB and EB Immigrant Visa Waiting List by FB/EB Categories and by Country as of November 1, 2016

12/10/2016: Bi-Partisan "Bridge Act" Bill Introduced in the U.S. Senate on 12/09/2016 to Protect DREAMers

12/10/2016: No Government Shutdown

12/09/2016: President-elect Appoints Today Two More DOL Landing Team Members (Altogether Four as Follows)

12/09/2016: As Predicted, Mayor Giuliani Dropped Out of DT Cabinet Pick

12/09/2016: Mr. Kris Kobach, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security?

12/09/2016: Here We Go Again: Reportedly White House and Agencies Begin Preparing for Shutdown Since the Continuing Resolution is Stuck in the Senate

12/09/2016: Dear President-Elect, Here is "A Practical and Tested Legal Solution" for Our Undocumented Immigrant Puzzle

12/09/2016: Labor Secretary Pick Under a Fierce Attack by the Far Right "Breibart"

12/08/2016: H-1B Cap Lottery Litigation Oral Arguments Set on 12/19/2016 in Portland, Oregon

12/08/2016: House Passed Stopgap Spending Bill and Senate to Pass it Tomorrow

12/08/2016: Obama's 2014 Immigration Action Programs and Legal Requirements for Undoing Procedures

12/08/2016: Current DT DHS Landing Team Members - Potential Future DHS Leading Roles

12/08/2016: New DOL Secretary Pick - Andrew Puzder

12/08/2016: House Floor Schedules - Continuing Resolutions for Temporary Funding for the Federal Government

12/08/2016: Alert for Regional Center Investors - EB-5 Regional Centers Must File Form I-924A by 12/29/2016!

12/08/2016: DOL Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 12/03/2016 - Ouch!

12/08/2016: Wow, Look at Official PERM Processing Times as of 12/03/2016 - Keep Going DOL Leadership!

12/08/2016: Mayors of Major Cities of the Nation Plea to the President-elect for Save of Dreamers from Deportation

12/07/2016: Surprise and Surprise, John Kelly, Retired Marine General, Trump’s Choice to DHS Secretary

12/07/2016: Wow, Continuing Resolutions for FY 2017 Government Stop-Gap Funding Has Yet to Pass When Current Funding Expires on Friday, 12/09/2016

12/06/2016: Over 50 House Democrats Call on Obama Administration to Completely Dismantle Discriminatory NSEERS Registration System

12/06/2016: Three Democratic House Representatives Wrote a Letter to President Obama on 11/17/2016 to Pardon DREAMers

12/06/2016: USCIS Customer Service Tool Outage for Maintenance

12/06/2016: Effective 12/07/2016, State Department Amends Definition of Immediate Family for Purposes of A, C-3, G, and NATO Visa Classifications

12/05/2016: Reportedly, Trump Administration Could Use "H-1B Debar" Tool for H-1B Abuse Employers

12/04/2016: Richard Manning - U.S. Department of Labor Landing Member of President-Elect Transition Team

12/03/2016: “Major” Obama Administration Rules Potentially Eligible to be Overturned under the "Congressional Review Act" in the 115th Congress (2017-2018)

12/02/2016: Alleged Recent Flaws with FBI Name Checks for Naturalization Applicants Leading to Suspension of Naturalization Applications and Potential Negative Impact on Other Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Proceedings

12/02/2016: CRS Report/Analysis of SCOTUS Decision to Hear Challenge to Aliens’ Detention Pending Removal Proceedings

12/02/2016: Hmm... USCIS' Turn of Issuance of Alert of its Customer Service Tools Outage for Maintenance, Sunday Afternoon Thru Midnight

12/02/2016: OFLC Announces System Maintenance Outage Impacting the iCERT and PERM Systems

12/01/2016: Today, Defense Secretary Nomination is Taken by Other Than Mayor Giuliani

12/01/2016: Application for Employment Authorization (EAD) for Abused Certain Nonimmigrant Spouse, I-765V

12/01/2016: Who Will be the Next Secretary of Department of Homeland Security?

