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Non-immigrant Allied Health care Worker Visa Screen Requirement Final Rule
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07/02/2013: USCIS Investor Immigrant I-526 & I-829 Processing Records Through End of 1st Quarter of FY 2013

07/02/2013: USCIS Field Offices I-485 Processsing Records Through End of 1st Quarter of FY 2013

07/02/2013: USCIS Field Offices I-130 Processing Records Through End of 1st Quarter of FY 2013

07/02/2013: USCIS I-914 (T-Visa) & I-918 (U-Visa) Processing Records Through End of 1st Quarter of FY 2013

07/01/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certifications Implements Labor Certification Registry (LCR) Program

07/01/2013: House Gang of 7 Ready to Introduce House-Version Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Early Next Week

07/01/2013: USCIS Redesigns Replacement Citizenship and Naturalization Certificates

06/29/2013: President Obama Intends to Nominate Current USCIS Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, as DHS Deputy Secretary

06/29/2013: ICERT Portal System Outage Alerts

06/28/2013: Full Text of Senate CIR 2013, S. 744 as Paased

06/27/2013: FY 2013 Third Quarter H-2A Fact Sheet Update as of 06/15/2013

06/27/2013: FY 2013 Third Quarter H-2B Fact Sheet Update as of 06/15/2013

06/27/2013: FY 2013 Third Quarter H-1B Fact Sheet Update as of 06/15/2013

06/27/2013: FY 2013 Third Quarter PERM Fact Sheet Update as of 06/15/2013

06/27/2013: India EB-2 Cut-Off Date to January 1, 2008 in Next Visa Bulletin Confimed Here

06/27/2013: Senate Passed CIR 2013, S. 744 Today

06/26/2013: Total Senate CIR Amenedment Courts: 536

06/25/2013: Total Senate CIR Amendment Counts: 478

06/24/2013: House Judiciary Markup Sessions of Two Piecemeal Immigration Reform Bills on 26th and 27th of June 2013

06/24/2013: This Reporter Will be in the AILA Annual Conference in San Francisco and Unable to Report Frequently This Week

06/24/2013: Senate Passed by 67:27 Votes the Motion to Invoke Cloture on Leahy Amdt. No. 1183, As Modified by the Corker-Hoeven Amendment

06/22/2013: Outline of Corker-Hoeven Amendment Considered a Breakthrough for Bi-Partisan Compromise of CIR 2013

06/21/2013: Enhanced Border Security Compromise Amendment Bill Expected to Assure 70 Votes and Speedy Conclusion of Senate CIR 2013 Legislation

06/21/2013: Yesterday, Another 122 Amendments Introduced for Senate CIR 2013 Adding Upto Total of 366 Amendments

06/20/2013: This Reporter's Attendance with AILA National Conference Next Week and Contact E-Mail Address

06/20/2013: Senate CIR Amendment Vote Update

06/20/2013: USCIS 800 Number Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

06/20/2013: USCIS I-140 Processing Statistics as at 04/30/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 6,894 4,387 11,334
Customer action waiting 1,534 3,122 4,656
Completed 4,792 3,991 8,786
New receipts 3,208 2,189 5,397

06/20/2013: USCIS EB-I-485 Processing Statistics as at 04/30/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 22,976 23,362
Preadjudicated 53,676 45,349 99,072
Customer action waiting 2,763 15,099
Completed 9,676 10,470
New receipts 7,157 9,251

(Preadjudicated numbers remain very steady for the past several months. Some of these cases involving Indian EB-2 are likely to be approved when visa number becomes available hopefully in August 2013. The numbers for customer action waiting for Texas Service Center may go up, according to various reports. There have been huge differences between TSC and NSC for this.)

06/20/2013: BIA Rules That for 212(h) Relief, Concurrently filed I-485 is Required and Stand-Alone 212(h) Not Available

06/20/2013: Yesterday, 84 More Amendments Were Introduced for Senate CIR 2013

06/19/2013: House Judiciary Committee Passed Today Rep. Bob Goodlatte Bill of H.R. 1773 "Agricultural Guestworker Act”

06/19/2013: USCIS Monthly Statistics of Application for Immigration Benefits as at the End of April 2013

06/19/2013: USCIS Monthly Statistics of N-400 Natuarlization Benefits as at the End of April 2013

06/19/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Releases a Centralized Listing of All Programs & Technical Help Desks

06/19/2013: Today's Senate Floor Schedule and Vote Results for CIR 2013 Amendments

06/18/2013: Senate CIR 2013 Amendment Vote Results Today (4 Amendments)

06/18/2013: CBO Releases Reports of Impact of CIR 2013 - Reduces $197 Billion Deficits and Increases $175 Billion Savings During Next 10 Years!! Mama Mia!!!

06/18/2013: USCIS Releases Monthly Processing Times Update 06/18/2013

06/18/2013: USCIS H-4 Employment Authorization Proposal in Limbo, Pending CIR 2013

06/18/2013: Twenty Eight (28) Additional Amendments Introduced Yesterday in the Senate for CIR 2013

06/18/2013: Embattled Director of ICE John Morton Departs Leaving Conflicting Legacy in Immigration Enforcement

06/17/2013: Senate to Start Votes on Amendments to CIR 2013 Beginning from Tomorrow

06/17/2013: CBO (Congressional Budget Office) to Release on 06/18/2013 Report on Impact of CIR 2013 on Budget and Economy for Next 10 Years

06/17/2013: Alert: Revised ETA 9141 Prevailing Wage Determination Form Effective Tomorrow, 06/18/2013

06/17/2013: USCIS Releases Syrian TPS Extension Application Procedure

06/17/2013: Senate Resumes CIR 2013 This Eveining With All the Positive News in the Media Reports

06/15/2013: White House OMB Approved USICE Extension of Employment Authorization for Syrian F-1 Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship as a Direct Result of Civil Unrest in Syria since March 2011

06/15/2013: White House OMB Approved USCIS Extension and Redesignation of Syria for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on 06/14/2013

06/15/2013: CBO Takes its Upcoming Report of 10-Year Budgetary and Economic Impact of CIR 2013 Serious and Decides to Skip Regular Semi-Annual Budgetary and Economic Report

06/15/2013: Anticipated Movement of EB-2 Visa Cut-Off Date for India in August Visa Bulletin and Signs of USCIS Initiating Adjudication Process

06/15/2013: DOL ICERT Site Outage Early Tuesday Morning, 06/18/2013

06/15/2013: House Move to Finish Up Piecemeal Immigration Bills

06/14/2013: USCIS Releases DACA Processing Updates 06/14/2013

06/14/2013: A Very Partisan and Contentious Senate Floor CIR Bill Amendment Process

06/13/2013: House Yet to Find a Direction for Immigration Reform

06/13/2013: PERM Processing Times Update as of 06/04/2013

06/13/2013: USCIS AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) Processing Times Update as of 06/03/2013

06/13/2013: Senate CIR Additional 32 Amendments Introduced on 06/02/2013 (Visit Amendments Site)

06/12/2013: USCIS Amends Policy of RFE and NOID Issuance Guidelines

06/12/2013: Amendment Vote Procedural See-Saw by Two Senate Giants

06/12/2013: Text of All Amendments

06/12/2013: Sen. Grassley Supports the CIR Bill and Propose his Amendment #1195

06/12/2013: Amendments (S.AMDT) to CIR 2013 Bill Introduced on the Senate Floor Yesterday, 06/11/2013

06/12/2013: Senate Judiciary Chairman Final Report of CIR 2013 as Amended and Presented for Senate Floor Action

06/11/2013: Senate also Passed Motion to Proceed Consideration of CIR Bill and All Set for Debates for Amendments

06/11/2013: Senate Passed Motion to Cloture by 85:15 Majority Vote at 2:45 Today Removing Filibuster Roadblock

06/11/2013: McCain/Kennedy 2006 CIR Bill, Senate Gang of 8 2013 CIR Bill, and Potential Assessment of Budgetary/Economic Impact of CIR for 10-Year Period

06/11/2013: Effective July 12, 2013, Nonimmigrant Mexicans Can Travel to New Mexico Within 55 Miles of New Border Zone Without I-94

06/11/2013: CIR in Senate Faces First Challenge Today at 2:15 P.M. to Overcome Potential Filibuster

06/10/2013: Republican House Speaker Lays Out House CIR Timelines

06/10/2013: Senate CIR 2013 and Role/Power of Senate Majority Leader on Senate Floor Proceedings

06/10/2013: The EOIR Reissued Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Practice Manual as of 06/10/2013

06/10/2013: Reminder of USCIS Field Office Closure in Tegucigalpa, Honduras as of 06/20/2013

06/10/2013: USCIS Loosens Up Naturalization Requirements for Certain Interpreters, Translators & Security Related Positions in Iraq and Afghanistan

06/08/2013: President Obama Asks Today that He Wants to Have CIR Bill on His Desk By the End of Summer This Year and No Later

06/08/2013: USCIS Considers User Fee (Filing Fee) Schedule Changes

06/07/2013: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Statement in Opening up CIR Debate on Senate Floor Today

"I applaud the efforts of the Gang of Eight, four Democrats and four Republicans, who set aside partisan to face immigration. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. It is gratifying to see this package of commonsense reforms which will make our country safer and help undocumented immigrants get right with the law. I had a number of meetings over the last few days with pollsters taking a look at this legislation, and they all acknowledge that the vast majority of the American people want us to move forward on this. Democrats, independents and Republicans, recognizing the system is broken and needs to be fixed. And, they all agree on a pathway to citizenship. And I have committed to as open as possible process for amendments. I don't want to say totally open because sometimes with the procedures we have here, as with the Farm bill, people throw monkey wrenches into things and we're not able to do as we want to do. But we'll wrap this legislation up before the July 4 recess. I hope senators will take advantage of today's time for debate. I look forward to a thorough and thoughtful discussion and deliberation of this legislation in the days ahead."

