Profile of Matthew Insoo Oh, Attorney at Law

A nationally renowned immigration attorney. Mr. Oh's expertise lies in the area of Employment and Business Immigration, representing clients nationwide and internationally since 1982.

Employment based immigration is Mr. Oh's forte. He has nationally recognized expertise in helping employers obtain Green Card or Permanent Resident status for their employees, representing large national and international corporations. Mr. Oh's experience and knowledge has provided him with the tools necessary to process cases on behalf of top level scientists, engineers, business people including foreign corporate executives and managers, artists, athletes, foreign food specialty chefs, and other professionals and non-professionals in the most efficient manner and in the shortest possible time period. In handling these types of cases, Mr. Oh creates strategies and alternatives which include finding the most effective category to process the case and utilizing strategies such as Reduction in Recruitment and National Interest Waivers.

In addition to his extensive experience practicing Immigration Law, Mr. Oh is also highly academically accomplished. He obtained his Bachelor in Law degree and Master in Law degree from Seoul National University, College of Law, Seoul, Korea. Mr. Oh also obtained his Master in Law (LL.M.) degree from the Columbia University School of Law in New York City on fulbright program, and Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Mr. Oh is an active member of the Immigration Lawyers Community. He has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association (AILA). Mr. Oh was the Chairman of the Region V (USDOL/CHI)/Minnesota SESA Liaison Committee of Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of AILA. Mr. Oh was also the Chairman of the Minnesota Bar Association's Immigration Law Section. As the chairperson of this section, Mr. Oh demonstrated real leadership by organizing an Illegal Aliens Amnesty Program Outreach Campaign.

In addition to being a Fulbright fellow, Mr. Oh's other significant achievements include a "Yogi Berra 'It Ain't Over Till It's Over'" Award for his outstanding work in a legal battle with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, awarded to him by the Minnesota Ramsey County Bar Association and the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services.

Mr. Oh is also dedicated to the International Human Rights of people and democratization of their governments. Mr. Oh was a member of 13-member international delegation (U.S., Denmark, Norway, Philippines, and Thailand) observing onsite the national Presidential election of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), the first national election to elect the President of a civilian government of the Republic after years of the rule by military government that had seized the government through military coup d'eta. Mr. Oh also participated in the investigation and research of the human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and co-authored the international investigative report on behalf of the Asia Watch and Minnesota Lawyers International Human Rights Group.

Mr. Oh is a member in good standing of the Minnesota State Bar and the Washington, D.C. Bar.