11/30/2016: Wow, FAIR's Proposals for Immigration Priorities for 2017 Presidential Transition of November 2016

11/30/2016: USCIS Releases Policy Guidance for EB-5 Eligibility Requirements for Regional Centers and Immigrant Investors, Taking Effective 11/30/2016

11/30/2016: EOIR Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Amendment of Implementation of Annual Limitation on Suspension of Deportation and Cancellation of Removal

11/30/2016: Rule-Making Process in Place for Re-Designation of TPS Country for Yemen

11/28/2016: Obama Executive Immigration Action Programs of 2014 and Congressional Research Service (CRS) Overview of Required Legal Process to Repeal by DT, If Any

11/25/2016: DHS Final Rule for Petitions for DHS Rulemaking, Amendment, or Repeal

11/23/2016: Under the Unpredictable Future of DACA Program, Federal Lawsuit in New York Challenging Preliminary Injunction Against the Obama's Expanded DACA/DAPA Program Further Delayed in the Federal District Court in New York

11/22/2016: Official PERM Prevailing Wage Determination Times as of 11/19/2016

11/22/2016: Official PERM Labor Certifications Processing Times as of 11/19/2016

11/22/2016: USCIS Delays Mandatory Date of Use of Revised N-400 to 12/23/2016 to Match with the New Filing Fee Effective Date

11/22/2016: DT Reportedly Would Start Focusing on Investigation of Visa Abuses in Immigration Area

11/22/2016: aka I-140 EAD Final Rule and USCIS Draft of Revised I-765 EAD Form to Add New EAD Eligible Classes (35) and (36) for "Compelling Circumstances" Ground

11/20/2016: Alert for Delay with aka I-140 EAD Final Rule Discussion Site Due to Computer System Issues

11/20/2016: DT is Meeting with Kris Kobach Today

11/19/2016: Potential Candidate for DHS Secretary of the DT Administration

11/18/2016: USCIS Announcement of Final Rule of aka I-140 EAD Rule

11/18/2016: Our Guess Was Right - Jeff Sessions Reportedly Picked by DT for Attorney General of Department of Justice!

11/18/2016: Officially Published in the Federal Register Today: Final Rule of Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers, aka I-140 EAD Final Rule

11/18/2016: House Passed H.R. 5982 "Midnight Rules" Relief Act of 2016

11/17/2016: Sen. Jeff Sessions Attorney General?

11/17/2016: Fall Regulatory Plans of Immigration Stakeholder Agencies for the Next Six Months

11/17/2016: Obama Administration to Publish Tomorrow Final Rule of Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers, aka I-140 EAD

11/17/2016: Obama Tells Agencies to Continue Issuing 'Midnight' Regulations!

11/16/2016: Mr. President-Elect and Leadership Transition Team, Please Read This Report for Legal Immigration Policy Review

11/16/2016: USCIS H-1B Processing Times in 11/16/2016 Upated Report

  Extension Change of Status Consular Proc
CSC 03/16/2016 03/16/2016 03/16/2016
VSC 10/05/2015 04/11/2016 04/11/2016
NSC 07/01/2016 - -

11/15/2016: DT Regulatory Reform, Potentially Affecting Rule-Making Plans

11/14/2016: H-1B Workers and H-4 Spouses Potentially at Cross Road for Reform by DT Administration

11/14/2016: Worldwide Category EB-485 Filing Dates Completely Open and Current Except EB-5 in December

11/14/2016: USCIS Release December 2016 I-485 Filing Date Charts: Good News!