06/07/2013: State Department Visa Cut-Off Date Predictions (August-October 2013)

06/07/2013: July 2013 Visa Bulletin

06/07/2013: State Department Releases EB-Visa Demand Data for Determination of Cut-Off Dates for July 2013 Visa Bulletin

06/07/2013: CIR 2013 (S. 744) on the Senate Legislative Calendar No. 80 and Senate Floor Schedule Next Week

06/07/2013: House Passed 06/06/2013 H.R.2217 DHS Appropriations Act, 2014 With Rep. Steve King Amendment on Funding Ban for Morton Memo & DACA Programs

06/07/2013: OMB Cleared 06/06/2013 a Final Rule Extending the Border Zone from 25 Miles to 55 Miles in the State of New Mexico

06/06/2013: House Gang of 7 CIR Bill Likely Finalized and Introduced in the House as Early as Next Week or Soon Thereafter

06/06/2013: With Naming of Republican Attorney General of New Jersey as Interim U.S. Senator Pending Election in October 2013, Republicans Gained One More Seat in the U.S. Senate

06/06/2013: Sen. John Cornyn Reveals his Proposed Compromised Amendment to Senate CIR 2013, S. 744

06/06/2013: Office of Chief Immigration Judge Reissues Entire New Immigration Court Manual Online

06/06/2013: Reminder - Two USCIS ELIS Webinar Sessions "Today" With Questions & Answers Opportunity

06/06/2013: Reminder - iCERT Site Will Be Down "Tonight"

06/06/2013: House Amendment Bill to Retaliate Brazil for U.S. Visas Failed

06/06/2013: House Amendment Bill to Keep 287(g) Enforcement Passed

06/05/2013: Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, Abandons House Gang of 8 After Today's Meeting

06/05/2013: House Gang of 8 Reportedly on the Blink of Collapse and House Republicans Stuck with Piecemeal Reform Option

06/05/2013: Senate Mourns for Late Senator Lautenberg

06/04/2013: Senate CIR 2013 Vote Target: 60 or 70?

06/04/2013: USCIS Reopens Citizenship Grant Applications Until Tomorrow, 06/05/2013

06/04/2013: Immigrant Community Saddened by Death of Senator Fank Lautenberg of New Jersey Yesterday in Critical Senate CIR Legislation Time

06/04/2013: USCIS Memorandum 05/31/2013 on Ethiopia's Requirement of PAIR (Pre-Adoption Immigration Review) & I-600 Processing

06/04/2013: USCIS Releases 05/01/2013 Updated Naturalization Applications Data as of End of March 2013

06/04/2013: USCIS Releases 05/01/2013 Updated Immigration Benefits Applications Data as of End of March 2013

06/03/2013: PERM Processing Times Update as of 05/06/2013

06/03/2013: Unconfirmed Rumor of Furloughs Affecting USCIS and DOL Foreign Labor Certification Business

06/03/2013: Senate Floor Anticipated Schedule for Senate CIR 2013 Bill, S. 744

06/03/2013: USCIS and AILA/Local Bar Meeting Minutes

06/02/2013: DOL iCERT System Outage Alert

06/01/2013: Republican Conservatives Schedule a Bi-Cameral Meeting Next Wednesday, 06/05/2013, to Find a Direction for Republicans for the Immigration Reform

05/31/2013: iCERT Site Outage Alert

05/31/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Releases CIR 2013 (S. 744) as Amended

05/31/2013: USCIS Customer Service Unavailable on 06/1/2013 Night

05/31/2013: Two Other Immigration Forms That Will Expire in Mid-June 2013

05/31/2013: Both State Department and Labor Deparment Have Released Alerts That Old Version G-28 Form Would Not be Acceptable

05/31/2013: Fate of India EB-2 in the 4th Quarter FY 2013 Visa Bulletin

05/31/2013: Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Likley Assessment of Impact of S. 744 Legislation on Federal Budget for Next 10 Years "Minimal"

05/30/2013: USCIS Releases Final Policy Memorandum EB-5 Adjudications Policy 05/30/2013

05/30/2013: USCIS Announcement of TPS Extension for Salvadorans

05/30/2013: PERM System Outage Next Thursday 06/06/2013

05/29/2013: Prevailing Wage Rate Anticipated to Go Up Substantially Beginning from 07/01/2013

05/29/2013: El Salvador TPS Designation Extension Until 03/09/2015

05/28/2013: "Korea" Missing in the List of Countries in the New I-140, I-102, and N-600 Forms

05/28/2013: New G-28 Form and Additional USCIS Guidance

05/27/2013: CBP Automated I-94 Web Application Demonstration

05/26/2013: El Salvador TPS Designation Extension Got Nod From OMB

05/26/2013: 2014 Senate Mid-Term National Election Map

05/25/2013: House and Senate Adjourned and Will not Return to Sessions Until 06/03/2013

05/24/2013: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Reportedly to Take up Senate CIR Bill on Senate Floor in the Week of 06/10/2013

05/24/2013: Scheduled Implementation of I-94 Automation by the End of May in All Ports of Entry and Advisory to Print Out & Keep Online I-94 Copy

05/24/2013: Current PERM Labor Certification Processing Times

05/24/2013: House Speaker Determined to go with its Own CIR Bill Rather Than Senate CIR Bill

05/24/2013: USCIS I-140 Processing Statistics as at 03/31/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 8,479 6,284 14,817
Customer action waiting 1,601 3,032 4,633
Completed 3,681 3,802 7,485
New receipts 3,044 2,101 5,145

(The case loads are well balanced, probably as affected by the USCIS effort to redistribute the I-140 case loads and its decision to stop its practice making TSC the sole Service Center to adjudicate I-140 cases which were filed online by employers rather than paper filing. NSC appears to experience with RFE cases. )

05/24/2013: USCIS EB-I-485 Processing Statistics as at 03/31/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 24,442 23,557
Preadjudicated 54,738 45,996 100,864
Customer action waiting 3,0442 15,005
Completed 9,750 10,053
New receipts 6,845 8,373

(As one can appreciate it, preadjudicatiion cases remain more or less stand-still as they may not preadjudicate EB-485 applications under the current visa number standstill movement. NSC is still showing a large volume of customer awaiting EB-485 cases. Most of these cases must be RFE. Otherwise, case loads are well balanced between the two Service Centers.)

05/23/2013: Current Version of G-28 for Attorney or Representative Representation in the Immigration Proceeding Not Acceptable Effective 05/26/2013, Sunday

05/23/2013: USCIS Releases Employment-Based I-485 Inventory Data as of 04/02/2013 for Service Centers and Field Offices

05/23/2013: Soon-to-be-Released CBO Report of Budgetary/Economic Impact of CIR 2013 and its Critical Impact on the Future of CIR 2013 Legislation

05/23/2013: Read the Reaction of H-1B Opponents to Victorious H-1B Reform for Tech Industry in Senate Judiciary Schumer-Hatch Compromise

05/22/2013: Fate of H-1B Dependent IT Consulting Businesses Under the Senate Judiciary Passed CIR Bill

05/22/2013: White House Press Release on Senate Judiciary CIR Action

05/21/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Passed the CIR 2013 Bill as Amended Today 13:5 Majority Votes

05/21/2013: CIR 2013 Bill Markups Likely Completed Today

05/21/2013: Hatch-Schumer Compromised Amendment for H-1B and L-1 Worker Sailed Through Smoothly and Likely Pass in the Committee Before 5:00 p.m. Today

05/21/2013: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 05/21/2013

05/21/2013: Senate Judiciary Wrap Up CIR 2013 Markup Session Today!

05/21/2013: "Presence Requirement" for Legalization Eligibility Cut-Date Stays 12/31/2011

05/21/2013: Unconfirmed Sources Indicate Deal Reached and Senate Judiciary to Take Up Sen. Hatch Amendments Today

05/21/2013: Senate Judiciary Scheduled to Complete and Pass the CIR 2013 Bill, as Amended, Before Memorial Day Recess Next Week

05/21/2013: USCIS Field Office in Okalahoma Closed Today

05/21/2013: USCIS Immigrant Fee Payment Moves to USCIS ELIS

05/20/2013: Continuation of Senate Judiciary CIR 2013 Markup Today

05/18/2013: Senate Judiciary CIR Markup Continuation on 05/20/2013, Monday

05/18/2013: H-1B Politics Shifts to Backroom in Senate Judiciary Markup Sessions

05/17/2013: USCIS DACA Processing Statistics Update May 2013

05/17/2013: Summary of 44 Amendments to S. 744 Passed

05/16/2013: House Gang of 8 Reportedly Reached Agreement on House Version CIR & in the Process of Getting Approvals from House Leaders

05/16/2013: Staffing/Consulting Company Outplacement Ban Decision Postponed Until Next Week

05/16/2013: Sen. Leahy Amendment #2 to Make EB-5 Regional Center Program "Permanent" in Judiciary CIR Session Today

05/16/2013: Irish E-3 Visa Program Sustained as Provided in CIR 2013 Bill by Sen. Grassley's Withdrawal of his Amendment to this Provision in Judiciary Sesseion Today

05/16/2013: Senate Judiciary Passes Visa Waiver Program for Hong Kong

05/16/2013: Senate Judiciary to Continue CIR Markup Session Beginning 9:30 a.m. Est

05/16/2013: House Judiciary Hearing on "S. 744 and the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Lessons Learned or Mistakes Repeated?" on 05/22/2013 Wednesday

05/15/2013: Reminder - Applications for FY 2013 Citizenship & Integration Grant Program Due by 05/22/2013

05/14/2013: Senate Judiciary Adjourned Until Thursday 05/16/2013

05/14/2013: Sen. Grassley Amendment to Strike Special Trade Visas to South Korea: Defeated

05/14/2013: Sen. Schumer Amendment #3 to Give 10,500 New E-Visas to African and Caribbean Basin Countries: Agreed

05/14/2013: Sen. Grassley Amedment #62 "Intending Immigrant" Survived!! Grassley Amendment Defeated!

05/14/2013: Sen. Grassley Amendment #60 Deafed

05/14/2013: Sen. Ted Cruz Amendment #5 Defeated

05/14/2013: Sen. Grassley Amendment #67 Defeated

05/14/2013: Morning Session Did not Look too Good for H-1B Employers

05/14/2013: Sen. Grassley Amendment #58 Passed with No Objections

05/14/2013: Sen. Sessions Amendment #1 Defeated by 1:17 in Senate CIR Session Today

05/14/2013: USCIS Confirmation of Guangzhou Field Office Closure on 05/14/2013, 05/15/2013, and Pending Further Notice

05/14/2013: Primary Stakeholders of Today's Senate Judiciary CIR 2013 Session

05/13/2013: USCIS Announces Today its International Field Office in Guangzhou Closure Until Further Notice

05/13/2013: Reportedly All Arriving F, M, and J Students Referred to "Secondary Inspection" at the Airports

05/13/2013: State Department to Increase Processing Fees for J Program Sponsor Designation/Redesignation & J Visa Administrative Processing Fees Effective 06/12/2013

05/11/2013: Heritage Foundation and Vulnerability of Merit-Based System (AKA Point-System) in CIR

05/10/2013: Ouch!