11/14/2016: Employers, Watch for Upcoming Mandate for Use of Revised I-9 for Employment Verification

11/14/2016: DT's Pledge for Top 10 Actions in Immigration Areas

11/14/2016: New York Times Short List of DHS Secretary Candidates

11/14/2016: Lame Duck Sessions of the Congress Open Today with No Anticipated Serious Business

11/13/2016: Bannon and Priebus Appointed Today as Equal Partners to Transform the Federal Government for President-Elect DT

11/12/2016: President-Elect Donald Trumpt Announces on 11/11/2016 New Implementation Phase of Presidential Transition Team

11/11/2016: Reportedly the President-Elect Reconfirm His Intent to Repeal Obama Executive Immigration Action Programs

11/11/2016: Veterans Day = Federal Holiday

11/11/2016: Vox Report of Donald Trump's Earlier Speech Laying Out His Plan for Frst 100 Days in the White House - How Realistic?

11/10/2016: USCIS Teleconference on Revised I-9 Form on 11/17/2016

11/10/2016: Kris Kobach, Immigration Policy Shaker of Trump's Transitional Team

11/09/2016: What Would be President Trump's Immigration Vision and Action Plan?

11/09/2016: USCIS Teleconference on Revised I-9 Form, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, from 2-3:30 p.m. Eastern

11/09/2016: National Election Results Shed Unpredictable Future for the Nation's Immigration Policy

11/09/2016: National Election Produces USA Under One Umbrella of One Political Party

11/09/2016: December 2016 Visa Bulletin Released

11/08/2016: USCIS Announces Addition of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Eligible Countries for the H-2A and H-2B Visa Programs

11/07/2016: USCIS Scheduled to Release Revised I-9 Form by November 22, 2016 (USCIS Corrected)

11/04/2016: USCIS Corrected and Reissued Policy Memorandum on Extension of Status for T and U Nonimmigrants

11/04/2016: USCIS Teleconference on Filipino World War II Veterans Parole (FWVP) Program, Tuesday, 11/15/2016

11/04/2016: USCIS Reduced Fee for Eligible N-400 Naturalization Applicants Effective 12/23/2016

11/04/2016: USCIS Webinar for Civil Surgeons to Review Vaccination Requirements on Thursday, 11/10/2016, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)

11/04/2016: Wow, Only Two Working Days Left After Today to Witness the New Government for Next Four Years

11/03/2016: Department of State No Eyeglass Photos Policy for Visa and Passport in Place Since November 1, 2016 with One-Month Grace Period

11/03/2016: Are You Affected by Matthew Hurricane in Timely Filing Responses in Temporary or Permanent Labor Certification Process?

11/02/2016: USCIS Policy Manual Update on Definition of Certain Classes of Medical Conditions and Other Updates Relating to Health-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility

11/02/2016: Reminder of Approaching Deadline for DV-2018 Immigration Lottery Registration

11/01/2016: CBP Launches the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) for Early Enrollments

11/01/2016: Atlanta National Processing Center to Start Sending Notification Letters "via Email," Effective December 1, 2016

11/01/2016: PERM Processing Statistics/Data for FY 2016 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2016

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
 Certified 54,581 35,202 62,633 78,938 115,933

(For the statistics 2012-2015, see the 2015 Annual Report)

11/01/2016: Prevailing Wage Determination Statistics/Data for FY 2016 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2016

11/01/2016: H-2A Labor Certification Processing Statistics/Data for FY 2016 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2016

11/01/2016: H-2B Labor Certification Processing Statistics/Data for FY 2016 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2016

11/01/2016: H-1B LCA Processing Statistics/Data for FY 2016 4th Quarter Ending 09/30/2016

11/01/2016: OFLC FY 2016 4th Quarter Disclosure Data: PERM, PWD, H-2A, and H-2B

11/01/2016: Effective Today, 11/01/2016, USCIS Centralized Processing and Adjudication of Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) EB-4 Cases

11/01/2016: Expanded USCIS Monthly Processing Times Report Coverage

11/01/2016: OFLC Notice of Unavailability of iCERT System for Maintenance on Thursday Evening, 11/03/2016

10/28/2016: Pending Federal Lawsuits for Immigrant Community in Federal Courts

10/26/2016: USCIS Official Announcement of Nepal TPS Extension

10/26/2016: USCIS Policy Guidance on SIJ and EB-4 485 Applications Seeking, Effective and Binding from 10/26/2016

10/26/2016: Earlier "Proposed Rule" of I-140 EAD Rule and the Earlier The Oh Law Firm Q&A with the Readers

10/25/2016: USCIS Submitted to OMB Yesterday Draft of Final Rule of Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting Highly-Skilled H-1B Nonimmigrant Workers ("aka I-140 EAD Rule")

10/25/2016: Nepal TPS Designation Extended Through June 24, 2018

10/25/2016: H-2A and H-2B Eligible Countries List During Next One Year from 01/18/2017

10/24/2016: USCIS Official Announcement of Filing Fee Increase Effective 12/23/2016

10/22/2016: Extreme Hardship Policy Guidance Rule Approved by the OMB on 10/21/2016

10/21/2016: USCIS Releases Extreme Hardship Policy Guidance

10/21/2016: USCIS Reaches CW-1 Cap for Fiscal Year 2017

10/21/2016: Rapidly Deteriorating Relationship Between the United States and the Philippines

10/21/2016: New Immigration Filing Fees of USCIS to Take Effect on 12/23/2016

10/21/2016: Stay Tuned for Nepal TPS Notice

10/20/2016: DHS Justification for Designating China as the First EVUS Country

10/19/2016: USCIS Alert of Online Address Change Report Site Problem Occasionally

10/19/2016: H-1B Cap Lottery Lawsuit Developments

10/19/2016: CBP FAQ for EVUS

10/19/2016: DHS Designates China as an EVUS Country and Designation of Maximum Validity B-1, B-2, and B-1/B-2 Visas as Designated Visa Categories

10/19/2016: Effective 11/29/2016, State Department and Homeland Security Department Implement Electronic Visa Update System ( EVUS) for Designated Countries and Designated Visa Categories

10/18/2016: AILA Reports Charlie Oppenheim's Prediction for Visa Bulletin for the Future

10/18/2016: USCIS Updates Processing Times 10/18/2016

10/18/2016: USCIS Updates H-1B Processing Times 10/18/2016

10/15/2016: Annual Immigrant Numerical Limits FY-2017 for Family Based and Employment Based by Each Preference Category and Each Country of Birth

10/14/2016: USCIS New I-485 Filing Date Charts for November

10/13/2016: Long Awaited Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times Report of OFLC as of 10/01/2016

10/13/2016: AAO Appeal Processing Times as of 10/01/2016

10/13/2016: USCIS "SAVE" Check Now Available in Spanish Language

10/13/2016: USCIS Filing Fees to Go Up Soon

10/12/2016: DHS Secretary Announcement of "Temporary" Suspension of Removal of Haitians in Light of Hurrican Matthew W/O Change with Removal Policy

10/12/2016: OFLC Announces System Maintenance Outage Impacting the iCERT/PERM Systems

10/12/2016: State Department Attention for DV-2017 Winners

10/12/2016: November Visa Bulletin Released

10/11/2016; Hurricane Matthew and Available Immigration Relief for Victims

10/11/2016: State Department's Interesting Graph and Statistics of Green Card Applications between the Visa Posts Abroad and USCIS in the United States

10/11/2016: USCIS Policy Memorandum for Revised Guidance for Processing Asylum Cases Involving Terrorism-Related Inadmissibility Grounds and Amendment to the Hold Policy for Such Cases - PM-602-0137

10/11/2016: iCERT & PERM Systems Outage Again on 10/15/2016, Saturday

10/10/2016: Extended Outage of Foreign Labor Certification Sites Until 6:00 am (est) Tuesday, 10/11/2016

10/10/2016: Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2017

10/08/2016: USCIS Initiates the Process on TPS for Nepal Nationals

10/08/2016: Important USCIS Message: Biometrics Appointment Notices for DACA Requestors

10/07/2016: USCIS Releases New Version of N-400 Naturalization

10/07/2016: OFLC Published Today a New PERM FAQ Round 13 Relating to the Required Recruitment Reports & Two "Best Practice" Sample Recruitment Reports