05/10/2013: USCIS AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) Appeal Processing Times Released 05/10/2013

05/10/2013: June 2013 Visa Bulletin

05/10/2013: Senate Judiciary CIR 2013 Continuation Markup Session Scheduled on 05/14/2013, 10:00 AM

05/10/2013: USCIS Menu of Potential Immigrant (EB-1 & EB-2) or Nonimmigrant Visa Pathways for Foreign Entrepreneurs.

05/10/2013: House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee "Piece-meal" Immigration Hearings on 05/16/2013

05/09/2013: CIR Amendments Agreed or Rejected in Senate Judiciary Committee Today

05/09/2013: What a Wonderful Markup Session the Senate Judiciary Had for CIR 2013!

05/09/2013: Great News for RPI Legalization Immigrants

05/09/2013: House Bill, H.R. 1886, to Prohibit Border Crossing Fees Introduced

05/08/2013: Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Report to the Congress on 2013 Update of Description of the Immigrant Population

05/08/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Sen. Leahy, Releases Information on Markup Process for CIR 2013

05/08/2013: Hardliner New Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas Proposes in CIR Amendment to Make Naturalization Ineligible for Those Willfully and Unlawfully Present in the U.S.

05/08/2013: Sen. Coon Proposes in CIR Amendment Professional/Business License Opportunities for Employment Authorized Nonimmigrants

05/08/2013: Sen. Chuck Grassley Proposes in CIR Amendment to Prohibit Certain F-1 Precompletion Practical Training Program Pending SEVIS II Tracking System in Place and Implementation

05/08/2013: Sen. Chuck Grassley Proposes in CIR Amendment to Delay Implementation of New "Dual Intent" Benefits for F-1 Students Pending SEVIS II Tracking System in Place

05/08/2013: Sen. Chuck Grassley Proposes in CIR Amendment to Require, for Both H-4 & L-2 Spouses EAD Eligibility, Reciprocal Law in the Spouse Country of Origin

05/07/2013: Sen. Chuck Grassley "Alone" Introduces "77" Amendments!

05/07/2013: Senator Leahy Introduces Amendments to S. 744 Giving "Permanent Partners" Equal Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Benefits as "Spouse" Under CIR 2013

05/07/2013: Wow, Amendments to S. 744 (See Above)

05/07/2013: DHS to Extend Designation of El Salvador TPS

05/07/2013: State Deparment Employment-Based Visa Demand Data for Determination of June 2013 Visa Bulletin

05/07/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certifications Permanent and Temporary Labor Certification Determination Disclosure Data for FY 2013 Second Quarter (Jan-March 2013)

05/07/2013: Mounting Anti CIR 2013 Campaign by Anti-Immigration Forces Led by The Heritage Foundation, Conservative Think Tank

05/06/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee CIR 2013 Amendment Tracking

05/06/2013: Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Hearing on Role of Immigrants in America's Innovation Economy in the Context of CIR 2013

05/06/2013: Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing on CIR 2013 Scheduled on 05/07/2013

05/05/2013: Do You Want to Know How Money and Business Make CIR 2013 Work?

05/05/2013: Top Vacancies of OMB Come on Top of Furloughs with a Mess in Regulatory Affairs

05/04/2013: The Signs of Successful Compromise with S. 744 - CIR 2013

05/03/2013: USCIS Schedules a Stakeholder Teleconference on Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Process on 05/10/2013

05/03/2013: Strategy to Pass the CIR 2013 by 70 Yeah Votes Out of 100 Votes in the Senate

05/03/2013: Current Edtition of I-751 Form Not Acceptable Effective 06/16/2013

05/03/2013: Relocation of USCIS Field Office in Tuscon, AZ and Office Closing 05/02/2013 Through 05/07/2013

05/02/2013: Different Standard of "Approvable When Filed" Between I-140 Petition and Labor Certification for 245(i) Grandfathering

05/02/2013: Minnesota Senate Passed “Path to Prosperity Act,” Allowing DACA Students State Financial Aid, In-State Tuition & Private Scholarships

05/01/2013: Reminder - Effective 05/01/2013, FY 2014 DV Immigrant Lottery Registrants Can Check Their Lottery Results

05/01/2013: CIR 2013 Sponsors Amend the Text of the Bill

05/01/2013: Important Changes to the Original Senate CIR Bill Text by the Sponsors

05/01/2013: Obama Administration Should Not Halt Administrative Fixes Inititally Planned and Initiated

05/01/2013: Potential Issues of Challenges in the House Against the Senate CIR Bill, S. 744

05/01/2013: USCIS Immigrant Fee Payment to Move to USCIS ELIS

05/01/2013: Department of State Proposed Rule to Change Exchange Visitor Program for Teachers

04/29/2013: Senator Marco Rubio Seeks Your Input to Improve the Introduced CIR 2013

04/29/2013: USCIS AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) Processing Record for FY 2012

04/28/2013: CBP Video of Web I-94 Application Demonstration

04/28/2013: Senate Judiciary Chairman Notice of Filing Deadline for Amendments to S. 377 (CIR) by 05:00 p.m. (EST), May 7, 2013

Patrick J. Leahy (Chairman)(D), T: 202-224-4242, F: 202-224-3479
Chuck Grassley (Republican Ranking Member), T: 202-224-3744, F: 202-224-6020
Sheldon Whitehouse (D), T: 202-224-2921, F: 202-228-6362
Dianne Feinstein (D), T: 202-224-3841, F: 202-228-3954
Chuck Schumer (D), T: 202-224-6542, F: 202-228-3027
Orrin G. Hatch (R), T: 202-224-5251, F: 202-224-6331
Michael S. Lee (R), T: 202-224-5444, F: 202-228-1168
Richard Durbin (D), T: 202-224-2152, F: 202-228-0400
Jeff Sessions (R), T: 202-224-4124, F: 202-224-3149
Lindsey Graham (R), T: 202-224-5972, F: 202-224-3808
Amy Klobuchar (D), T: 202-224-3244, F: 202-228-2186
Al Franken (D), T: 202-224-5641, F: 202-224-0044
Christopher A. Coons (D), T: 202-224-5042, F: 202-228-3075
Ted Cruz (R), T: 202-224,5922, F: Not Available
John Cornyn (R), T: 202-224-2934, F: 202-228-2856
Richard Blumenthal (D), T: 202-224-2823, F: 202-224-9673
Jeff Flake (R), T: 202-224-4521, F: 202-228-0515
Mazie Hirono (D), T: 202-224-6361, F: 202-224-2126

04/27/2013: Success of CIR 2013 Will Depend on Pressures from Business Community

04/27/2013: Beautiful Moonlight Shining Through the Window

04/27/2013: Two Piece-Meal Immigration Bills Introduced by Current and Former Chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee

04/26/2013: What Are Rate of Winning Opportunity in the H-1B Cap Lottery

04/26/2013: USCIS Online Customer Service Not Available this Sunday, April 28, 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Eastern)

04/26/2013: FY 2014 H-1B Cap Processing

04/26/2013: Senate Practically Recesses Until May 6 Other Than Pro Forma Sessions In-Between

04/26/2013: New STEM Entrepreneur Immigrant Visa Classification Bill Introduced in the House

04/26/2013: USCIS I-140 Processing Statistics as at 02/28/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 8,877 7,965 16,904
Customer action waiting 1,646 2,937 4,583
Completed 3,529 3,369 6,899
New receipts 3,397 2,399 5,996

(For the last three months, the volume has been dropping down somewhat. The case loads are well balanced, probably as affected by the USCIS effort to redistribute the I-140 case loads and its decision to stop its practice making TSC the sole Service Center to adjudicate I-140 cases which were filed online by employers rather than paper filing.)

04/26/2013: USCIS EB-I-485 Processing Statistics as at 02/28/2013

   TSC NSC National
Pending 25,949 24,929
Preadjudicated 55,897 47,149 103,197
Customer action waiting 3,201 13,588
Completed 8,952 8,837
New receipts 5,895 7,797

(As one can appreciate it, preadjudicatiion cases remain more or less stand-still as they may not preadjudicate EB-485 applications under the current visa number standstill movement. NSC is still showing a large volume of customer awaiting EB-485 cases. Most of these cases must be RFE. Otherwise, case loads are well balanced between the two Service Centers.)

04/25/2013: USCIS also Resumed Processsing of H-2B Petitions

04/25/2013: ICERT Outage Alert

04/25/2013: Time for F-1 OPT H-1B Cap Filer to Review OPT Cap Gap Rule Summary of USCIS

04/25/2013: Conflict of House Democratic and Republican Leaders on CIR Agenda and Schedule in the House

04/25/2013: Senate Confirmed Appointment of New Director for White House OMB Yesterday

04/24/2013: Success of CIR 2013 Requires More Than Hispanic Power

04/24/2013: Immigrant Visa Fee Payment and Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Application, I-601A

04/24/2013: Effective Today, DOL Resumes Processing of H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Applications

04/24/2013: DACA (I-821D) and Related EAD Processing Times Added to USCIS Monthly Processing Times Hereon

04/24/2013: Ongoing Dreamer's Relief Facing Potential Jeopardy

04/23/2013: USCIS Six Webinar Schedules on Revised I-9 Form for Employers

04/23/2013: Text of Testimony of DHS Secretary in Today's CIR Hearing at Senate Judiciary Committee

04/23/2013: USCIS National Customer Service Center (800 Number) Experiencing Connection Difficulties

04/23/2013: USCIS ELIS Maintenance Outage Scheduled on April 28

04/23/2013: Yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on CIR

04/22/2013: Scheduled Release of H-2B Methodology Interim Final Rule in Federal Register on Wednesday, 04/24/2013

04/22/2013: Implementation of Revised I-9 Employment Verification Form Effective 05/07/2013 and USCIS Six Webinar Schedules of the Revised Form

04/22/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Executive Business Meeting on 04/25/2013 on "S. 744 The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”

04/22/2013: WOW! Senate Judiciary Scheduling Another CIR Hearing Tomorrow!