10/06/2016: USCIS Increases Validity of Work Permits (EAD) to Two (2) Years for Asylum Applicants

10/06/2016: USCIS E-1 Trader and Employee RFE Templates for Comment Until 10/21/2016

10/06/2016: USCIS E-2 Employer and Employee RFE Templates for Comment Until 10/21/2016

10/06/2016: USCIS "Potomac Service Center (YSC)" Cases

10/06/2016: Hurricane Matthew and Check USCIS Local Office Closings Today and Tomorrow

10/04/2016: Overdue Release of EB-485 Inventory Data Update

10/04/2016: USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage This Evening: 9 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. (Eastern)

10/04/2016: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Releases on 10/04/2016 New Rounds of FAQs for H-2A and H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Applications

10/04/2016: USCIS to Revise I-829 Form, Petition by Entrepreneur To Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status

10/04/2016: Nine (9) Additional Designated Global Entry Airports on or before 04/03/2017

10/03/2016: Official PERM Processing Times as of October 1, 2016

10/03/2016: CBP Changed Access to Online I-94 Print-Out Site

10/03/2016: Supreme Court Denied Rehearing of its Decision of U.S. vs. Texas Case!

10/03/2016: Wow, iCERT and PERM Systems Outage from 10/07/2016, Friday, 9:00 PM to 10/10/2016, Monday, 6:00 PM (EST)

10/01/2016: Uncertain Future of SCOTUS Grant of Rehearing of its Decision on U.S., et al. vs. Texas, et al (aka Expanded DACA/DAPA Litigation)

10/01/2016: Reminder of USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage Tomorrow, Sunday

10/01/2016: USCIS Intends to Revise I-526 Form, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, aka Investor Immigrant Petition

09/30/2016: Caution: USCIS News Release on EB-5 Filing Dates in October and USCIS Revised EB-5 Filing Date Chart in October

09/30/2016: USCIS Intends to Revise I-693 Medical Examination Report Removing Three Medical Conditions

09/30/2016: Form I-131A Now Available for Certain Mishap Traveling LPR or Conditional Permanent Residents Overseas

09/30/2016: USCIS Releases Revised October 485 "Filing Date Chart" Reflecting CR Legislation

09/30/2016: DREAMERs Lawsuit in New York Update Against Federal District Texas Judge's Preliminary Injunction Against Expanded DACA/DAPA Program

09/30/2016: Congress is Gone for a Long Recess, Sayonara!

09/30/2016: President Signed the Bill Containing Stop-Gap Funding (CR) of the Federal Government thru 12/09/2016

09/29/2016: H-1B Cap Lottery Litigation Update

09/29/2016: House Agreed and Passed CR as Amended by the Senate Late Last Night

09/29/2016: H-4 EAD Rule Challenge Dismissed by the Federal District Court in D.C. on 09/27/2016

09/28/2016: American Immigration Council Releases New Report on Access to Counsel in Immigration Courts

09/28/2016: Advance Copy of Liberian DED and EAD Extension Notice in Federal Register to be Published in the Federal Register on Friday, 09/30/2016

09/28/2016: USCIS Announces Automatic 6-Mo EAD Extension for Extension Eligible DED Liberians


09/28/2016: 18-Month Extension of DED for Liberians in the United States Effective 10/01/2016 Under President Obama Memorandum of 09/28/2016

09/28/2016: Here We Go Again - Government Shutdown Countdown

09/26/2016: USCIS Form I-290B Filing Address Reminder for Motion or Appeal

09/26/2016: Today's SCOTUS Conference and SCOTUS Argument Calendar in October 2016

09/26/2016: House Majority Leader Legislative Sessions Schedule During This Last Week of September 2016

09/24/2016: Reported Late OFLC Restructure of Adjudication System of PERM Applications

09/23/2016: USCIS Releases Information on "How to Inquire About DACA Renewal Request"

09/23/2016: Conflict of EB 485 "Filing Date Charts" for EB-4 and EB-5 Between DOS October Visa Bulletin and USCIS October 485 Filing Date Chart

09/23/2016: DHS Notice in Federal Register for Sierra Leone TPS Extension for Six Months and Termination of TPS Designation on 05/21/2017

09/23/2016: DHS Notice in Federal Register for Liberia TPS Extension for Six Months and Termination of TPS Designation on 05/21/2017

09/23/2016: DHS Notice in Federal Register for Guinea TPS Extension for Six Months and Termination of TPS Designation on 05/21/2017

09/22/2016: Termination of TPS Designation for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone 05/21/2017 and 6 Months TPS Extension Thru 05/20/2017 for Orderly Transition Before Termination

09/22/2016: USCIS Updates for N-400 Citizenship Applicants on Some Changes

09/22/2016: The Hill to Remain Quite for the Rest of This Week on Any Immigration Issues, Which Will Have to Wait Until Next Week

09/21/2016: USCIS Alerts Exception of Certain EB-4 Categories and EB-5 Categories in New I-485 Filing Available Dates

09/21/2016: USCIS Released October 2016 New 485 Filing Date Charts: It Will be "Filing Date Chart" and NOT "Final Action Date Chart"!!!!!!!!!!

09/21/2016: USCIS to Issue New Form I-131A "Application for Travel Documents (Carrier Documentation)" for Certain LPRs Overseas Without LPR Card

09/21/2016: Fast Approaching End of Congressional Sessions 09/30/2016 and Still Unresolved Continuing Resolution Between the House and the Senate

09/21/2016: USCIS Filing Fee Adjustment Final Rule with OMB

09/19/2016: USCIS Plans to Revise I-693 Form for Medical Examination for Immigrants

09/16/2016: Stay Tuned for State Department's Release of DV-2018 Instructions in Foreign Languages

09/15/2016: Ongoing Struggle in the Hill to Avoid Federal Government Shutdown on 10/01/2016

09/15/2016: USCIS Updates H-1B Processing Times Updates on 09/15/2016

Case Types CSC VSC NSC
Consular Proc 12/15/2015 04/11/2016 N/A
Change Status 12/15/2015 04/11/2016 N/A
Extension 12/15/2015 10/02/2015 05/01/2016

09/15/2016: USCIS Updates Processing Times Report 09/15/2016

09/15/2016: DV-2018 Lottery Instructions

09/15/2016: State Department Final Rule of Diversity Immigrants Changes Photograph Requirements in the Lottery Entry Package

09/14/2016: Reportedly PERM Modernization Rule-Making Unlikely Completed B/4 Obama Leaves Office

09/14/2016: House Judiciary Full Committee's Mark Up Schedule of Today Pushed Off for H.R. 5801 and H.R. 5992 to a Later Date

09/14/2016: DOL Advises that H-2A and H-2B Program Webinar Slides Now Available

09/14/2016: Sunset of Returning Worker H-2B Legislation on 09/30/2016 and USCIS Advisory for Employers to Identify Returning Workers in H-2B Petitions for FY 2017

09/13/2016: EB-485 Processing Statistics in 3rd Quarter 2016 (as of 06/30/2016)

  New Receipt Approved Denied Pending
NSC 20,606 16,399 699 61,074
TSC 13,091 17,195 932 53,721
CSC 629 417 18 1,941











(Note: Total includes EB-485 cases transferred to and pending at local USCIS district/field offices)

09/13/2016: I-485 (All Types) Processing Statestics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: N-400 Naturalization Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-821D DACA Processing Statistics Thru 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-130 Family Immigrant Petition Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-918 U Visa Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-914 T Visa Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-129 L-1B Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-129 H-2A Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-526 Investor Immigrant Petition Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-829 Investor Immigrant Condition Removal Petition Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: I-360 Petition Processing Statistics as of 06/30/2016

09/13/2016: Today's Important House Judiciary Full Committee Session to Mark Up H.R. 5801, “Protect and Grow American Jobs Act”

09/11/2016: Time of Somber, "9/11"

09/11/2016: House of Representatives Committee Agenda for September, Including Judiciary Committee