04/22/2013: Text of Testimonies of Witnesses (Live Webcast) Before Senate Judiciary Hearing Today on "The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, S.744”

04/21/2013: CIR 2013 Discussion Site

04/20/2013: Boston Marathon Bombing and Potential Impact on CIR Legislation Process

04/20/2013: Reader Friendly Text Version of CIR Bill, S. 744

04/19/2013: Thank You for All the Wonderful Questions and Issues Raised on CIR

04/19/2013: Employers, Did You File Non-Premium Processing H-1B Cap Cases? You are Not Alone in the Waiting Line.

04/19/2013: Point System Immigration Reform under the Name of Merit-Based Immigration System in CIR

04/18/2013: List of Witness to Testify Before Senate Judidicary Committee Tomorrow on CIR

04/18/2013: Thank You for All the Interesting Questions

04/18/2013: Unfair and Unjustifiable Treatment of Employment Authorization in CIR Between High Skilled Worker (H-1B) Spouses and Lower Skilled Worker (W) Spouses

04/18/2013: Q&A on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

04/17/2013: CIR Eliminates Per Country Numerical Limitation for Employment-Based Immigration

04/17/2013: Exact Time of CIR Bill Introduction

04/17/2013: H-4 Spouse EAD Administrative Fix Proposal and CIR Legislative Proposal

04/17/2013: The Bill Number of "The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013" izz................S.744

Mr. SCHUMER. Mr. President, first before I get into the substance here tonight, on behalf of myself, Mr. MCCAIN, the Presiding Officer, Mr. DURBIN, Mr. GRAHAM, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. RUBIO, Mr. BENNET and Mr. FLAKE, we are introducing comprehensive immigration reform. Bottom line, a lot of work went into this bill, and I want to thank all of the staffs who have been up until now allowing us to introduce this bill as we promised in this legislative day. We are undergirded by the fact that Americans will be fair, balanced, and filled with common sense for legal immigrants and the 11 million here living in the shadows, as long as they believe we will not have future waves of illegal immigration. I believe our bill meets that test.

So I would like to thank everybody, including the great floor staff who waited very late tonight. I would like to thank my friend, colleague, and roommate, Senator DURBIN, for staying up this late, and Leon Fresco, Stephanie Martz and all of our staffs who worked so hard on this great legislation whose
voyage begins now.

04/17/2013: Senator Chuck Schumer Introduced the CIR Bill in the Senate's 04/16/2013 Session That Continued After Midnight

04/16/2013: Priority Placed on Our Reporting of Highlights of Components of Immigration Reform in the Senate CIR Bill

04/16/2013: President Obama Reportedly Hails Senate CIR Bill

04/16/2013: Highlights of Skilled Worker (Professional) H-1B Program and Annual Cap Reform in the Senate CIR Bill

04/16/2013: DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Releases Latest Reports

04/16/2013: Highlights of Reform of "Legal" Immigration System under the CIR Bill

04/16/2013 Outline of CIR Bill Released

04/16/2013: Senate Gange of CIR 8 Cancels CIR Release Press Release Which was Scheduled at 11:00 A.M. This Morning as Affected by the Boston Incident

04/16/2013: House Bill for E-3 Visa to South Korea Referred to House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee for Action

04/15/2013: Senate Gang of 8 CIR Schedule of Introducing Bill Delayed From Tuesday to a Later Date This Week

04/15/2013: USCIS Schedules a Teleconference of Provisional Waiver of Unlawful Presence Process

04/15/2013: Clarification of 2014 H-1B Cap Lottery Selection

04/15/2013: Reported 1,500-Page Senate CIR Bill Expected in the Senate Tomorrow and Less Known Legal Immigration Reform, Overshadowed by Legalization and Border Security/Immigration Enforcement Reform Discussions

04/14/2013: At Least One Key Member of Senate Gang of 8 Reconfirms Tuesday as the CIR Bill Introduction Date

04/14/2013: CIR Bill 1,500 Pages?

04/13/2013: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Introduced H.R. 1525, Family Immigration Focused Immigration Reform Bill

04/13/2013: Senate CIR Bill Reportedly Ready to be Introduced in the Senate Tuesday 04/16/2013

04/12/2013: Legalization Relief Under Senate CIR Bill Limited to Those Who Entered the U.S. Before January 1, 2012?

04/12/2013: USCIS Releases DACA Processing Update Today for the DATA at the End of March 2013

04/12/2013: Senate Bill to Grant Visa Waiver Program Membership to Hong Kong

04/11/2013: PERM Processing Times Update as of 04/01/2013

04/11/2013: OFLC Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 03/26/2013

04/11/2013: PERM Fact Sheet Update on 03/26/2013 for the 2nd Quarter of FY 2013 (January - March 2013)

04/11/2013: Prevailing Wage Determination Fact Sheet Update on 03/26/2013 for the 2nd Quarter of FY 2013 (January - March 2013)

04/11/2013: H-1B LCA Fact Sheet Update on 03/26/2013 for the 2nd Quarter of FY 2013 (January - March 2013)

04/11/2013: H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Fact Sheet Update on 03/26/2013 for the 2nd Quarter of FY 2013 (January - March 2013)

04/11/2013: H-2A Temporary Labor Certification Fact Sheet Update on 03/26/2013 for the 2nd Quarter of FY 2013 (January - March 2013)

04/11/2013: USCIS ELIS Site Outage Alert Sunday 04/14/2013 for Maintnance

04/11/2013: Senate CIR Bill Pushed Back Again by Gun Control Debates Today

04/11/2013: Haven't 8 Players in the Senate and 8 Players in the House Reached a Limit Working Behind the Closed Doors?

04/11/2013: Written Testimony of DHS Secretary in Congress FY-2014 DHS Budget Request

04/10/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation Hearing on 04/17/2013

04/10/2013: May 2013 Visa Bulletin Released

04/10/2013: USCIS Issues Alert for I-539 Filers

04/10/2013: USCIS Schedules National Spanish Language Teleconference Today

04/10/2013: Pro Immigration Reform Rally in the Nation's Capital Today

04/09/2013: Senate CIR Gang of 8 Scheduled to Introduce the Bi-Partisan CIR Bill Thursday, 04/11/2013?

04/09/2013: Are You H-1B Cap Premium Processing Filer Receiving Receipt Dated 04/08/2013 with Promise to Complete Within 15 Days?

04/09/2013: One Wonders What Causes a Snag in the DHS Agenda to Extend Benefits to the Spouses of H-1B Professionals and Foreign Students

04/09/2013: Flood of Immigration Bills Referred to the House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Yesterday When the House Returned to the Session

04/09/2013: H.R. 633, former H.R. 3012, Which was Reintroduced in the House Referred to the House Judiciary Committee for Action

04/09/2013: Startup Act 3.0 H.R.714 Referred to the Judiciary Committee of the House

04/09/2013: Reuniting Families Act H.R. 717 Moves to House Judiciary Committee

04/09/2013: H.R.640 -- Student Visa Security Improvement Act

04/08/2013: USCIS Appeal (AAO) Processing Times as of 04/02/2013

04/08/2013: EB Demand Data for Determination of May 2013 Visa Bulletin as of 04/08/2013

04/08/2013: USCIS Report of Total H-1B Cap Cases Received: About 124,000

04/08/2013: USCIS Teleconference on Implementation of Customer Identity Verification at Field Office on April 16, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)

04/08/2013: USCIS to Implement Customer Identity Verification at Field Offices

04/08/2013: Here We Go, Gang of 8 Prediction for Introduction of CIR Bill in the Senate Appears Not Until the End of Week, at Best

04/07/2013: As the Senate Returns to the Session Tomorrow, 04/08/2013, No CIR Bill is Likely to be Introduced by the Senate Gang of 8 Tomorrow

04/07/2013: This Year's H-1B Cap Crush May Trigger USCIS Implementation of H-1B Cap Online Pre-Registration Requirement Coming Years

04/06/2013: U.S. Master Degree H-1B Cap Filers with Double Dip of Opportunities in the Forcoming H-1B Cap Computer Random Selection Process

04/05/2013: Now Cap Has Reached and Final Date is Determined, and Question Remains Total Numbers and Numbers That Will be Rejected Thru Random Lottery Process

04/05/2013: USCIS Announcement of Reach of H-1B Cap

04/05/2013: Summary of New and Updated Citizenship & Naturalization Policies of USCIS

04/05/2013: ICERT Outage Alert

04/05/2013: USCIS Releases 2013 Poverty Guidelines, I-864P

04/05/2013: One Estimate for Total H-1B Cap Filing on 04/01/2013

04/04/2013: Senator Marco Rubio Walking a Nervously Thin Line of Position as a CIR Proponent and as a CIR Opponent in the Eyes of Media

04/04/2013: USCIS Invites Stakeholders to a Web-ex Training Session on Immigration Relief for Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Other Serious Crimes

04/04/2013: USCIS Updates Processing Times on 04/03/2013

04/04/2013: Reports of Inability to Confirm Delivery of Some of H-1B Cap Packages Scheduled to be Delivered to the Vermont Service Center

04/04/2013: House CIR Group of 8 Proposal for Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants, One of the Components of CIR Legislation

04/04/2013: USCIS Online Customer Service Tools Unavailable This Sunday, April 7 (10:00 am - 02:00 pm ET)

04/03/2013: Potential Expansion of Visa Waiver Program as Part of Senate CIR Bill

04/03/2013: W-2 Visa for Lower Skilled Workers in Business-AFL/CIO Agreement for CIR

04/03/2013: Update on Suspension of Adjudication of Most H-2B Petitions Following Court Order

04/03/2013: CBP Releases Today I-94 Automation Roll Out Schedules by Location and Port of Entries (POE)

04/03/2013: CBP Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on I-94 Automation

04/03/2013: Pending "Final Date" Determination by USCIS, Employers Should Keep Filing H-1B Cap Petitions As Soon As Possible

04/03/2013: PERM Site Outage Alert (3:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST) Today

04/03/2013: Sen. Leahy and Sen. Rubio Exchance Letters on Timing on Introduction of CIR in the Senate

04/03/2013: USCIS Announcement of Honduras TPS Extension and Registration Information

04/03/2013: USCIS Announcement of Nicaragua TPS Extension and Registration Information

04/02/2013: Critical Week for CIR Bill in the Senate Next Week

04/02/2013: Fedex Delivery Delays of H-1B Cap Cases Unnerves Employers and Foreign Professionals

04/02/2013: CRS Report of U.S. Immigration Policy: Chart Book of Key Trends

04/02/3013: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Updates H-2B Temporary Labor Certification Status

04/02/2013: USCIS Temporarily Suspends Adjudication of Most H-2B Petitions Following Court Order

04/02/2013: Advance Copy of Federal Register Notice of TPS Desgination and EAD Automatic Extension for Nicaragua

04/02/2013: Advance Copy of Federal Register Notice of TPS Designation and EAD Automatic Extension for Honduras

04/01/2013: Initial Unofficial Sources of Information Indicates H-1B to Reach by Friday, 04/05/2013, as USCIS Predicted

04/01/2013: USCIS Processing Times Update 04/01/2013

03/31/2013: Senate Judiciary Chairman to Schedule Extensive Mark-up & Debate on CIR Bill in April

03/31/2013: OMB Approves TPS Designation Extension for Publication in Federal Register for Hondura & Nicaragua on Friday, 03/29/2013

03/30/2013: Break-Through of Last Sticking Issue for Senate CIR Bill Reportedly Made Today, Saturday

03/30/2013: Expiring N-400 Naturalization Form and USCIS Advisory

03/30/2013: Travel Update Pending Implementation of Automation of I-94 Form Effective 04/30/2013

03/30/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Announcement of Delay of Effective Date of H-2B Wage Final Rule

03/29/2013: Employers, Revised Form I-9 Released Effective 03/08/2013 and Current Version Not Acceptable Effective 05/07/2013

• E-mail address and phone number (optional)
•Alien Authorized to Work
•Foreign passport and country of issuance

•Employee’s name on top of form
*New fields for List A document combinations

03/29/2013: OFLC Correction/Rescission Notice of H-2A (Temporary Agricultural Workers) Prevailing Wage Rates for Certain Occupations Processed

03/28/2013: USCIS Fiscal Year 2012 Accomplishments

03/28/2013: USCIS Published New G-28 Form Today and Current Form Not Acceptable After 05/26/2013

03/28/2013: OFLC Notice of Hold of Prevailing Wage Determination for H-2B (Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers) Effective 03/22/2013 Pending Court Decision Compliance

03/28/2013: Hats-Off to Foreign Labor Certification Office's Remarkable Performance of Avalanches of H-1B LCAs Timely

03/28/2013: FY 2014 H-1B Cap Filing Last Minute Advisory

03/28/2013: EOIR Final Rule Changing Policy on Forwarding Asylum Applications to Department of State from Current Mandatory to Discretionary

03/27/2013: CSC Reopened Today and Operates Normal

03/27/2013: Further Information on Automation of I-94 Implementation

03/27/2013: CBP Invites to Teleconference on Automation of I-94 Today at 3:00 p.m. EST

03/27/2013: USCIS Continues to Require Paper Form I-94

03/27/2013: USCBP Scheduled to Implement Automation of Form I-94, Eliminating Paper I-94 Forms Effective 04/26/2013

03/27/2013: USICE Releases SEVP (Student & Exchange Visitor Program) Policy Guidance on Reporting Instructional Sites 03/21/2013

03/27/2013: DOL Notice of Delay of Effective Date of H-2B Wage Final Rule as Affected by Legislation Prohibiting Fund for Impelementation of the Rule

03/27/2013: USCIS Field Office Closure Alert

03/26/2013: CSC Temporary Closure Update

03/26/2013: CSC Temporary Closure Update

03/26/2013: USCBP Notice of New Definition of Form I-94 Including Paper and Electronic Formats

03/26/2013: Senate Scheduled to Recess Until 04/08/2013 and House Scheduled to Recess Util 04/09/2013

03/25/2013: USCIS Confirms Plumbing/Flooding at CSC and CSC Temporary Closure for Delivery Effective 03/25/2013 Pending Further Notice!

03/25/2013: Reported Holding of Delivery of Packages to CSC by UPS and Fedex for Flooding at CSC

03/25/2013: PERM Processing Times as of 03/04/2013

03/25/2013: DOL LCA Site Outage During Weekend Drove FY 2014 H-1B Cap Last Minute Filers Panicking

03/23/2013: Senate CIR Bill Before the End of March?

03/22/2013: Reported Increase of Annual H-1B Cap Numbers (Double) in Forcoming Senate CIR Bill

03/22/2013: USCIS Eliminates Saturday Telephone Customer Services

03/22/2013: USCIS Updates Monthly Processing Times 03/22/2013

03/22/2013: Reminder - USCIS Customer Service Tools Outage for Maintence This Sunday 5:00 am to 3:00 pm (est)

03/21/2013: Senate Judiciary Chairman Impatient With CIR Bill Delays

03/21/2013: USCIS Processing Volumes & Trends by Types of Cases and by Processing Offices as of End of January 2013

03/21/2013: House Bill to Issue 10,500 E-3 Visas to South Koreans

03/20/2013: USCIS ELIS Outage This Sunday

03/20/2013: House Speaker Rep. John Boehner Supports House Bi-Partisan Gang of Eight Ongoing Drafting of House Version CIR

03/20/2013: USCIS Federal Register Notice of Liberian DED Filing Procedures for EAD Application and Automatic Extension of EAD Documents for Current DED Liberians

03/19/2013: Senator Chuck Grassley Reintroduced H-1B and L-1 Visa Restriction Bill in the Senate

03/19/2013: DOL Notice of Details of Furlough, Taking Effect on 04/15/2013 Through September 2013

03/19/2013: State Department Schedules a Meeting in Washington on FY 2014 Refugee Admission Program

03/18/2013: FY 2014 H-1B Cap - USCIS Prediction

03/18/2013: GOP Reality Self-Assessment on CIR and Other Issues

03/18/2013: USCIS Limits RFE Response Time to 30 Days for I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Applications

03/18/2013: Senate Judiciary Immigration Reform Hearings This Week

03/17/2013: USCIS Clarifies That H-1B Cap Premium Processing Can be Filed from 04/01/2013 But Adjudication Will be Started from 04/15/2013

03/16/2013: Bleak Future of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation in 2013

03/16/2013: U.S. STEM Ph.D. Degree Earned Immigrant Green Card Bill Introduced in the House

03/16/2013: Brief History of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Efforts in the 109th and 110th Congresses to Inform Policy Discussions in the 113th Congress

03/15/2013: H-1B Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Cap Page

03/15/2013: USCIS Releases DACA Processing Statistics Update 03/15/2013

03/15/2013: Liberian DED Extended to 09/30/2014

03/14/2013: March May be 'Come and Gone' for Senate Gang of 8's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

03/14/2013: House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee to Discuss New Rules for Private Bills to Seek Permanent Resident Status by Individual Legislation

03/14/2013: Witnesses and Texts of Testimonies at Today's House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Hearing on "The Separation of Nuclear Families under U.S. Immigration Law"

03/13/2013: iCERT System Problem Fixed and in Full Operation for H-1B LCA Filing

03/13/2013: Sequestration and Impact of Furlough for Immigration and Visa Related Federal Departments

03/13/2013: Companion Bills "Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act" in the House & Senate Introduced to Give Green Cards to Certain Liberians

03/13/2013: Extension of TPS Designation for Honduras and Nicaragua Submitted for OMB Review Today

03/13/2013: USCIS FAQ on Adoptions from Vietnam Which Will Not Resume Without A New Bilateral Agreement

03/12/2013: Approaching FY 2014 H-1B Cap Filing Season on 04/01/2013 and Persisting iCERT Portable Technical Problem to File LCA

03/12/2013: OFLC Notice on 2013 Allowable Meal Charges and Travel Subsistence for H-2A Proram

03/12/2013: Some DACA Workload Transfer from California Service Center to Texas Service Center

03/12/2013: Labor Department Sends 4,700 Furlough Notices as Affected by Sequester

03/12/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules a Hearing 03/18/2013 on “How Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Address the Needs of Women and Families”

03/11/2013: CRS Report on Issues of Homeland Security Policy in the 113th Congress

03/11/2013: CRS Report on Brief History of CIR Efforts in the 109th and 110th Congresses to Inform Policy Discussions in the 113th Congress

03/11/2013: April 2013 Visa Bulletin Released - No Single Day Moved for India EB-2

03/11/2013: USCIS Updates and Announced the Handbook for Employers, Guidance for Completing the Form I-9 (M-274)

03/11/2013: DOL 2013 Allowable Charges for Agricultural Workers' Meals and Travel Subsistence Reimbursement, Including Lodging for H-2A Temporary Worker Labor Certification

03/10/2013: News Update on Progress of Senate Gang of Eight CIR Work

03/09/2013: H-4 Spouse Employment Authorization Proposed Rule - OMB Review Extended

03/08/2013: USCIS Revises Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and Schedules a Teleconference on the New Form Monday 03/11/2013

03/08/2013: State Department Has Just Released Demand Data to Determine April 2013 Visa Bulletin.

03/08/2013: House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Schedules a Hearing on Separation of "Nuclear" Families under U.S. Immigration Law on 03/14/2013

03/08/2013: H-4 Spouse Employment Authorization Proposed Rule Yet to be Approved by the OMB

03/08/2013: President Indeed Signed into Law "VAWA Reauthorization Act" to Protect Women from Abuse Yesterday Afternoon

03/07/2013: DOL Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times as of 02/11/2013

03/07/2013: President to Sign VAWA Reauthorization Bill at Around 2:00 PM Today

03/07/2013: Helpful Information to Assist Indians with Applying for Visas

03/06/2013: March 5 House Judiciary Hearing on Employment-Based Immigration Issues Reflect Diverse Interests Among Different Business Groups

03/06/2013: USCIS Updates Washington Area Office Closing Situation

03/06/2013: Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Annonces Washington Area Federal Offices Closing Today Due to the Weather

03/06/2013: Washington DC Area USCIS Field Offices Closed Today as Affected by Weather

03/06/2013: Bill to Exempt Children of Filipino WWII Veterans from Numerical Limitations on Immigrant Visas in Both House and Senate

03/06/2013: USCIS Webinar on "Immigration & Naturalization 101" for Lay People

USCIS is hosting a free "Immigration and Naturalization 101" webinar for the public next Tuesday, 03/12/2013
This is an introductory overview where USCIS will review the following topics:
" what is a green card
" how to get a green card
" what is a visa
" how to read the Visa Bulletin
" how to check case status
" avoiding immigration fraud
" U.S. citizenship eligibility requirements

This session is not intended for immigration practitioners, or for people who want to earn continuing education credits. It is intended for the average person to learn the basics of immigration law and where to get help.
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (California time)
How to join: click here and follow the
prompts. Please plan to join about 10 minutes early.