09/10/2016: USCIS Online Customer Sites Outage 09/11/2016, Sunday, from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST)

09/09/2016: DOL FAQs re: H-2B Prevailing Wage Determinations Under 2015 H-2B Wage Final Rule

09/09/2016: Sunsetting Non-Ministerial Religious Worker Special Immigration and Regional Center Investment Immigrant Programs and State Department Alert

09/08/2016: October 2016 Visa Bulletin

09/08/2016: Extension of and Addition to Employment Authorization for Syrian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria Since March 2011

09/07/2016: USCIS Accepts the Ombudsman's Recommendation to Adopt Parole Policy for U Visa Petitioners and Family Members

09/06/2016: USCIS Teleconference on Expanded Eligibility for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Process, 09/20/2016, from 2 - 3:30 p.m. (Eastern)

09/05/2016: Reminder for NSC Sole Jurisdition, Effective 09/01/2016, for Filing of H-1B Extensions Without Any Changes to Terms of Employment

09/05/2016: Stay Tuned for State Department's Announcement of DV-2018 Visa Lottery Instructions

09/05/2016: PERM Prevailing Wage Determination Processsing Times as of September 1, 2016

09/04/2016: Congress Returns to the Legislative Session and New Fiscal Year First Visa Bulletin Likely Released This Week

09/02/2016: Democrats Want Short-Term Spending Bill to Stave Off Government Shutdown

09/02/2016: Expanded DACA/DAPA Litigation Rehearing Petition Schedule

09/02/2016: Regulatory Notice of DHS on CW-1 Numberial Limit of 12,998 in FY 2017 (10/01/2016-09/30/2017)

09/01/2016: USCIS Announces Fiscal Year 2016 Grant Recipients

09/01/2016: USCIS New Policy Memorandum: VAWA Amendments to the Cuban Adjustment Act: Continued Eligibility for Abused Spouses and Children Purpose

09/01/2016: Alert of iCERT System Down for Scheduled Maintenance

09/01/2016: H-2B LC Procedural Change in Submitting Temporary Need Documentation

08/31/2016: USCIS Forms Updated

08/31/2016: ICE to Implement Certain Extension of and Addition to EAD for Syrian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria Since March 2011

08/31/2016: Proposed International Enterpreneurs Rule Officially Published in the Federal Register Today

08/29/2016: Enterpreneurs Parole Initiative and USCIS Initiative for Rule Making Process for Spouse EAD Program

08/26/2016: iCERT System Enhancement Effective 08/26/2016 for H-2A & H-2B LC Program for "Electronic Submission of Supporting Documentation Post-Filing"

08/26/2016: USCIS Announcement of Upcoming International Enterpreneurs Parole Program

08/25/2016: DACA Lawsuit Filed in New York Challenging Preliminary Injunction of Federal District Court in Texas Against Expanded DACA/DAPA Reform of Obama

08/25/2016: Yesterday OMB Cleared the USCIS Proposed Rule for Significant Public Benefit Parole Entrepreneuars Reform

08/24/2016: Democrats' Chance of Taking Over the U.S. Senate at 60% in November 2016 Elections?

08/24/2016: USCIS "May" Consider Using "Filing Date Chart" in October 2016?

08/24/2016: USCIS Phone or Email Scam Alert

08/23/2016: Ombudsman EAD/H-1B Teleconference on August 31, 2016, 2:00 - 3:00 PM (EST)

08/23/2016: CBP Errors in Online I-94 and Request for CBP Correction

08/23/2016: USCIS Notice of Revised I-290B Form Notice of Appeal or Motion with 30-Day Comment Period

08/21/2016: Latest Update of State Department Reciprocity

08/20/2016: House of Representatives Calendar Before Elections

08/19/2016: Late Severe Storms and Flooding in Louisiana and Available Immigration Relief to Affected Foreigners by USCIS

08/18/2016: Political Reality of Vaccuum for Immigration Reform Legislation During Next Three Months

08/18/2016: Employment-Based Immigration Legal Community Undergoes Two Nightmares