03/05/2013: Ominous Sign of OMB Extending Completion of Review of Pending Regulations

03/05/2013: VAWA Reauthorization Bill on the White House for President to Sign

03/05/2013: USCIS ELIS Maintenance Outage Scheduled on March 10

03/05/2013: USCIS Alert of St. Paul Offices Closing Today for Weather

03/04/2013: H-2A Program: 2013 Allowable Meal Charges and Travel Subsistence

03/03/2013: Reportedly ‘Gang of Eight’ Continue Despite Sequester Battle

03/03/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certifications Releases FY-2013 1st Quarter (10/01/2012-12/31/2012) Disclosure Data Files

03/03/2013: Foreign Labor Certification Fact Sheet for FY-2013 1st Quarter (10/01/2012-12/31/2012)

03/03/2013: House Began a Fight Against Obama Administrative Fix of Immigration Programs

03/02/2013: Six Reasons Immigration Reform Has a Good Shot This Year

03/02/2013: CBP Visa Revalidation Update for Nonimmigrants Traveling Contiguous Countries or Adjacent Islands With Expired Visas in the Passport

03/01/2013: Sequestration (Federal Budget Cut) in Effect as of 03/01/2013 and DHS Action to Cope with the Federal Funding Cuts

03/01/2013: House Judiciary Regulatory Subcommittee Hearings on Jobs, Economy, and Global Competitivess

03/01/2013: House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Hearing on Enhancing American Competitiveness through Skilled Immigration on 03/05/2013

03/01/2013: House Bill to Prohibit DHS Funding for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Rule Referred to the House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee

03/01/2013: Israeli Visa Waiver Program Country Designation Bill Referred to the House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee

02/28/2013: Time to Discuss Direction of "Legal" Immigration System Component Reform w/in Comprehensive Immigration Reform

02/28/2013: Taiwan Implements a Pre-Adoption Immigration Review Requirement for All Adoptions by U.S. Citizens of Children Residing in Taiwan

02/28/2013: House Passed Senate VAWA Reauthorization Bill, S. 47!

02/28/2013: VAWA Reauthorization Bill, S. 47, Expected to be Voted This Evening

02/28/2013: USCIS Work Load Transfer for DACA and Related DACA EAD from Vermont Service Center to Nebraska Service Center

02/27/2013: USCIS Policy Memorandum on Taiwan Pre-Adoption Immigration Review – Filing Form I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative, on Behalf of a Child Being Adopted in Taiwan

02/27/2013: Forthcoming Release of USCIS 2013 Poverty Guidelines, Form I-864P, Financial Ability for Family Immigration Sponsors

02/27/2013: USCIS Accepting I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Application Effective 03/04/2013 and National Visa Center Advisory

02/27/2013: House Floor Expected to Debate S. 47 VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013 Bill on 02/28/2013, Thursday

02/26/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Releases on 02/25/2016 New Rounds of FAQs Which Were Posted on 02/06/2013

02/26/2013: Result of Today's Meeting of the President with Senate CIR Players Reportedly Positive

02/26/2013: Text of Testimonies of Witnesses at Today's Hearing on Workable H-2A Agricultural Guest Worker Program at House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee

02/26/2013: USCIS Extends DREAMers DACA Application Form I-821D Revision Comment Period for 30 Days Until 03/29/2013

02/26/2013: USCIS Extends DREAMers DACA EAD Application Worksheet I-765WS Form Revision Comment Period for 30 Days Until 03/29/2013

02/26/2013: USCIS Weather Related Field Offices Closing Today

02/25/2013: There is No Perfect Initial Legislative Bill, Proposed Bill Can be Compromised and Amended Along the Way - No 1 Enemy for CIR 2013 will be "Delays"

02/25/2013: State Department Schedules a Special "Saturday" Passport Application Day for U.S. Citizens "Without Appointments" on March 9, 2013

02/23/2013: President Reportedly Scheduled to Meet with Senators at White House Next Tuesday, 02/26/2013, for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

02/22/2013: Rest of February 2013 Expected to be Consumed with Sequester and Hot Rod of CIR Will Start Turning Hotter and Hotter Beginning March 2013

02/22/2013: When the House Return to the Session, House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Will Have Hearings on Farm Work Forces and E-Verify Issues

02/22/2013: USCIS Field Office Closing Yesterday (02/21/2013) for the Snow Storm in Kansas and Missouri

02/21/2013: USCIS Updated Naturalization Fact Sheet 02/20/2013

02/21/2013: CRS Report of Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

02/20/2013: New iCERT System Enhancement: New Function Allowing Reuse and Edit of Previously Filed LCAs (ETA Form 9035E) to File a New LCA

02/20/2013: USCIS ELIS Site Outage Alert This Sunday, 02/24/2013, From 4 am to 4 pm

02/20/2013: How Do I File Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver That Begins on 03/04/2013?

02/20/2013: Obama Appears to Push and Pressure Legislators to Act on Immigration Reform Legislation Swiftly With a Threat to Use his Twin-Engines of Power

02/19/2013: Obama Immigration Reform Bill Draft (Full Text)

02/19/2013: Handy USCIS Contact Information

02/19/2013: USCIS & DOL Invites Stakeholders/Public to Teleconference on Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver That Takes Effect on 03/04/2013

02/19/2013: Thank You Mr. President for Keeping CIR Alive When the Hill is Dark and Quiet

02/18/2013: FY-2012 H-1B Users

02/18/2013: Reported Draft of President's CIR Bill

02/17/2013: Are You Experiencing Technical Difficulty in Using Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) to File I-539?

02/16/2013: USCIS Update of DACA Processing Statistics as of 02/15/2013

 As Of  Receipts Total  Bio Scheduled  Review Ready  Approvals
02/15/2013 438,372 411,739 - 199,460
01/17/2013 407,899 371,103 394,533 154,404
12/14/2012 367,903 336,464 157,151 102,965
11/15/2012 308,935 273,203 124,572 53,273
10/10/2012 179,794 158,408 6,416 4,591
09/13/2012  82,361 63,717 1,660 29

02/16/2013: USCIS Will Welcome More Than 19,000 New Citizens at 135 Locations in This Presidents Day Week

02/15/2013: Forthcoming FY 2014 H-1B Cap Filing Season and Anticipated Early Exhaustion of the Cap Numbers

"03/29/2012: FY-2013 H-1B Cap Petitions and Final Receipt Date in the Event of the Reach of Cap Numbers Within First Seven (7) Days

02/15/2013: Three Important Dates to Remember for USCIS Immigration Program Management Changes

02/15/2013: Senate Adjourned Until 02/25/2013, Monday

02/15/2013: Reuniting Families Act Bill (Family-Based Immigration Reform) Introduced in the House, 02/14/2013

02/14/2013: Updated EB-5 Policy Memorandum of 02/14/2013 for Comment

02/14/2013: USCIS Alert for I-539 Filers

02/14/2013: WOW! You Cannot Miss This News!

02/14/2013: USCIS Hosts Two ELIS Webinars Today, in the Morning and in the Afternoon

02/14/2013: Senate 'Gang of 8' Reportedly Making a Stride in Drafting CIR Bill

02/14/2013: USCIS Celebrates Presidents' Day with Special Naturalization Ceremonies Across the Country

02/14/2013: House in Precarious Position on VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Reauthorization Legislation

02/14/2013: House Version of VAWA Bill, H.R. 629, Introduced in the House Yesterday

02/14/2013: Sen. Leahy Introduced S. 296, Same Sex Partner Recognized a Spouse in I-485 Green Card Proceedings

02/14/2013: Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana Introduced Yesterday Five (5) Immigration Bills to Air Conservative Positions on Immigration

02/14/2013: Sen. Mike Lee of Utah Introduces S. 293, Companion Bill to H.R. 633

02/13/2013: Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah Introduces H.R. 633 to Eliminate Per Country Limit in Employment-Based Immigration

02/13/2013: Texts of Witness Testimonies at Today's Senate Judiciary Committee "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Hearing

02/13/2013: Very Positive News for CIR That Silicon Valley and Immigrant Groups Find Common Cause for CIR Rather Than Piecemeal

02/13/2013: OFLC Releases Round 8 Frequently Asked Questions on H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker Foreign Labor Certification Program

02/13/2013: USCIS Alert of Current Version of Form N-470 Not Acceptable Effective 04/12/2013

02/13/2013: Lack of Specifics on Bottleneck Issues for CIR in Obama and Rubio Speeches

02/13/2013: USCIS Naturalization Applications Statistics as of 12/31/2012

02/13/2013: USCIS Immigration Applications/Petitions Statistics as of 12/31/2012

02/12/2013: Senate Passed VAWA Reauthorization Bill, S. 47, Today

02/12/2013: Watch President State of the Union Speech at 8:45 p.m. Est Tonight to Hear President's Immigration Proposal and Sen. Marco Rubio's Sort of Rebuttal

02/12/2013: VAWA Expected to Vote and Pass Today in the Senate at 11:00 a.m.