08/18/2016: India EB-2 Cutoff Date in October Visa Bulletin Likely 2007

08/17/2016: Plaintiffs Promptly Filed on 08/15/2016 Response to Motion to Dismiss Filed by USCIS on 08/08/2016 in H-1B Cap Lottery System Litigation

08/17/2016: USCIS to Resume CFRS Program Within Next Few Weeks

08/16/2016: ICE Intends to Extend and Add to Employment Authorization for Syrian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria Since March 2011

08/15/2016: OFLC PERM Processing Times as of 08/15/2016

08/15/2016: Wow, OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Delays, Particularly PERM, as of 08/15/2016

08/15/2016: OFLC Webinar on Employer Filing Tips and Best Practices for Preparing and Submitting H-2B PWD Requests and H-2A/H-2B Labor Certification Applications

08/13/2016: USCIS Service Center H-1B Petition Processing Times in August 11, 2016 Report

  Consular Proc Cases Change of Status Cases Extension in U.S. Cases
 CSC 12/15/2015 12/15/2015 12/15/2015
 VSC 04/11/2016 04/11/2016 10/02/2015
 NSC (Extension w/o Changes in Employment) N/A N/A 03/31/2016

08/12/2016: OFLC Start Publishing List of Recruiters Employers Hired for H-2B Proceeding

08/12/2016: DHS and its Components, Including USCIS Website Were Down For Quite a While, but All of them Are Back up and Running Again

08/11/2016: USCIS Teleconference on CONRAD 30 Waiver Program for International Medical Graduates on 09/08/2016

08/11/2016: USCIS Moves to Dismiss Lawsuit Seeking Removal of Current Annual H-1B Cap Lottery System

08/10/2016: USCIS Corrected New I-485 Filing Availability Chart for September for Family-Based Immigration

08/10/2016: USCIS New I-485 Filing Availability Chart in September for the Employment-Based Immigration

08/10/2016: USCIS New I-485 Filing Availability Chart in September for the Family-Based Immigration

08/09/2016: Transcript of USCIS-DOS-HHS Press Call of 08/05/2016 on Syrian Refugee Processing

08/09/2016: STEM OPT Rule Challenges by Washington Alliance of Technology Workers Against DHS in U.S. District Court in DC Dismissed in All Grounds Other Than Fine of $42,239.58 Imposed on DHS

08/08/2016: Reminder of Nebraska Service Center Teleconference on Business Issues 10:00 AM (CST) of 08/11/2016 (Thu)

08/08/2016: September 2016 Visa Bulletin

08/06/2016: Clarification of NSC's Sole Jurisdiction for Certain H-1B/H-1B1 Extension Petitions Beginning from September 1, 2016

08/05/2016: USCIS Alert: H-1B Workload Transfer Transition Period Ends on August 31, 2016

08/04/2016: USCIS Schedules Spanish-Language Teleconference on El Salvador TPS Extension on 08/09/2016 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM (EST)

08/04/2016: Update of Expanded DACA/DAPA Rehearing Petition Before SCOTUS - Distributed on 08/04/2016

08/03/2016: PERM Processing Factsheet (04/01/2016 - 06/30/2016)

08/03/2016: PERM Prevailing Wage Determination FactSheet (04/01/2016 - 06/30/2016)

08/03/2016: DOL H-1B LCA Applications Processing Factsheet (04/01/2016 - 06/30/2016)

08/03/2016: USCIS AAO Appeals Processing Times as of 08/01/2016

08/03/2016: Numerical Limits on Permanent Employment-Based Immigration: Analysis of the Per-Country Ceilings by Congressional Research Service 07/28/2016

08/03/2016: USCIS Updates Policy Manual for MAVNI Program

08/02/2016: USCIS Proposed Rule for "Significant Public Benefit Parole for Enterpreneurs"

08/01/2016: F-1 Currently in 17-Month STEM OPT "MUST" Apply for Seven (7) More Months Extension by 08/08/2016, Next Monday

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