02/12/2013: Reminder of New Orleans Field Office Closing Today

02/11/2013: PERM Fact Sheet Update as of 12/31/2012 (1st Quarter of FY 2013)

02/11/2013: Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Fact Sheet as of 12/31/2012 (1st Quarter of FY 2013)

02/11/2013: Office March 2013 Visa Bulletin

02/11/2013: USCIS Weather Related Field Offices Closing Notice Update 02/11/2013

02/10/2013: CIR Players Should Come up With "Objective" Yardstick to Measure Border Security Quickly

02/09/2013: Piecemeal and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills with the Confused Public

02/09/2013: Full List of Witnesses to Testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on CIR 02/13/2013, Wednesday

02/08/2013: VAWA Reauthorization Bill Scheduled to be Voted Monday, 02/11/2013

02/08/2013: EB Visa Demand Data to Determine March 2013 Visa Bulletin

02/08/2013: USCIS Certain Offices Closing Alert Related to Weather

The following offices will be closing at 11:30 am (Eastern Time):


Boston, MA District Office & Field Office
JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Government Center, Room E-170
Boston, MA 02203-0701

Boston Application Support Center
170 Portland Street
Boston MA 02114

Lawrence, MA Field Office & Application Support Center
2 Mill Street
Lawrence, MA 01840

New Hampshire

Manchester, NH Field Office & Application Support Center
9 Ridgewood Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Rhode Island

Providence, RI Field Office & Application Support Center
1543 Atwood Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919

Providence Application Support Center
105 Sockanosset Cross Road, Suite 210
Cranston, RI 02910


Portland Field Office & Application Support Center
176 Gannett Drive
So. Portland ME 04106-6909

The following USCIS Offices and Service Centers in New York will be closing at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time):

New York

New York Field Office
26 Federal Plaza
New York NY 10278-0127

Bronx Applications Support Center
1827 Westchester Ave
Bronx NY 10473

Brooklyn Application Support Center
1260-78 60th St
Brooklyn NY 11219

Hicksville Application Support Center
87 Bethpage Rd
Hicksville NY 11801

Manhattan Application Support Center
201 Varick St., 10th Floor, Room 103
New York NY 10014

Port Chester Application Support Center
40 South Main Street
Port Chester NY 10573

Queens/Jamaica Application Support Center
153-01 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica NY 11432

Woodside Application Support Center
63-05 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside NY 11377

Queens Field Office & ASC
2735 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City NY 11101-2917

Long Island Field Office
30 Barretts Avenue
Holtsville NY 11742

02/08/2013: USCIS Case Status Check Site Notice of Delays in Posting of Case Status

02/08/2013: Israel Visa Waiver Program (VWP) Bill Introduced in the Senate Without Filibuster Threat

02/07/2013: USCIS New Orleans Field Office Closed 02/12/2013 Due to Mardi Gras

02/07/2013: Employment-Based Immigration Reform Without Critical Opposition for CIR

02/07/2013: Yardstick for Border Security as Precondition for Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants in Senate CIR Proposal: Objective vs. Subjective Measure

02/06/2013: Another USCIS ELIS Maintenance Outage on February 10 from 4 a.m to 2 p.m.

02/06/2013: Sen. Grassley Senate Floor Speech of 02/04/2013 Echoing Senate Version over President's Version for Condition of Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants

02/06/2013: USCIS Online Customer Service Tools Unavailable Again Feb. 7 (Thursday), 11 p.m. to Feb. 8 (Friday), 5 a.m. EST

02/06/2013: Certain USCIS Online Customer Service Tools Unavailable for Maintenance Feb. 6 (Wednesday), 9 p.m. to Feb 7 (Thursday), 5 a.m.

02/06/2013: Culprit of Gridlock and Polarization of Congress: Why Reforming the Primary Process Would Produce a More Productive Congress

02/06/2013: Office of Foreign Labor Certifications Release H-2A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Round 7

02/06/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules Comprehensive Immigration Reform Hearing 02/13/2013 Wednesday

02/06/2013: UAFA for Gay/Lesbian Family Unity Immigration Bill Reintroduced in the House

02/06/2013: A Movement for Immigration Reform to Permit Family Unification for Legal Permanent Residents with Spouses and Children Pending Immigrant Visas

02/05/2013: USCIS Updates Processing Time Today

02/05/2013: Certain USCIS Web Sites Outage for Maintenance Tomorrow Night

02/05/2013: In Parallel with House Judiciary Immigration Reform Hearing, the President Meets Today a List of Labor/Progressive Leaders and Business Leaders

02/05/2013: USCIS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Updates Processing Times as of February 1, 2013

02/05/2013: USCIS Advisory on Access Problem Today for Baltimore District Office Because of the Super Bowl Winner Parade

02/05/2013: USCIS Form Improvement Initiatives Announcement

02/05/2013: VAWA Reauthorization Bill, S. 47, Overcome Yesterday Potential Hurdle of Filibuster and Likely to be Voted in the Senate 02/07/2013, Thursday

02/05/2013: Bill Introduced in the House to Reform Family-Based Immigration Program and Reduce the Number of Family-Based Immigrants

02/05/2013: Congressman Issa Reintroduced a Bill to Promote High Skilled Worker/Investor Program and Eliminate Diversity Immigration Lottery Program

02/04/2013: Full Text of Testimonies of Expert Witnesses Before House Judiciary Committee Scheduled Tomorrow on America's Immigration System

02/03/2013: Odds for Passage of CIR in the Senate Not Too Bad

02/02/2013: CIR Proposals of Three Key CIR Players of President, Senate, and House Approach Overall Similar Framework for Legalization Issues

02/02/2013: Questions & Answers on National Benefit Center (NBC) Processing of Family-Based or Applications Other Than Employment-Based Application

02/01/2013: USCIS Releases E-Verify Online Newsletter 11th Edition

02/01/2013: GOP Struggling Within the Party to Find a Direction and Political Strategy to Tackle Immigration Reform Challenges

02/01/2013: Sen. Chuck Schumer Renominated as Chair to Lead Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee

02/01/2013: Sen. Lee of Utah and Senator Gillibrand of New York Joined as Co-Sponsors for Sen. Hatch's Immigration Innovation Act

02/01/2013: Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa Wants E-Verify Expanced and Permanent Program

02/01/2013: VAWA Legislative Bill Moves Ahead on Senate Floor

01/31/2013: House Judiciary Committee Hearing 02/05/2013 on "America's Immigration System: Opportunities for Legal Immigration and Enforcement of Laws against Illegal Immigration"

01/31/2013: Effective Tomorrow (02/01/2013), USCIS Implements New Immigration Fee

01/31/2013: ICERT System Outage Alert Tomorrow from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. (ETA)

01/31/2013: House Bi-Partisan CIR Scheduled to be Unveiled Around President's State of Union Speech on 02/12/2013

01/31/2013: Two-Hour Delay of Opening of USCIS Omaha Field Office and Application Support Center

01/31/2013: Likely Schedule of Release of Proposed Rule of H-4 Spouse EAD in March 2013

01/31/2013: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman to Schedule First Immigration Reform Hearing on 02/13/2013

01/31/2013: Start Up Visa Act of 2013, S. 189, Entrepreneur Immigration Bill Reintroduced in the Senate

01/31/2013: Watch for CIR Opponents Growingly Spreading Pessimistic CIR Prediction in the Media

01/30/2013: USCIS Field Offices Closed or Delayed Opening Alert

01/30/2013: Welcome Message to New Secretary of State, The Honorable John Kerry, and Salute to the Departing Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton

01/30/2013: Immigration Innovation Act of 2013, S.169, and List of the Sponsor and Eleven Co-Sponsors

01/30/2013: USCIS I-140 Processing Statistics as at 11/30/2012

   TSC NSC National
Pending 9,079 9,859 18,981
Customer action waiting 1,747 2,378 4,125
Completed 4,946 2,555 7,502
New receipts 4,180 3,159 7,343

01/30/2013: USCIS EB-I-485 Processing Statistics as at 11/30/2012

   TSC NSC National
Pending 33,786 21,937
Preadjudicated 54,397 51,790 106,245
Customer action waiting 2,940 10,906
Completed 9,752 7,729
New receipts 7,342 9,428

01/30/2013: Senate CIR Framework and President's CIR Factsheet

01/29/2013: Positive News for Employment-based Immigration Reform as Reflected in Senate CIR Framework, Obama CIR Proposal, and I-Squared Act of 2013

01/29/2013: White House Releases Today the President Obama's CIR Fact Sheet & Schedules Fireside Hangout Discussion of the Proposal by Cecilia Munoz, Director of White House Domestic Policy Counseil

01/29/2013: Summary of Senate Bi-Partisan Bill of "Immigration Innovation Act of 2013" with Nick Name of "I-Squared Act of 2013"

01/29/2013: ICERT Portal System Outage Tomorrow Morning from 8:00 O'Clock to 10:00 O'Clock

01/29/2013: President's Immigration Reform Speech Transcripts - What a Surprise......................

01/29/2013: Wow, That is Fast! McCain Already Talks About Taking I-Squared Act of 2013 into CIR

01/29/2013: Clearer Picture Looming Up for the Steps of Senate CIR Legislative Process

01/29/2013: State Department to Increase J-1 Sponsor Desination/Redesignation Fee and J-1 Visa Holder Administration Fee

01/28/2013: Full Text of Senate Bi-Partisan CIR "Proposal" Just Released

01/28/2013: Federal Agencies in Washington, DC Areas Will Not Open Until 12:00 Noon Today

01/26/2013: Bi-Partisan Senators Scheduled to Introduce Next Tuesday H-1B Program Reform and Other Piecemeal Reform Bill

01/26/2013: Bi-Partisan Senators Have Reached an Agreement on CIR Outline/Proposal as Well as Timelines of Legislation

01/26/2013: Bill Introduced in the House Not to Fund the USCIS Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Program Implementation

01/25/2013: OBAMA May Stay Close to his Immigration Reform Outline of 2011

01/25/2013: OFLC Official Announcement of Open Government Initiative: iCERT Labor Certification Registry

01/25/2013: Senate Passed Only Watered Down Filibuster Reform and Republicans Still Retain Talking Filibuster Power

01/25/2013: Composition of New House Immigration Subcommittee Republican Leadership Signals Republican Party's Willingness to Work with CIR

01/24/2013: Permanent Labor Certification (PERM) Processing Times Update as of 01/03/2013

01/24/2013: DOL Prevailing Wage Determination Processing Times for Different Types of Labor Certification Applications as of 12/27/2012

 Processing Queue Request Date Status
H-1B Nov 2012 60 day Current
H-2B Dec 2012 30 day Current
PERM Nov 2012 60 day Current
   Submission Date  
 Redetermination Nov 2012 Same Above
 Center Director Rev Nov 2012 Same Above

01/24/2013: Who Should Draft CIR Bill?

01/24/2013: HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2013

2013 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia


Persons in family/household Income
1....................................................... $11,490
2....................................................... 15,510
3....................................................... 19,530
4....................................................... 23,550
5....................................................... 27,570
6....................................................... 31,590
7....................................................... 35,610
8....................................................... 39,630
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,020 for each additional person


2013 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska

Persons in family/household Income
1....................................................... $14,350
2....................................................... 19,380
3....................................................... 24,410
4....................................................... 29,440
5....................................................... 34,470
6....................................................... 39,500
7....................................................... 44,530
8....................................................... 49,560
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,030 for each additional person


2013 Poverty Guidelines for Hawaii

Persons in family/household Income
1....................................................... $13,230
2....................................................... 17,850
3....................................................... 22,470
4....................................................... 27,090
5....................................................... 31,710
6....................................................... 36,330
7....................................................... 40,950
8....................................................... 45,570
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,620 for each additional person

01/24/2013: Revised Forms I-90 and I-601 Advisory

01/23/2013: USCIS Releases 01/03/2013 EB-485 Inventory Data on 01/15/2013

01/23/2013: Text of President's May 2011 Immigration Reform Outline and New Outline Antitipated to be Released During the States of Union Speech in February

01/23/2013: First Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act Introduced in the Senate by Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid.

01/23/2013: Bill to Repeal Legal Services Corporation Act Introduced in the House

01/23/2013: VAWA Reauthorization Bills Reintroduced in the House and the Senate Yesterday

01/23/2013: DOL New Open Government Initiative Implementing the iCERT Labor Certification Registry

01/23/2013: USCIS ELIS Outage Scheduled on 01/27/2013

01/22/2013: USCIS Releases Today Citizenship & Naturalization Summary of New and Updated Policies in the New Policy Manual

01/22/2013: USCIS Releases Today a Series of Draft RFE Templates for Comments for I-129 "O" Visa Petitions

01/21/2013: Points to Watch for Our Readers and Public When Reviewing Forthcoming Immigration Reform Proposals

01/20/2013: Kingston, Jamaica International Field Office of USCIS Scheduled Permanently Closed Effective 03/01/2013

01/20/2013: Unreal, a Positive Talking Point in Media (New York Times Sunday Editorial) on the Developing CIR Consensus and Direction!

01/19/2013: CIR and Time to Ponder the Meaning of Nation of Immigrants

01/18/2013: Wow, Senator Marco Rubio Coming Closer to Our Suggestions!

01/18/2013: USCIS DACA Frequently Asked Questions Update of 01/18/2013

01/18/2013: USCIS Update of DACA Processing Statistics as of 01/17/2013

 As Of  Receipts Total  Bio Scheduled  Review Ready  Approvals
01/17/2013 407,899 371,103 394,533 154,404
12/14/2012 367,903 336,464 157,151 102,965
11/15/2012 308,935 273,203 124,572 53,273
10/10/2012 179,794 158,408 6,416 4,591
09/13/2012  82,361 63,717 1,660 29

01/17/2013: Who Should Propose Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill?

01/17/2013: USCIS Expands New Policy Manual Webinars to Three More Days (22nd, 29th, and 30th of January)

01/17/2013: Grenada Added to the List of Countries Eligible for H-2A and H-2B Temporary Immigrant Worker Petitions in CY 2013

01/17/2013: Line-Up & Faces of House Judiciary Committee Members for 113th Congress

01/17/2013: Line-Up & Faces of Senate Judiciary Committee Members

01/16/2013: Six Potential Roadblocks to Immigration Reform

01/16/2013: USCIS ELIS Maintenance Outage Scheduled on 01/20/2013, Sunday

01/16/2013: Bill Introduced in the House to Add Israel as Member of Visa Waiver Program Countries

01/16/2013: Leaders, Do You "Really" Want Foreign Talents and STEM Immigrants?

01/16/2013: Russian Children Adoption Ban by American Families Creates a Continuing Struggle for the Families Already in Legal Process

01/15/2013: Comprehensive Immigration Reform No. 1 (Numero Uno) Priority for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

01/15/2013: USCIS Updates on 01/14/2013 Field Office I-485 Receipts, Completions, and Pending Statistics Thru 10/31/2012 for Each Field Office

01/15/2013: USCIS Updates on 01/14/2013 Naturalization N-400 (Civilian & Military) Processing Cycles Data Thru 10/31/2012

01/15/2013: USCIS Updates on 01/14/2013 T & U Visa Processsing Statistics Thru 10/31/2012

01/14/2013: Potential Republican Proposal for Undocumented Immigrants in CIR

"12/08/2012: Republicans and Democrats Need a Give & Take in Both Fiscal Cliff and Immigration Reform

01/14/2013: Reminder of USCIS Director Teleconference Schedule of 01/15/2013 to Discuss Recent Development of Programs of the USCIS

01/11/2013: State Department Expands Business Facilitation Program (BFP) for U.S. Business Visa Expedited Services Throughout Visa Posts in Mexico

01/11/2013: State Department's Exclusive J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Website

01/11/2013: Former Commerce Secretary of Bush Administration Comes Forward Warning Republicans That GOP Needs Immigration Reform to Survive

01/11/2013: USCIS Expected to Publish New Identification of H-2A and H-2B Eligible Nationals in Federal Register Soon

01/11/2013: Do People Know What "Secure Mail Initiative (SMI)" of the USCIS is?

01/10/2013: USCIS Releases Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Unlawful Presence Waiver Sateside Application Which Starts on 03/04/2013

01/09/2013: PERM Site Outage Schedule Change: 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM This Friday, 01/11/2013!

01/09/2013: February 2013 Visa Bulletin Released

01/09/2013: Eye-Opening Cost of Deportation

01/09/2013: USCIS Puts Off Implementation of Pre-Registration of H-1B Annual Cap Filings

01/08/2013: U.S. Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa Application OnLine Status Check System in Place Since 12/20/2012 in South Korea

01/08/2013: USCISS Telephone Customer Serices (800-375-5283) Expanded to Saturdays (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) Effective January 12, 2013.

01/08/2013: CITIC Fee Receipts for non immigrant Visa Applicants in China Not Acceptable After 03/14/2013

01/08/2013: Board of Immigration Appeals Ruled Today (01/08/2013) Indecent Exposure Constitutes a Moral Turpitude Crime

01/08/2013: U.S. Mission in India Launches ‘Check My Visa Application Status’ Online - New Online Immigrant & non immigrant Visa Application Status Check Site

01/08/2013: Annual Numerical Limits for Family-Based and Employment-Based Immigrant Visas for FY 2013

01/08/2013: Extension and Redesignation of Sudan for TPS

01/08/2013: Extension and Redesignation of South Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

01/07/2013: Parameter of H-4 Spouse Employment Authorization Proposal in the Rule-Making Process

01/07/2013: Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Reports in January 2013 Rising Immigration Enforcement Over the Decades

01/07/2013: Today USCIS Began Transition to Centralized Policy Manual & Schedules a Series of Teleconfeences

01/07/2013: DOL Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda

01/07/2013: DHS Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda

01/07/2013: DOL Notice of 2013 Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) for H-2A Temporary Labor Certifications

01/07/2013: Nominees of Senate Judiciary Committee Members

Democrats Republicans
Leahy Grassley
Feinstein Hatch
Schumer Sessions
Durbin Graham
Whitehouse Cornyn
Klochubar Lee
Franken Flake
Coons Cruz
Blumenthal ?

01/05/2013: List of 247 Designated Regional Centers for EB-5 Pilot Investment Program

01/05/2013: USCIS Final Memorandum on Designation of Military Physicians as Civil Surgeons for Members and Veterans of the Armed Forces and Eligible Dependents

01/05/2013: USCIS Memorandum of Revised Guidance for Adjudication of Certain Untimely Filed I-751 Petition to Remove Conditional Permanent Resident Status

01/04/2013: 113th Congress Adjourns Today per S. Con. Res. 3

01/04/2013: USCIS Updates Today Monthly Processing Times with the Report Cut-Off Date of 11/30/2012

01/04/2013: PERM and ICERT Portal Systems Outage Alert - During the Night Between 01/10/2013 and 01/11/2013

01/04/2013: Immigration Benefits Applications Processing Statistics at the End of November 2012

01/04/2013: Naturalization Applications Processing Statistics at the End of November 2012

01/04/2013: USCIS ELIS Maintenance Outage Scheduled on 01/13/2013, Sunday

01/04/2013: First Day of 113th Congress Opened with 175 Bills and Resolutions Introduced and w/o Immigration-Related Bills but One

01/04/2013: USCBP Final Rule for Proposed Extension of the Border Zones in the State of New Mexico

01/03/2013: Reschedule of USCIS Teleconference with USCIS Director from 01/08/2013 to 01/15/2013 at 1:00 PM (EST) to Discuss Following New Developments

"01/02/2013: USCIS Scheduled First Online Policy Manual on 01/07/2013 for Citizenship & Naturalization-Related Policies and Q&A :OOZES is planning to release a series of "online" policy manuals this year for different types of policies. The first of these series, Citizenship & Naturalization Policies and Q&A, will be published on 01/07/2013. In order to engage with the stakeholders and the public, the OOZES is also scheduling a teleconference on the subject on 01/08/2012 at 1:00 PM (EST)"

01/03/2013: State Department Guide to "Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver – Notifying the National Visa Center"

01/03/2013: Official Federal Register Release of Provision Unlawful Presence Waiver Final Regulation Today

01/03/2013: Emotion of Departing Members of Congress - "Who Am I?"

01/03/2013: Adieu "112th Congress" 12:00 PM 01/03/2013

01/03/2013: Cambodia Starts Accepting Adoption 01/01/2013, BUT USCIS Unable to Approve I-800 or I-800A Petitions to Adopt Children from Cambodia for Now!

01/02/2013: USCIS Scheduled First Online Policy Manual on 01/07/2013 for Citizenship & Naturalization-Related Policies and Q&A

01/02/2013: Civil Surgeon Certified I-693 Validity is Extended Only Until 09/30/2013 and Not One Year!

01/02/2013: Reportedly Phoenix Convention Slump Tied to Arizina Immigration Law

01/02/2013: Irish E-3 Visa Proposal Deserves Immediate Attention for the DHS and 113th Congress

01/02/2013: USCIS Publishes and Schedules a Teleconference (03:00 pm, EST) on Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Final Rule Which Will Take Effect on 03/04/2013

01/02/2013: Congress Passed North Korean Refugee Adoption Act

01/01/2013: Did You See That Fiscal Cliff Was Avoided Today "Literally," I Mean "Literally," at the Last Minute in the House?

01/01/2013: USCIS Under Consideration a Plan to Ease Current Narrow Evidence Requirements for EB-1 "Outstanding Professor or Researcher" Petition

For Pre-January 1, 2013 Postings, Please Click Here.